Comic Tomatoes: Aquaman 5

ssue: Aquaman 5

Arc: Lost (Part 1)

Released: 1/25/12

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Rating: 100% (5 Positive 0 Negative)

Critical Consensus: With great art from Ivan Reis, the second arc of Aquaman starts out with a look at the mysteries of Atlantis.

Comic Vine: 5/5 (Fresh) Mat Elfring Super-awesome, amazing, fantastic, and other positive adjectives book! This book keeps getting better and better, and it's become one of my favorite on-going comic books from any company. I loved the story in this issue and how we get to see more of where Atlantis came from.

CBR 4/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza Plenty of mysteries and plot threads are started for the upcoming issues as the mystery of Atlantis continues to deepen. This title is a fun read with outrageous adventures that, as this issue proves, are unpredictable. Johns and company have found the way to make “Aquaman” a great title, and they’ve even done so without relying on any of Aquaman’s traditional foes.

IGN 8.5/10(Fresh) Erik Norris While I enjoyed the end of "The Trench" storyline, I will admit that the series lost a little bit of steam by the end of that story. Thankfully, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have managed to suck me back in with the start of their latest story arc. Aquaman #5 is an incredibly well drawn comic that sets up an sure-to-be epic storyline. 9/10 (Fresh) This issue is mainly a set-up for the larger story Johns is telling, and I'm certainly interested to see where the story will go. Although was a little disappointed with how Aquaman escapes his situation(he just gets rescued), its still a great survival issue featuring some nonlinear story-telling. Overall, this series continues to show great art from Reis, and Johns starts to reveal the scale of his story.

My Humble Review (Fresh) Readers will also find they are being smoothly bridged from one arc to the next as the mystery behind the sinking of Atlantis is introduced. Great issue, and even better yet will be the next one when Mera goes solo!


Comic Tomatoes: The Walking Dead 93

ssue: The Walking Dead 93

Arc: A Larger World (Part 1)

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Charlie Adlard

Released: 1/25/12

Rating: 100% (8 Positive 0 Negative)

Critical Consensus: The new Walking Dead story arc gets off to a rip-roaring start with plenty of character development and new conflicts. (4/5 Fresh) Cassie Rose Despite a lackluster set of prior issues, Kirkman is once again on track with his Eisner Award winning series, armed with a new arc that is poised for a gripping story line and equal parts mystery and drama. (90/100 Fresh) Rick's attitude is starting to get downright creepy. This is making for a great start to an arc that will very likely have surprising and potentially shocking revelations and conclusions. Jason Serafino (Fresh) It’s not The Walking Dead's most action-packed issue ever, but this story sets up some interesting conflicts for the rest of this storyline, which could wind up as one of the most important in the series' history.

Wizard is Oz Tyrone Bennet (8/10 Fresh) I truly enjoyed this issue it had just the right emotional tone allowing the reader to see that things are changing while the art gave a great interpretation of the writing. There are few comics that I enjoy as much as Walking Dead and I believe this issue, like the rest within the series, is worth the read and it will definitely be in my library of comics.

Horror Haven Reviews Shaun Daniels (Fresh) The survivors are standing at a fork in the road at the dawning of a new era for mankind. It is up to their fearless and borderline crazy leader Rick to decide which path they take, that of self-destruction or self-preservation.

IGN Jesse Schedeen 7/10 (Fresh) Walking Dead #93 is a solid entry for the series, but not necessarily as fast-paced or exciting as it could have been. The plot only lightly pushes forward by the end. Given how slow the book has been moving since the end of "No Way Out," it's more than time for Kirkman to kick things into gear again.

Unleash the Fanboy 3/5 (Fresh) Steve Lernlek This book is alright…not great…but alright. Once I finished reading, I realized that The Walking Dead suffers from a few lingering issues, most notably its heavy handed dialogue. I’m a huge fan of using realistic conversation in comics. In fact, I think it’s one of the main reasons that the medium has been elevated to ‘art’ in the past 20 years, but Kirkman tends to abuse it. A plot development that should only consume a few pages will become extrapolated into a 10 page affair in these books because of his use of muddling dialogue.

