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CVbU Blog: Los Angeles Dragons NFL Stadium Complex (Location)


Gale Xanders purchased the failing Los Angeles Dragons team for six hundred million dollars near the end of 2015. The Dragons had been a bottom feeding team in the league for decades with inept ownership, poor coaching and a terrible front office. The team had threatened to move out of the city several times to get LA to pay up for a new stadium to the refusal and anger of fans and city citizens alike. After Gale purchased the team she immediately fired the entire staff and front office and made whatever trades she could for the few good players on her team. Once this process was completed and the 2016 off season continued she hired a new head coach, a new general manager and a new front office staff.

2016 marked the first overhaul draft for the LA Dragons and the beginning of a turn around. Gale Xanders was up front with the fans, informing them this was going to be a process, the team was so poorly run that it would take a few years just to turn over the roster. Fans seemed to appreciate the honesty and over the next few years attendance at the old stadium increased. Gale Xanders had plans for a new stadium but those plans were abruptly put on hold after the Quake of 2021. Gale Xanders dumped a billion dollars of her own money into the rebuilding of the city and Jurassic World matched that with another half billion dollars as well as the use of some of its safer animals to seek out citizens trapped in the rubble. In addition to this, Jurassic World shut down half of the park for close to a month and built temporary housing on their island for evacuated residents until they could be relocated. Once the relocation was complete the island return to normal operation.

With such a heavy financial burden Gale held her money close to her chest for more than a decade to rebuild her personal finances and because she believed building a new stadium after such a disaster would be a poor move. Once the city was stable again Gale returned her attention to the new stadium project and worked closely with the city of Los Angeles. She personally funded the stadium design and Jurassic World sponsored the stadium (officially the stadium is known as The Jurassic World Dome) but most people refer to the stadium complex as the Los Angeles Football and Entertainment Center (LAFEC). By all standards the stadium complex is a shrine to NFL football and the LA Dragons. Construction began in 2035 and was completed in 2039.

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The stadium itself is a domed stadium with a retractable roof. The entire roof is composed of extremely flexible materials designed to withstand at least an 8.5 magnitude Earthquake and is see through to allow in sunlight to make up much of the stadium's lighting. The rest of the lighting is high powered LED industrial lighting and allows the stadium to operate at a much lower energy cost than standard industrial lights. The 80,000 seat stadium utilizes the latest in environmentally friendly technology and a safety and security staff composed of both retired Maverick soldiers and meta-humans looking for good pay. The LA Dragons themselves have turned into a perennial playoff team with two Lombardi Trophies on prominent display in the stadium complex.

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