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The Awaking Of The Eldest Giant.

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Earth and stone buckled as the Giant who once watched over the land woke from his slumber. He had been given many named by the wise men who had told stories about his though the years. His true name, however, was Gargamight and his rest was finally over.

Off the coast of Singapore

Gargamight’s eyes slowly opened where he was met by a bright beam of light flooding through the water. It had been so long since he had seen the sun, how he’d missed it so. As he slowly regained more of his senses he felt an odd sensation on his foot. It was almost as if there was something poking him, it didn’t hurt but it was very confusing. In his time there was nothing that could evoke any feeling in him at all, what could it be?

The giant slowly started to rise, the water around him parted as his enormous body slowly started to get up. He had been covered by tons of sand in his long slumber, but he hardly noticed the weight of it. In little more than a minute, Gargamight rose from the bottom of the bay to a sitting position.

As water left his eyes he got a clear look at what was lying in front of him. It was something unlike the giant had ever seen before. He didn’t even really know what he was looking at, it was a grove of what looked like stone pillars. He wanted to get a closer look though, but first, he wanted to know what was happening to his leg. Gargamight lowered his gazed to his feet and leaned in as much as he could. As he focused his vision, he saw something moving on his knee. It was some sort of metal animal. He concentrated his mind on the creature, he reached out through his connection to with the earth in an attempt to communicate with the beast.

However, there was nothing, no life to be found at all the in creature. Instead, he felt something else, was there something inside of the thing. He reached his hand over to the yellow animal and carefully picked it up between the tips of his forefinger and his thumb. The giant brought it closer to his face and peered into the cabin of the object he had picked up.

Just as he thought there was something inside, it was a small ape. This species was unknown to him, however, and there was something else strange about it. It wasn’t quite as simple minded as the rest of the creature he had come to know. He could feel an air of intelligence coming from it and he wanted to know more. Gargamight reached out his mind and began probing it, in an instant he gained the human's life knowledge.

It was fascinating to him, this male human had lived a life, unlike any other animal. By the looks of it, he wasn’t the only one either. Humanity had progress greatly since when he had seen it long ago, they had just figured out how to use fire the last time he saw them. Now they were able to create all types of things.

However, there was one emotion that had reigned supreme the entire time he was looking into the human's head. It was that of intense fear, and as much as he wanted to learn more about the odd beings that called themselves humans he didn’t want to hurt them. Gargamight softly sat what he had learned was called a car back onto the ground. After making sure that there weren’t any more humans on his body Gargamight got to his feet.

As he stood up his feet tore at the land and sent rocks flying everywhere. His enormous mass knocked a large wave of water that crashed into the beach. He saw humans and their little cars moving around below him. Helicopters started to fly towards him, broadcasting to the world that there was a gigantic monster rising off the coast of The fear was so strong it was hurting his head, he had to get away. He turned his body away from the city and towards the ocean and took his first step in centuries. Gargamight took one after enough, his body sinking back into the water. Right before his head was fully submerged Gargamight took one final look at the humans and their machines. With a large sound that could be almost called a groan, the gentle giant walked back into the sea. Perhaps the world wasn’t ready for him, but like it or not Gargamight was awake and the world as humanity knew it was going to change.