Weekly Comic Book Review (Fresh) Dean Stell After a slow story arc, Robert Kirkman uncorked a promising new concept in his last issue that may jiggle a status quo that has become stale. I’m pretty intrigued by the idea of clusters of survivors remaining separate and interacting with each other like the old Greek city-states. Plus, you justknow that something BIG will happen this summer in issue #100 and it’ll probably start building now.


Comic Tomatoes: Flashpoint: Abin Sur, the Green Lantern 1

Issue: Flashpoint: Abin Sur- the Green Lantern 1 (Emerald Isolation
Arc: Flashpoint
Released: June 1, 2011
Writer: Adam Schlagman
Artist: Felipe Massafera
Colorist: Rod Reis
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Rating: 100% (10 Fresh 0 Rotten)
Critical Consensus: Schlagman and Massafera do a wonderful job telling a "What if" type story and shedding light on Abin Sur, Hal Jordan's inspiration.

Comic Vine 4/5 (Fresh) Tony Guerrero Even though I knew about this mini-series for months and that it would feature Abin Sur, it wasn't until I started reading that I thought about how crazy things could be. It's often said that one little incident that happens differently could greatly affect the outcome of things, Abin surviving does away with Hal being a Green Lantern. The thought of everything he was involved in as a Green Lantern makes you wonder how it all turned out. This issue does try to give us glimpses of some of those huge events but it starts to give you a feeling of too much. This issue has the task of catching us up on this new world along with where the mini-series will go. I felt like I had to pause to catch my breath after reading. Lots of cool things here. My fingers are crossed the next issue blows me away further.

IGN 6.5/10 (Fresh) Jesse Schedeen No doubt this series will gather steam as it veers away from simply showcasing alternate takes on familiar GL concepts and more directly intertwines itself with the events of Flashpoint. But with only two issues remaining, Schlagman has precious little time in which to pick up the pace. 95/100 (Fresh) Phillip Carson Overall, this was the tie-in I enjoyed most this week.  Being able to cull Green Lantern’s rich mythology to create a universe where the Black Lanterns are still tearing things up, the Red Lanterns are still prophesying  on Ysmault, and Abin Sur and Sinestro are still GLs reminds you just how vast that mythology has become in recent years.

Cx Pulp 3.5/5  (Fresh)Blake Petit There are good moments here, but not great ones, although the tie-in to the Flashpoint: Hal Jordan miniseries is appreciated.

Weekly Comic Book Review B- (Fresh) Minhquan Nguyen If you’re looking for an illuminating glimpse into one of the most mysterious Green Lanterns of all, this title doesn’t really give you that, but you still get a mildly engaging premise for his one chance in the limelight. (Fresh) Brian Tudor I am a big fan of this Flashpoint tie-in and it promises big things in the remaining two issues of the mini-series. I’m also guessing Abin Sur’s time as a Green Lantern in this timeline is short, but wow! I wonder if perhaps some of his spirit was left in the ring on some sub-conscience level to influence Hal Jordan to become the greatest Green Lantern. And loudest voice of dissension to the Guardian’s hands off approach to spreading their brand of order to the Universe.

Cosmic Book News (Fresh) Matt McGloin If you are on the fence about picking up the Flashpoint titles for fear they may be meaningless, take off the Yellow Power Ring -- and don the Green! Flashpoint: Abin Sur - The Green Lantern #1 should be on the pull lists for all Green Lantern fans!

CBR 3.5/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza   Staying off of the world of “Flashpoint,” this story offers just enough of an “Elseworlds” feel to be enjoyable, and save some distinctions otherwise could easily be a tale from the adventures of Abin Sur before he died and passed the ring of Sector 2814 to Hal Jordan. This issue is an intriguing glimpse at what could have been, given a surreal focus when directed through the lens of designs of the “Green Lantern” feature film.

