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G'bandit: Marauder's gift. (Canon)

Wolf Pack HQ:

Another restless night. This is quickly becoming a pain in the king of merc's neck. Everyday he feels more restless and less like his ever optimistic self. Sitting up and dragging his lower body over the edge of his bed his Left foot goes into flip flop. The other foot fallows and the mercenary stands to his feet somewhat unbalanced which urges him to seek support from the nearby wall. "What's happening to me?" He wonders in silence as his brow quickly becomes sweaty. Early signs of panic although his pride wont let him express it.   

Like a child in walking training the merc was reduced to walking holding on to the wall as his mind was unease by his current state. The merc opens the door and prides up his will making his greatest effort to avoid his comrades from seen the king of mercenaries struggle with illness. Straightening his back seeking balance the merc began walking towards the nearest bathroom. He walks in and locks the door. "Ughhh, what the hell is going on?" He ask himself as he reaches the sink and looks at himself on the reflection of the mirror before him. The complexion of Band Lone, the man within the suit of the greatest merc in existence was one of a man closer to dead than live.

His eyes were blood red, his skin was as pale as a ghost, his hair was becoming grey and his facial expression were becoming a bother in his eyes.

He hears a cold voice in the back of his head "You're dying Band Lone."

Band notice on the mirror's reflection a hideous creature stalked the ill man. Band quickly reacted and turned around but the creature was not there. “I need too-” In desperation the merc sprints toward the exit of the bathroom and heads toward his room which he quickly locks after entering. Band then grabbed his phone and made a call. “Hey Band, long time no see. What’s up?”

“I need to-- I need…. Your.. Help, Rain.”  

“Who shit in your cornflakes? Its 6 am in the morning and I was up all night, I want to go to sleep.”

“Listen to me, I’m dying! There’s something wrong with me!”

“Uh, duh, whenever that happens you should use your reboot ability, hello!”

Rain! Enough with the witty bullshit! Come and get me!”  

Band then tossed the phone across the room destroying it as it collided against the solid wall.

The merc then grabbed his uniform and since he believes there’s a super-natural being causing him this disturbance. He brought with him his mystical katanas, able to slice even through magic and the obscured.

Bandit then exit’s the room and grabbed his grappling hook. In middle of the mansion he shot towards the ceiling. Hooked dipped into the ceiling the gun then proceeds to rear him upwards. Confident in his phasing ability Band then proceeds to phase through the ceiling but this proves difficult. For the first time Band feels pain as he phased. It was like been cut to shreds by tiny razors. He was so damage that he couldn’t even stand afterward. His swords and most material solids never even made it through the ceiling. The merc tries to stand up but the experience was too tragic and had damaged him to a great level which caused his body to shutdown.


Eyes opened just to welcome darkness. The marched been placed in a recovery chamber which is suppose to accelerate the healing process.

Outside of te chamber Rain and Elian are discussing the merc’s condition.

Band is not even suppose to be alive to begin with. He was a blood clone. Nothing but a substitution I used in the past to geaway from trouble. He was not meant to last. However, Talus actually manage to generically alter the body’s endurance to a few more years in order to hunt me down.”

“So, what’s going to happen to him?”

“Same thing that happen to any product with an expiration date. After it reaches that date it begins to rot.”

 “But, I thought his reboot was general, I even thought he was immortal as longs he was able to reboot.”

“Yeah, I thought so too once- still I died.. Well, I was only gone for 15 minutes, but still, I died and I had the same ability. Hes going to die Rain. I give him a week if not less.”

Suddenly from the chamber a unease Band phased through to the outside. His appearance was disturbing. His hair was falling and his body was terribly scarred. “Heighten senses .. Are.. A bitch.” He said referring to the fact that he heard everything Elian had said. “Oops, sorry about that mate.” Said Elian.

Band then grabbed his utility belt and left the room. “I need to be alone.”

Rooftop Silver land :

The words of Elian had gone deep into the thick skull of the Bandit. He could feel his body deteriorating, almost like if thousands of beetles were eating his flesh. “It burns…So much!” He grinned in pain as he hugged himself tight. Having no more tolerance over the pain Band tries to reboot his body to try and heal himself but it ends up in a terrible sight of his skin just cracking and gushing blood. Crying in intolerable pain Band reached for his holster and pressed the tip of the gun against his temple. Building up courage the merc then closes his eyes and right when hes about to squeeze the trigger a flashing light interrupts the ceremony. Band’s hand was blown off by a laser beam. The merc in pain he drops to his knees as he growls and cries in pain as the blood gushes from his lost hand.

“Here I thought you were unbeatable.” An omnipresent voice said “I guess I was wrong, Mr. Allen.” It added.
Holding in the pain Band looks around him and at the other end of the building was a shady figure looking towards the empire state building. “You got the wrong guy, Mister, I’m not Mr. Allen. Im Solo.”

“Oh, you are not? Um it’s weird cause you hold his exact DNA track mister, Solo, was it?”

“Are you a doctor? Do you work for Elian?”

“Me? Work? Not likely, doctor? Um, you could say that. You see I am a perfectionist Mr. Allen- Pardon me, Mr. Solo. I’m a perfectionist and I so hate imperfection.”

“Well, Mr. Creepy dark-man if you’re looking for imperfection you hit the jackpot with me. I got a week to live and I’m a mess as you can see. Are you going to kill me? Because the way I am right now I’d welcome it.”
The man apraches Band but instead of coming straight to him he just pass by him. “Not really, you see I hate imperfection and r\this world is just purely imperfect. However, you my friend are an equalizer. Just like your little group, Wolf Pack? Was it? You take matters into your own hands even above what people call “Order” and I like that.”

“So give me a medal; Maybe I can wear it for my funeral. Come visit my grave it’ll be probably be in an American shit-hole next to Hitler’s since everyone hates me so much.  Now, leave me alone before I gut you.”

“There will be no shit-hole grave for you Band Lone. Not right now at least. There is so much that still needs to be done”

In a mist of darkness the man suddenly vanishes and surrounds Band Lone. The hand of the man then touches Band Lone’s chest and almost like if Band was been reconstruct piece by piece his body started transforming from ill back to healthy as the man addressed the screaming Bandit:

 “I cannot restore your powers, Mr. Solo. I hate imperfection. However, I can restore your body to perfect health and give you the humanity you’ve never had before. In exchange I ask of you one thing. Fallow your guts Band Lone. Do what you feel is right. That will take you through the path  which will eventually explain why I have saved you tonight.”

The hand of the man retreats from Band Lone’s body leaving the mercenary laying face down hyperventilating on the ground. “You’ll be all right. Just have some rest.” Which those words the m,an suddenly disappeared into the nothingness.


Band trying to stand to his feet he looks over to where a second and very familiar voice came from. Elian was laying on his back at the very edge of the building. “You were here the whole time?” Inquired Band Lone. “Aye, I was disappointed to be honest . I was looking forward on burying you next to Mark1212. But I guess that wont happen. Oh well.”

“Who’s Mark1212?”

“Not important, now lets go get some barely legal girls at some bar.”

“Not my cup of tea Elian. I’ve had a long night, and I still feel woozy from whatever he did to me. Im going to sleep.”

“Suit yourself. Bye.”