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G'bandit: K.O.V Aftermath

Well, I've been away for a while so I wanted to see how my writing was so I wrote this. I believe my writing is still pretty sexy after writing this :D  
You be the judge :D 
It is revealed who girly GB is :D

BTW this is canon in my story and it includes Band LOne and all those dudes. Is all part of it :D  



10th Underworld:

After the harvest of the defeated femme mercenary; this one was brought to the tenth Underworld, the home of the war goddess Dania. The body was carried on the shoulders by hooded monks through the hallway of the dark crystal palace. The monks placed what was left of the body gently on the black marble floors. Several monks then retired but one remained before a magenta tented throne. The monk raised his arms as he prepared to speak to the goddess of war. “My lady, Dania. As you had requested we have brought back the remains of your loyal minion: Jane Smart from the gate.”  

The monk patiently awaits as the rest of the hooded monks bowing their heads they retire walking backwards out of respect to the mistress of power. Chains could be heard been dragged inside the magenta tent just where the throne was originally located. The wind howls in the foreground which makes the flames of the candles that surround the palace to dance and ember.

The chains were once again been dragged as they tents were opened by the shackled hand of the mistress. The monk couldn’t resist but to witness the impacting view of his mistress’s current condition. A goddess as powerful as Dania humiliated by the supreme court of heaven. The shackles were made of divine silver, stronger than the strongest of worldly solid elements. On the shackles’ surface Angelic symbols were hard to miss for they illuminated with burning light whenever the goddess even thought about vengeance against heaven’s law. The mistress been a powerful psychic is able to read the mind of her minion who doubted the power of the mistress. “Only one reason why you still even breathe, monk. That’s because you have work as my pet for so long and I would be incredibly frustrating to redo all my conversations over the Millennia with a new server..” The monk drops to his knees in a hearth beat as he realize she had read his doubting mind. “Forgive me milady. I have spend too much time in the human world I fear I might have grown a very human sense of insecurity as I did.”

Turning her attention from the humbling monk to the burnt body of Jane Smart Aka: G’bandit which lied on the floors she acknowledge. “You have accomplished your command, it saved your eternity.” The mistress dragging her chains she reaches the body of Jane Smart the reporter turned mercenary to fulfill for Dania’s will. Dania then placed her hand on the airspace above the body and through the pain that caused her the divine light that bound her she summoned power to resurrect the reported.  A hard gasp of wind filled Jane’s lungs as a red aura picked her up from the floors and surrounded her body as the burnt flesh just decayed and became nothing along with the material G’bandit suit and all of the unnecessary weapons. Jane was practically reborn in the underworld before the eyes of her mistress and the minion of this one.

The red aura like a feather in the wind it places Jane’s plain body on the floors as this one becomes conscious. The beautiful blond turns on her belly as her eyes browse throughout the palace in confusion. “W- Whe- Where am I?” She said with a cracking voice. Jane is then able to see the large goddess in human form wearing the divine shackles which burned the flesh from her arms to the point of ash.

The mistress then extends her hand to Jane as she express gratitude “Welcome to the tenth underworld, my empire.” Jane grabs the hand of the mistress as she tries to maintain a very human custom of moral by covering herself from the man besides her. “Oh, my apologies, Jane.” The mistress with a flick of her hand she dressed Jane in a fine armor made and decorated with materials of a beauty beyond human knowledge. Amazed by the power of the mistress Jane had no words to what she was experiencing, so much that she finds no way to express her gratitude.  “No thanks necessaries, Jane. Said the mistress who could read the human like a open book, “You deserve it.” She added.