Inside Pulse 6.5/10 (Fresh) Grey Scherl Adam Schlagman is an assistant editor at DC Comics, and to my knowledge, this is his first full length job as a writer. I believe he does a fine job both with the universe building as well as with the characters. By no means is it perfect, but it is definitely enjoyable…far more so than I anticipated. If you’re a fan of the Green Lantern Corps, or a fan of What If?! stories, or, like me, a fan of both; then this book is for you.

iFanboy 3.5/5 (Fresh) Ken Goach The story was a mixed bag. It was interesting and I like how it tied in things from Blackest Night and the Red Lanterns. I liked the changes, which are what an Elseworlds-like event should have. But there were two things I did not like. I thought Abin Sur striking Sinestro was sort of out of character, despite the insults and painful past events. Also, the "Prophecy of the Flashpoint" just sounds dumb. Not another mystical Lantern prophecy!

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Comic Tomatoes: Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance 1

ssue: Flashpoint: Batman-Knight of Vengeance 1
Arc: Flashpoint
Released: May 31, 2011
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Eduardo Risso
Letterer: Clem Robins
Colorist: Trish Mulvihill

Rating: 90% (9 positive 1 negative)
Critical Consensus: Flashpoint’s Batman spinoff has beautiful art and is a great start to this Elseworlds-like miniseries starring Thomas Wayne.

ComicVine 5/5 (Fresh) Mat Elfring I've read all of the Flashpoint tie-ins so far, and this is by far my favorite. It's so much more than Batman in a new suit. It's a complete reinvention of the character, and it's done exceptionally well. The writing, by Brian Azzarello, is fantastic, as well as the art, by Eduardo Risso. It's the most fun read I've had today, hands down. If you're only going to read one tie-in to Flashpoint, make sure it's this book.

CBR 4/5 (Fresh) Chad Nevett It’s a shame that “Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance” is only three issues long. Already there seems enough depth in this Gotham and its protector that it could easily carry an ongoing series.

IGN 7/10 (Fresh) Erik Norris Don't get me wrong, Flashpoint: Batman #1 is a well written, well drawn comic, it just doesn't carry much weight. Hopefully the second issue of Flashpoint: Batman - Knight of Vengeance can turn things into high gear and make this companion mini-series worth the investment.

WeeklyComic Book Review A- (Fresh) Minhquan Nguyen If the stories of this altered universe are going to be this solid, then I’ll be sad to see it go when it inevitably does.

NerdyNothings B (Fresh) Rebel Rikki   Knight of Vengeance #1 is certainly interesting enough to warrant following, and Eduardo Risso on a monthly book is always a welcome sight. I do fear, however, that as the story progresses more of its pages will be devoted to straight-ahead action, and I hope that’s not at the cost of us really coming to learn how different Thomas Wayne’s world is.

SimplySuperman Batman   7/10 (Fresh) Adam Basciano While this book doesn’t have the wow factor of Flashpoint #1,  it does further immerse you into this altered universe.  And while it’s missing that jaw dropping ending of the main series’ opening salvo, the setup certainly leaves room for that in subsequent issues. (Rotten) Ernie Enriquez The whole point of me getting into Flashpoint was hearing that Thomas Wayne was Batman. I thought this would be a very unique story to tell. Seeing a grumpy Thomas Wayne running Gotham as Batman sounds like nothing we have ever seen before. With all the hype I gave it, it sort of let me down. The story was extremely slow. It dragged in so many parts, but maybe as a whole it will pay off. This could be one of those books that I enjoy more as a trade paperback. Again, the idea is amazing, but I am hoping the flow is smoother.

MultiversityComics 6.5/10 (Fresh) Walter Richardson This isn't a bad issue, but it isn't a great one either. But it is great looking. If you're someone who will occasionally buy something solely for the visuals, then you definitely will have no hang ups on buying this. If you need solid writing, though… well, I'm not saying not to buy this, but you may want to wait until issue two (if not three) to decide.

ReadAbout Comics (Fresh) Greg McElhatton   I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the best thing about DC’s Flashpoint mini-series event isn’t the main story itself, but rather all of the Elseworlds-esque mini-series that are spun out of it. One of the most promising ones just from the announcements was Batman: Knight of Vengeance, thanks to it reuniting Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso, Patricia Mulvihill, and Dave Johnson. And now that it’s out? Well, it’s quite frankly exactly what you would expect from the creative team of 100 Bullets. 4/5 (Fresh) Melinda Hinman I find the parallel universe we seem to be in quite fascinating, but I do think the writing in this is a little heavy, and the issue almost plodded a little, just because Gordon and Wayne were having the same conversation in three different locales. It felt a little like they were trying to draw out the issue to fill it. I hope that trend doesn't extend to the rest of the books. The art was not something that bowled me over, but with the exception of the cover to Brian Azzarello's "Joker", I have never seen a Joker that terrified me more.

