• Date joined:2008-06-06
  • Alignment:Neutral
  • Points:965 Points


 Teleportation device: The Hunter gave G'bandit a high tech teleportation doohickey in order to get the team out of hot spots. Been an experienced teleporter Band has no problem adjusting to the device's ability and the advantage it brings to his game.
 Death and sorrow:
Two mystic silver/titanium swords given by the goddess Dania. The swords are able to cut through magic and even specters beings. They have a special handle which make it unique in designed. Only Band Lone, Elian, Jane Smart and Albany can wield them. Anyone else wielding them are cursed. The sword would backfire cutting the wielder instead of the opponent.  

Special missions equipment:  

Una: Large missile launcher. One shot several kills 
Linda: Milkor Multiple Grenade launcher (MGL) six grenades 
Lone explosives: They are very small mines in disk shape. Once attached they cannot be removed otherwise they explode. The disk also generates electricity charges that paralyze the body. Only one who can remove it is the owner with his key.
Exclusive rounds: 
Hallow points rounds: Five magazines
Tracking bullets: Tracking nanobots injection invisible to monitoring such as metal detectors
Instant tranquilizer darts: They cause numbness to the body until it is completely overtaken by the knockout serum. 

Notable fights:

Closure 2 (Band Lone)
Day Hunter 3 ( 1 was killed by GB and 2 unfinished fought Band Lone)
Charmix 1 (Killed Jane Smart)
Homicide 1 (Fought Elian)
Platinumwarrior (Fought Elian)
Crazy 8 (Unfinished Fought Band Lone)
Warsman (Unfinished fought Elian)