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  • reading everything previously will be helpful, but I just jumped in on #19 and already I saw this book was going places. I bet it will be a great book to sub to in this year.

  • Read the last 4 issues, its good fun and if you don't know what to read this will be a good start. The people on the book thus far have adone a good job overall and I have really enjoyed keeping up with the great story its currently on as well as any it will get to do later.

  • Has been amazing but jump in now before the book gets ready to combine with the next book on this list. It been an amazing ride in the last 4 issues and I'm eager to read what follows in the next year of issues. The cross over should be amazing.

  • SUPER AMAZING AWESOME BOOK OF GENIUS Scott Snyder has done a great job and if you didn't love the art work in Animal Man its understandable, but if you don't love the art in this book there is something wrong with your eyes, the covers are great, the panels are perfect and unique and the actual art that is done is spectacular!! This is a book thats going places and your going to want to go with it.

  • Its another 'for fun' book that i'm hoping turns out as great as the books it follows. The character has a neat power- not dying- as well as other powers that I feel help him quite well. The story is getting into to some heaven and hell stuff that I feel is going to be the big bang for the book. I don't every arc for the character should include this particular line but it works well for a guy who dies about every day. I haven't decided who is friend or foe for him yet but it seems like hes a likable dude.

  • Its a mini series that I am really liking and its not just because James Robinson is writing this. The Shade is a character I don't know much about and i'm learning things about him that are really intriguing. the art is something i'm envious of. I wish I can be this good one day.

  • This is a great book for anyone looking for a female centered book this 2012 year. But know that she is a sexy feline going into this book and she doesn't play the modesty card, she flaunts what she has if its going to help her. She lost a dear friend and has been dealing with it as best she can, where she will go from here will be neat to follow, the art in this book is raw and filled with emotions. Don't miss it!

  • For those who fancy the medieval ass kicking good time this is a great comic being done by Mr Cornell and I'm loving the directions the book could go. This is a book with future/current villains who played it good...once upon a time. Take a gander at it, it is pretty awesome to say the least.

  • If you ever thought a bad guy couldn't hold his own title this book and the next will prove you wrong. Lots of murder in the pages of DeathStroke this Merc has something to prove to the world it seems. As he's gotten older he's started to slip down to being a guard in place of being hired to do dangerous hits. Hes getting his own bad guys and while you probably wont be cheering for Slade Wilson your gonna understand its best to let him do what he wants and not get in his way.

  • want to see people you love to hate or just love even though they are the bad guys? Well this book will be good for you then. We're gonna see an arc that highlights Harley this year and I'm sure that will be great. Currently we're getting the jist of how a team like this is controlled and how it operates, often resulting in a knife in your back if you cant stay on everyone's 'good' side.

  • Another strong female led book is WOnder Woman and if youve been on the bandwagon that her last couple of years in comics sucked because of a lack of good stories this book will have you on a very diffrent wagon, singing a very diffrent song. Its a great story, currently the art is not my favorite but its okay. The story is whats good its going to be a huge family drama and we're gonna see blood spilt all over the walls and floors in the family house all because her daddy is a man whore. Intrigued??? PICK THIS BOOK UP!!!!

  • this a a funny book with great potential. Wolverine is running a school while running a hit squad, the teams not the same anymore, its gotten bigger and better in my book. People are finally taking their places for teaching as was their destiny all along in my opinion.

  • A good team book but this new arc that follows the current one will be where i think things will get really interesting. Wait to pick up this current arc in trade. its good and will be worth the price as a collected edition.

  • This is constantly getting better and I have enjoyed every issue...its morbid and dire but I feel that's how a world of Zombies would result.

  • Exceptional work being done in this book, so much so that I wondered if I should eliminate the Hawk and Dove from the list because it will be ending at like issue 8 or 9.

  • This story follows the other side of the coin that is the book above. Its very good and the reason I love these books is because of the great cauterization and the lack of human life forms.

  • Its new and Im still testing the waters on it, but the combination of history and fiction was pretty impressive!


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