Next: Secret Seven, Green Lantern and more...

Comic Tomatoes: Booster Gold 44

ssue: Booster Gold 44
Arcs: Flashpoint, Turbulence
Publisher: DC
Released: July 1, 2011
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Norm Rapmund
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Colorist: Hi-Fi

Rating: 90% (9 positive 1 negative)
 Critical Consensus: Dan Jurgens makes a big return to Booster Gold and continues to expand upon the Flashpoint universe while introducing his creation to new readers.

Comic Vine 4/5 (Fresh) Mat Elfring New story and a great jumping-on point! If you've never read a Booster Gold book, this would be a great place to jump on. This book always delivers on fun. Booster fits very well into the Flashpoint world.

CBR 4/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza  Jurgens’ return to this book not only marks the start of “Flashpoint” and a keenly-designed welcome mat and open door to this series, but it also sees the return of something far more important: all ages reading. Jurgens is a modern master of delivering stories that have retro sensibilities. Each issue that Jurgens crafts carries itself strongly, offers a good story, and a smart introduction to the world of “Booster Gold.”

Too Dangerous For A Girl (Fresh) Martin Gray This issue should give Booster his best sales figures since the early issues. I hope plenty of the first-timers stick around. If quality counts, they will.

Comic Revolution A- (Fresh) Eden Zacharias If Flashpoint #1 didn’t sell you on the Flashpoint event then Booster Gold #44 will definitely do the trick. On top of that, this is a great way to introduce Michael Jon Carter to new readers who have wanted to jump in on this great series. Without a doubt, this is an issue you seriously do not want to miss if you’re considering giving Booster Gold a try or following the Flashpoint event.

Comics Bulletin 3.5/5 (Fresh) Matthew Rios While I’m glad to see Jurgens back on the character and book he made so popular, I am sad to see the quick-wit and heartfelt emotional situations of Giffen and DeMatteis go. This issue was a bit off due to the packing in of required details but I’m sure over time things will straighten out again, so help me Gog.

Inside Pulse 6/10 (Rotten) Grey Scherl By the end of the book…it’s not a bad title, it’s just disappointing. The art is great, and the characterization is great, but nothing really happens and just as the book heats up to the ‘good part’, we get  to a be continued and it’s just over. Now, obviously, i can’t wait to read the next issue, I just expected more out of this one. (Fresh) Brian Tudor  I know there are a lot of titles when it comes to Flashpoint, but I really think you will be happy to add Booster Gold to your monthly pull list. He is going to be very important to the Flashpoint story. Looking forward to next month, hopefully Skeets makes it through and Booster is ready to go toe-to-toe with Doomsday! Flashpoint rages on! (Fresh) Simon Daoudi Booster Gold is the book to watch out for, as it will make an impact in the Flashpoint storyline. I hope they people who pick up this book because Flashpoint will stay on and go for the ride. DC Comics has officially announced that there will be a second printing of Booster Gold #44 this June. I know I can’t wait for the next one, as this was one of my favorite comics for the month of May. (Fresh) Stephan Sigurjons The return of Dan Jurgens to Booster Gold comes right in time for the universe to flip on its head.

The Comic Book Catacombs (Fresh) Chuck Wells Thankfully, Jurgens & Rapmund are back at home in the very place they need to be to produce some fun comics. I enjoyed their previous Booster Gold work and this chapter of Flashpoint bodes well for their welcome return to this title.

Sorry, but IGN didn't publish a review of this issue. Next: Flashpoint #2 and more miniseries and one-shots.

Comic Tomatoes: Flashpoint 1

Issue: Flashpoint 1
Arc: Flashpoint
Publisher: DC
Released: July 1, 2011
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Andy Kubert
Inker: Sandra Hope
Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Rating: 90% (9 Fresh 1 Rotten)
Critical Consensus: Great talent in Johns and Kubert leads to a great start to the DC event of the summer. It's not perfect, but then nothing is as it seems in the Flashpoint universe.

