The dead I want to see alive again

People in comics currently dead who I would actually like to see alive, its a small list

List items

  • one hero's death I actually cried over :'( I still get teary eyed thinking about it. He was capable of so much and has one of the strongest friendships in the DC universe in my opinion.

  • he was something special for a hero to deal with, controlling emotions, though...could he have rings hoping around on the rainbow warriors from the GL books???

  • expert marksman of a bad to see him again too

  • Will we see him in the new 52??? That's the big Q!!! Can Rene have been the one to pass the torch to him instead???

  • Lets make another deal with the devil...Kill MJ and bring back Gwen

  • I know we cant have the dead dead come back to life as good as originally but If there was one guy I felt deserved it, its Dale I liked him as a father figure to everyone.

  • WHY THE HELL NOT? Talking rodent who just added to the entire ambiance of the Corps. Sad hes not around after others have been dead or thought to be dead why isn't this little comfy ball of fur still out ring slinging?

  • I got really bummed out when Stewart killed Mogo, I get the why and realize its a decision he wasn't proud of...and he shouldn't be. Lets see this golly giant of space make a return!