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Good business:Anti-super carrier missiles. (Elian filler)

I wrote this as a filler for Closure vs G'bandit but the post was too long so I decided to share it in a blog :D  

Phoenix Manor:

 Sipping on a martini while he watches CNN the owner of Allen companies celebrates for his latest accomplishment. The media is reporting on a new threat to the American naval system. 

A new 'smart missile' threatens to tip the balance of power towards China, US military analysts say. The latest generation of the Dong Feng 21D (DF-21D) is a super carrier killer according to experts on China's armaments. The missile can be launched from land and strike an aircraft carrier 900 miles away. China has 11,200 miles of coastline. That fact coupled with the range and accuracy of the new missile could spell doom for any US or allied carrier fleets. Patrick Cronin, a senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program that is part of the Washington, DC Center for a New American Security organization admits the DF 21D is designed to kill carriers—specifically US Naval carriers. “The Navy has long had to fear carrier—killing capabilities. The emerging Chinese anti-ship missile capability, and in particular the DF 21D, represents the first post—Cold War capability that is both potentially capable of stopping our naval power projection and deliberately designed for that purp--

Elian turn off the TV and smiling he once again sips on his drink.

A sequential clapping suddenly echoes in the room while Elian sits in his couch.

“Bravo, Elian!” Exclaimed the familiar voice of Band Lone in the background as he keeps clapping.

“Oh boy here we go… Is it really that obvious?” Asked Elian to his once clone Band Lone.

“ Question Elian: Whatever happen to “I must protect the people” and all that crap you said when you created the Phoenix Chronicles?" Inquired Band Lone, he then added "Or is this the way you want to protect the people? By selling targeting naval missiles to the Chinese?”

Sighing as he thought [What a party pooper] Elian replies “Look, they gave my father a good price in our China branch and I like a good businessman accepted. End of story.”

But Band is smarter than that. “Yeah, right. That was no business deal, Elian. I know you better than you know yourself! You wont risk your company’s image by selling to the Chinese. I bet your name wont come out in the files and they’ll give the credit to some Chinese scientist or something. How much did the Chinese paid?”

“Jeez, Band. They paid enough, all right? Now stop acting like you’re surprised. I’m a backstabber and that’s what I do best! Ask the Hellhouse and all the people I associated with in the past. They all got stabbed by me, so, what makes the American military so special? I’m still a patriot in their eyes.. Now shut up and make yourself useful-- Go get me a hot-pocket!” Elian grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Band but this one uses his reflexes and ducks before the pillow could hit him. The pillow keeps going and knocks down a priceless jar. “Oh- no!! I stole that from the jade palace! Band you d!ck!”

Band then turns around and heads towards his room but then his communicator became live. “Band, It’s Rain, you got to see this!” 
My part of: Closure vs G'bandit starts here!
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