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The biggest threat of all...the Elderly. 0

Recap:OK, Wow. So the third issue of Howard the Duck begins with a mugging by Aunt May. She got away with the necklace. If the Collector wasn't bad enough... now things get really dangerous. He has to delve into the city's dark seedy underbelly to wrestle it away from a gang of the elderly. There is a lot more to it than that (like full nudity), but everybody needs to go buy it and read it right now. There is also an amazing mini-story right after about Howard taking a job for a Wolverine look a...

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What the heck is wrong with Howard Stark? 0

When we last left Peggy Carter, she was saved from being brutally murdered... Only to be wrongfully incarcerated. Still better than death, I suppose. Now she has to convince a bunch of people who don't respect her and think she's a traitor that the real threat is her sweet unassuming neighbor from Iowa (who is also a Russian ninja). Would you believe her? This is the penultimate episode of the season (hopefully not series), and it was very nerve wracking to watch. Ivchenko continues to have the ...

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Yeah, sure, let's have Loki go to Jersey City. 0

With the Inventor defeated (maybe) and life getting back to normal (ha), Valentine's Day is approaching. You know what every Valentine's Day needs? The God of Mischief mucking about. So for... uh reasons... the All Mother sends Loki to Jersey city on a Very Important Mission (read:punishment) looking for the Inventor's spies. The reasons aren't important, this book is a fun goofy story to offset the serious(ish)ness of the recent Inventor arc. Which is nice, actually. So Loki shows up, tries to ...

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And Chaos Ensues. 0

This book continues right where the last one left off, Black Widow arranged a fake Chaos meeting for its members and then tried to crash it, only to be explosively ejected. Now the Chaos members know she's there, and make a break for it. With her only lead to Chaos slipping through her fingers, Black Widow follows... Or tries to, with the help of an old friend.Though it's more like a bridge between the previous and next books (with not a whole lot accomplished), it was still rather enjoyable. ...

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