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Harness of power? 0

It shows how the decepticons make the mini-cons into weapons and it shows the escape plan of for the trapped mini-cons,it also goes further into the mini-cons back story. If anything I'd recommend to any fan of transformers, who likes learning about the Cybertronians history...

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A new adventure 0

It venture's into the unexplained television history of the mimi-cons,showing us their society and world and unlike in the show they can actually speak English instead of beeping sounds,it also show's where and what the Autobots and decepticons are doing at the time...

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A great beginning 0

A story full of intriguing facts and fantasies,showing howndream ended up being captured and how the world lived without dreams for 70 years The art style is fantastic as the descriptive nature of gaimans story telling, making you want to read and read...

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Green lantern blackest night 0

A great story showing how death isn't really the end,I find it great how they incorporated a bit of the oath into the title's name,it show's a world where nekron rivives all the dead and they battle to take the universe back to death,but the other coloured lanterns fight back...

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very funny,in its own dark way 0

A great adventure into the mind of the Nny and all that he is,to put it one way we follow the story throw Squee and Nny.Showing the story of a troubled,yet albeit trying to be a hero teenager.With a fantastic art style,reminiscent to the modern Tim Burton artwork,with a fresh new taste to storytelling and the hidden truths.i recommend it to all who like the darker sort of stories...

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