Characters I feel deserve more appreciation.

Every franchise has their characters that tend to hog the spotlight. Star Trek usually centers around Kirk and Spock. The Justice League has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all vying for the lead. There are times that the X-men almost feels like Wolverine and Co.

While I agree that those characters are all awesome and deserving of attention, a lot of equally amazing and interesting characters share in their adventures, that are often overlooked by all but the more hardcore of fans.

This is a list comprised of characters that, while they may not be the most popular, are some of my personal favorites.

List items

  • Over the years, the very first X-man often taken a backseat to certain characters possessing a greater degree of the whole "loner-badass" mystique. However, Cyke has proven himself time and time again as a brilliant leader, a skillful fighter, as well as a character with a lot of depth. I'm always excited to come across a story that centers on him.

  • Arguably the backbone of the Justice League, J'onn J'onzz is not only brilliant and powerful, but has chosen to dedicate himself to the protection of a planet that isn't even his own. To me, that's the mark of a great hero indeed.

  • Choosing my favorite turtle is about as difficult as choosing my favorite pizza topping. You've got the badass, the brain, and the goofball, who are all awesome and enjoyable in their own right. However, it takes a tremendously disciplined and dedicated leader to keep a group like that focused. Leo has demonstrated these qualities in spades on numerous occasions. He is a capable warrior who never loses sight of his mission.

  • Scotty's good for a lot more than beaming people up. He knows his starship like the back of his hand, and keeps her running when it seems nigh impossible. He's probably saved the lives of the crew of the Enterprise as many times as Kirk and Spock combined, without anyone even realizing it most of the time.

  • Despite needing a little rescuing, Leia quickly makes it clear she's no mere damsel in distress. She can hold her own in a firefight, isn't afraid to stand up to the likes of Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader, and killed one of the most feared crime lords in the galaxy with only a chain. That's pretty badass in my book!