Comic Vine 4.5/5 (Fresh) Tony Guerrero  Flashpoint is finally here. Everything does indeed change. Forget about the DC Universe you know and enjoy the story by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. We've seen the numerous teasers and now we can get ready for this crazy ride.

IGN 6.5/10 (Fresh) Erik Norris Flashpoint #1 is probably the rockiest start to a DC event in years. If DC had held back on the marketing push prior to launch, maybe a lot of the moments found within would have had more punch. But when you break it down, it's essentially a glorified version of the various press releases that lead up to this first issue's release and offers nothing new.

CBR 3/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza This is, however, the first issue of what will be, once complete, well over fifty) comics that tell the story of this new world. To judge the entire story on this initial step would be folly. To commit to the entire story based on what is given to us here would be insanity.

Too Dangerous For A Girl (Fresh) Martin Gray This is how to begin an event. Surprises, mysteries, strong artwork, sharp dialogue ... any doubts as to whether I'd follow Flashpoint have been wiped away with this first issue. (Fresh) Hunter Camp It’s a little difficult to follow because of reasons like that, but with blockbuster events like this, the pieces of the puzzle don’t really starting making sense until further down the line. It was a strong first issue with beautiful art from the amazing Andy Kubert, so the series is on the right track, so let’s just see if it keeps this pace up.

Cosmic Book News (Fresh) Chris Bushley Johns and Kubert converge on a story that burns brighter than Brightest Day, has the tenacity of Blackest Night and the pure adrenaline of Emerald Warriors! Get in on the ground floor of DC's next big summer event, one that promises to astound and excite readers for the next few months

A Comic Book Blog 95/100 (Fresh) Phillip Carson Overall, Flashpoint is shaping up to be a fun story, devoid of the angst and info-dump that was Blackest Night.  It’s good to see the Flash take point as the lead in an Event book.  Here’s hoping he gains his powers back pretty quick, and starts kicking butt next issue.

iFanboy 2.5/5 (Rotten) Paul Montgomery Summarily, I think Flashpoint is the perfect runner. Coiled, roiling potential energy just waiting for the starter pistol. Then? I'm not sure. A poor night's sleep? A flash of a camera? Something happened to sully the execution of that run. And there's a stutter step. Race ain’t over though.

The Weekly Crisis (Fresh) Kirk Warren Great issue that hooked me instantly and never let go.  After one issue, I want, no, need to know more about this world and these characters and am already picking out various tie-ins I want to try out simply because of how engaging and interesting this world and story is so far. 

Weekly Comic Book Review  B+ (Fresh) Minhquan Nguyen  A very strong, promising start to DC’s most talked-about storyline, though much depends on the follow-up
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Comic Tomatoes: Ultimate Spider-Man 160 (Death of Spider-Man 5)

Issue: Ultimate Spider-Man 160
Arc: Death of Spider-Man (Part 5)
Publisher: Marvel (Ultimate)
Released: June 22, 2011
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley
Inker: Andy Lanning
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Rating: 90% (9 Fresh 1 Rotten)
Critical Consensus: One of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters goes out with a bang. But will Ultimate Spider-Man continue to be the flagship of the Ultimate Universe?
IGN 7.5/10 (Fresh) Jesse Schedeen When you come right down to it, the appeal of reading the finale to Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't lie in learning whether or not Peter Parker dies.

CBR 5/5 (Fresh) James Hunt Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Admittedly, it is happening in the Ultimate Universe so it isn’t the real Peter Parker, but still: the Death of Spider-Man.

Geek Speak (mySA) (Fresh) Rene Guzman For months, Marvel has hung “Death of Spider-Man” over comic fans’ heads like this glossy dark specter with its grim, albeit sensationalistic promise of killing off such a major superhero from its pocket Ultimate universe. At last, Ultimate Spider-Man No. 160 delivers that death blow to Ultimate Peter Parker and a fine comic series in spectacular fashion. (Fresh) Adam Reisinger But like I said, I've been trying to ignore all that, and just enjoy these issues for what they are, which are incredibly well-written, well-drawn stories that bring the tale of "Ultimate Spider-Man" to a natural conclusion.

