Favorite Writers

People whose work we all should enjoy

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  • I loved Cry for Justice, and his ending arcs in JLA, His work on the Shade series that started in oct. is great.

  • Her secret six run, and new Batgirl series

  • new Catwoman series, anything he has worked on in relation to the Red Hood (Jason Todd)

  • The Demon Laughs is a stupendous version of the Joker!!

  • His work in Red Lantern is great!

  • His work with batman and Swamp Thing has me very interested in collecting them not just as issues but also as trades.

  • Animal Man rocks...and an expected cross with Swamp Thing's book and basic story line will have everyone excited. His other books are great reads too.

  • This guy will come and go on this list but right now I am liking him. Just read The Defenders and it looks like it will be a good book too. DONT SCREW IT UP!

  • His work on my favorite Dc Characters has been awesome. I have always like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and he's managed to do them well. Loved Blackest Night and Flash Rebirth. His current work with Justice League could be better but he's writing an awesome Aquaman story too.

  • most things anyways are pretty good, always better as a trade though.

  • I like his current work with Wonder Woman