cool villains

Loki is only number 1 the rest is not is some kind of order

List items

  • prince of lies, trickster, the god of mischief all names for my number one villain loki

  • the master of magnetism

    Eric lensher

  • Samuel Sterns

    A great villain of the incredible hulk

  • Victor Von Doom

    Even his name is cool

  • Assassin and old enemy of Iron Man

  • With his 10 rings a great villain and archenemy of Iron man

  • German, red and mean these are 3 words how you describe the Red Skull

  • Leader of the sinestro corps and biggest enemy of Hal Jordan

  • The clown prince of crime, this guy has a strange type of humor

    The greatest villain of Batman.

  • Riddle me this who is one of the greatest villains of batman and uses riddles with his crimes.

    The riddler

  • Waepon of odin himself and sometimes enemy of Thor

  • (extra cool with sinestro power ring)

    Batman could learn a lesson from this villain how to make your enemy's afraid

  • Green Goblin is a crazy, green psychopath

    archnemesis of spider-man

  • Eddie Brock and symbiote = cool

  • With his 4 tentacles he climbed in my greates villains list

    Dr Otto Octavius

  • This villain mest up so much lives (making a clone of jean, The whole Gambit thing, ...) he desirved a place in this list

  • An accuser of the alien-race known as the Kree

  • The master of illusions himself Mysterio

    Quentin Beck

  • Great enemy of Captain America

    The 13th Baron Zemo

  • This guy would make his father proud

    (I am sure I forgot some villains but these ones were the ones I now tought on)

  • Thomas Elliot: former surgeon and now supercriminal.

  • Harvey Dent: Batman villain with multiple personality disorder.