Jane was amazed beyond believe but then she comes in sense and becomes spooked as she gasp. “The underworld?” She then inquires in fear “Im in hell?!” The human emotions always made Dania smile as she found them amusing. “Not exactly.” Dania then creates a window out of energy and opens a view into the first underworld as she explains: “Hell, as the humans call the gate of fire. It is just the first underworld. The closes sinner paradise to earth and the most feared because it is known. You my dear are standing in the tenth underworld. The crystal underworld of War.” Dania then closes the window. Jane however does not appear to be relieve at all for it meant that she was still in a type of hell. But then she realized “Wait a minute, that voice!” The reporter then realized the fact that she had been speaking with the entity that created her and moved her around on earth. “Mistress Dania!” Jane then bowed before the goddess of war. Dania walked forward and helped Jane stand to her feet. “There is no need for you to bow no longer. You have done your part as my minion and I am pleased. The Oliver family poses no threat to Elian Allen at the moment and I have chosen a new delivery system for the message of my return. It will  soon be delivered to Elian.”

The goddess then drags the chains as she walks toward her throne. “So, what now?” Asked the blond mercenary to the goddess. Dania sits in her throne before she flames up the curtains that surrounded her throne.  “It is over for you.. Jane, I have granted you your life once again.” With a nod a gateway opens behind Jane to her apartment in new York. Jane turned around and reached the doorway, but then she looks back at her mistress. “Will I ever hear your voice again? You know, once I go through?”

The goddess explains to her minion. “Once you go through that portal I have programmed a physic barrier which will forever keep you from remembering me or anything you know at the present. You will have your life back only with a bit more luck as I have manipulated a few things to favor you. But as for these memories, I will not stand while you suffer with the trauma of experiencing death.”

Jane then turns around facing the portal that will take her to her life. She extend her arm to feel the light which allows her to feel once again. But then she brings her hand back. The once femme mercenary turns facing the goddess of war and bows once again as she request “My lady. I request to stay and be your loyal servant.” Flattered by the words of a human for it was a miracle in her eyes. How many sane humans actually wish to be servants in the underworld?

 A mocking thought against the human female came to the monk’s mind. It was unlikely that a goddess would choose such a fragile being to be her assistant. However, Dania seemed thoughtful at the time which threatened the monk’s position. Realizing the threat the monk addressed Jane in a tone: “Listen lady, just go through the portal. You are not even worthy of earthly royalty! What makes you think you will be even worthy to keep around here?.”

“Silence!” Yelled Dania. The monk then fell to his knees asking forgiveness once again.

The goddess after some thought she comes to a decision. “Avalor.. You remember what I said about finding it hard to replace you.. How could you dare to even doubt of my word?”

The monk bowed ten times as he asked forgiveness. “I said I would find it incredibly hard to replace all of our conversations over the millennia.”

“Yes, milady. We been together for so long it be impossible, I remember.”  The monk replied. “Yes, specially in the short time a human life last… However.. I just came to realize that you spend more time apologizing and doubting my power than doing your task.”

A new emotion comes to the monk’s body as sweat drops from the brow of the monk. “Bu- But milady I-” “Silence! You treasonous scum! A human has to deal with the fact that they cannot control their emotions and thoughts yet she has not doubt me once while she has been on my presence. But you, the lead monk of my order. You have spend all these century since I was punished by the divine order doubting me and even making choices as if they were my will.”

Once again the monk pleads for mercy. “Milady! Forgive me!”

“Im about to!“ Glaring at the monk as her eyes sparkle in power even above the curse of the burning shackles that bind her, Dania is able to summon telekinetic ability and closing her fist the goddess of war as if a giant invisible hand had grabbed the monk she crushes the harden flesh of Avalor just before she ashes the monk with lightning.

Smoke emerge from the shackles that burned the flesh of Dania for releasing power even over the divine binds. Jane was skeptic as she couldn’t believe the power of the goddess. “You are forgiven..” Concluded Dania after the eternal death of her lead monk.

“Jane, come. I will show you my kingdom.”

“Yes milady” As commanded Jane stands and slowly walks over to her mistress still amazed by the fact that nothing remained of the monk. And so, Jane Smart, the Femme G’bandit was now the right hand of the goddess of war in the tenth underworld.