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Taking time off! I need to focus on school O_O!

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OK guys I wasn't expecting this but I have to quit the vine for a while. School started and already the teacher is getting under my skin.. Wait that sounds wrong.. The teacher is giving us homework already.. that's better.. If this keeps up It's going to be a very busy semester @__@ 
So I wont be able to participate in RPGs since I'll probably be lost all the time and with too much stuff in my mind to even remember about the RPGs. 
I should be back on RPGing in 3 months. Hopefully.  I will try to be around (If I get some free time) but I will not be active in RPG I think the accounts I am active on right now are only G'bandit and ~Marauder~ soooo scratch those two out thank you :)
 I apologize but my education is important otherwise I'll be as smart as this guy