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    Ozai has no feats without Sozins comet

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    @shot: LOL wut?The equalist movement is dead, as far as we know. And even if they do still exist, the equalists are blitzing nobody, if a child can fart on your soldier's face and knock him out, and a...

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    @darthaznable: Gundam was decent. I think one of the big things that annoys me about it is that I really, really cannot stand Japanese voices. Now I realize how incredibly racist that sounds, but fo...

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    @darkraiden: So..what I'm getting from this is that1. You have 0 scans showing Hellstrom controlling his anger in such a way2. You have 0 scans showing anyone from DC, especially the one you'd have t...

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    Who should star in the upcoming Justice League movie? Browse other fans' casting proposals & Propose your dream cast on The IF List! http://iflist.com/justiceleague