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Open your eyes.

 It's interesting. How all the sudden everything was coming to place. Everything was great again and fear all the sudden had left my soul. It was like all the sudden I wasn't afraid of anything and tranquility had come back knocking on my door. It's funny what the memory of one single person can do to your reality. How it can change everything in an instants. Yet how it all can come crumbling down just as fast with a little reminder of the real world. All it took to take all that happiness and all that brightness away from me was a simple reminder of our social status and how this person could solve it. Then, just like that, it all faded away. Happiness became a cloud of darkness and not even the powerful will of the fire tiger was able to bring that back. With all the mental control which had helped the son manipulate the world in the past; he was not able to bring happiness back.
The eyes opened and darkness sits in. The sounds of birds and other creatures filled my head with a doze of reality. The sunshine had been live for a while and as always happiness was not there to greet me. It was the plain dreadful reality I've been living in for seven years since the one that made everything great was taken away from me- And I was left with people all around me but still alone.
I wish I could live in my dreams. RIP Dad.

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