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Characters facts

Facts about characters both cool and stupid.

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  • He is the combination of all earth's elements. He fights to save the earth. He is a communist!!!

  • Batman is the world's coolest super hero! Young Bruce Wayne's parents died when he was only eight years old. That occurance motivated him to become the ultimate warrior having both stregnth and intellect. He used his wealth to travel the world and study and learn all forms of combat. He went to many colleges to study criminalogy,and other methods on capturing criminals. Batman is also a master escape artist,detective,ventriloquist,gymnast,tracker,and of disguise. Batman is also an incredible strategist,and master of stealth and knows many differant languages including Kryptonese. Bruce also used his weath and knowledge to obtain many high tech devices.

  • Rorscach is also known as Walter Kovacs. He is an expert brawler,extremely intelligent,and unpredictible. He is a little crazy but you would be too if you had the same childhood as him. Rorscach has a grapple gun,he can use it to scale walls and injure people.

  • This guy played the Caped Crusader in the 1960s Batman show. Like the real Batman in the show he had many gadgets,but he also used riddiculous gadgets such as bat shark spray. He seemed to lack many of the same skills.