Newsarama (Fresh) Colin Bell The clue was in the title, everyone! Not a metaphorical death, or a retirement of the identity of Spider-Man as some had guessed; this is the issue where Peter Parker faces down the Green Goblin: One. More. Time. With fatal results!

Comic Vine 4/5 (Fresh) Tony Guerrero   The end of the Death of Spider-Man arc is here. After months of waiting, will this be the final appearance for Ultimate Spidey?

Big Shiny Robot   Jeff Vice (Rotten) They really did it. “They,” of course, are the folks behind the “Death of Spider-Man” story line in the Ultimate Comics version of the title

Multiversity Comics  10/10 (Fresh)Matthew Meylikhov This is it: the Death of Spider-Man is here. In this polybagged issue from the creative team behind Ultimate Spider-Man #1, we're given the first "boundary pushing" storyline from the Ultimate universe in quite some time. And boy, are things tense right now. (Fresh) Ben Mayfield This is it, ladies and gentlemen.  After months of twists and turns and ominous banners, the fateful moment arrived for Peter Parker in a polybag-covered comic book this past week.  I’m sure if you went to a local comic shop already, you probably saw a few people you normally don’t see in the shop, most being curious to see whether Marvel “would really do it”. 7.5/10 (Fresh) Kevin L. This is it. After 160 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man the big end to The Death of Spider-Man is here. Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley have promised something big and with the title of this arc there is a good idea what that is. But after being not only the flagship of the Ultimate line, but also one of the best books at Marvel, are Bendis and Bagley actually go through with what the title of the arc teases?

Coming soon: Flashpoint, Flashpoint, and more Flashpoint...

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Welcome to Comic Tomatoes

Welcome to Comic Tomatoes. I'm Logan Dalton and this is my second blog on Blogger. (The first is The idea for this blog came from my love of movies and comic is a website that I look at before seeing almost any movie. It aggregates movie reviews and gives each movie a score based on the percentage of positive (or fresh) reviews. A movie with a score of 60% or above is certified fresh, and one with a score below 60% is certified rotten.

On Comic Tomatoes, I'm going to be doing a similar thing. Starting out, I will find the first ten reviews of an issue or trade paperback/hardback on Google and put them in the aggregated score. The website, reviewer's name, his or her rating, and a short preview of the review will be placed in the blog. There will also be a link to the full review on the blog. Three comic book sites will always be featured in the review aggregator:,, and At the beginning of each blog post, I will put the aggregate score and 1-3 sentences of analysis called the "critical consensus".

The purpose of this blog is to help people get a balance perspective on what comic books and graphic novels to buy. In these hard economic times, $3.99 is a lot to pay for a 32 page book. My first post will be on Ultimate Spider-Man 150 (Death of Spider-Man), and then I will start working on DC's Flashpoint event and Marvel's Fear Itself. Starting next Wednesday, I will add new comics!!

"With great power there must also come great responsibility"-Ben Parker

Reflections on Silver Age Thor

I just got a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics (:) and started reading the back-stories of Thor and Iron Man. Some of the early Thor villains are creepily cartoonish, like the Executioner, who is a perfect Red Scare caricature of a Communist leader and weird magicians like Sandu and Merlin. But Loki IMHO is like the Joker of the Marvel Universe. He's physically weaker than Thor but is like Mystique on steroids and can make dragons pop out of nowhere and make people look like Mr. Game and Watch. Even though in the 1960s comics, good is always supposed to win, Loki manages to screw stuff up even while tied to a rock in Asgard. Jane Foster is a little weak as the main female heroine, like when she tells Thor to stop chasing Cobra, but a lot of the early Marvel Comics were kinda sexist (see X-Men #1). So that shouldn't be a problem as I get closer in the modern age. What are some of your favorite Thor comics?

P.S. I think Thor is the Superman of the Marvel Universe

Underrated 1980s comic

I just read Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries from 1985. It's awesome b/c a bildungsroman for Kitty as she becomes Shadowcat and also showcases Wolverine's samurai side. I like the Japan setting and the non-interference of the other X-Men. Wolvie and Kitty are just normal people with special powers who struggle with every day issues like rejection in a relationship. Is it true that there's a modern retelling of this story?

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