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In our Universe, what is the meaning of the word "Vine"?

I mean obviously in OOC we know is because we are in the Comic Vine site, but In character what is the meaning of the word "Vine"? Why is it so important? 
Vine Villains
League of extraordinary viners 
Vine Titans
X- Viners  
Vinal 4
If someone as wicked as GB would come in character toward the leaders of these groups and broke the fourth wall and ask "Hey Darkchild, CPG, what the heck does the "Vine" in your team means?" What is the answer? 
"Uh, we are in comic vine...It sounded cool before you asked this Bandit! DARN YOU!" 
Really it be cool to give it a meaning instead of just leave it in the air, like some sort of episode that stat it all and made the word "Vine" something universal and memorable. A past event or something like that :D