I’d Watch That: The TV Edition

I love how Marvel suddenly became a media powerhouse, making leaps and bounds over the competition to produce movies, cartoons, DVDs, comics, TV shows, etc. Since the major announcement that Jeph Loeb is spearheading the TV operations Marvel has released many great shows like… oh, wait. Everything is still in the planning stages. Well, while I’m waiting I’ve put together a list of comics that would make for good TV viewing. This list is not restricted to Marvel comics, but since I am a self-proclaimed Marvel Zombie you will notice more from the House of Ideas than anywhere else. Also, I’ll most likely add more as time goes on.

List items

  • I would love to see a kung fu action click on the big screen, but I would definitely settle for a weekly experience as well. This has great potential to be this generations, wait for it... Kung Fu!

  • A little on the kiddie side, but there is no denying a cartoon based on this family has a built it demographic. I can just see the Disney execs eye’s light up at the possible merchandise that would spill forth from this piñata. Knowing my boys, I’m going to be knee deep in mini figures, plush dolls, race cars, etc.

  • This comic was already on my list of possible adaptations before the announcement that FX (I think) had picked it up. I felt it would make a good series after the second issue. I wouldn’t cost any more than something like Justified, Castle, or a small scale CSI. Not a whole lot of special affects required.

  • Another that has been on my comic-to-TV radar for awhile. This needs to be on HBO or something like that.

  • I think Marvel is already planning something on this. It would be a smart move, with a rotating cast of heroes you can showcase a new character every few episodes. This would also gauge who could make it on the big screen or their own series.

  • I would lean more towards an A.I.M. comedy/drama college type setting on this one, like before the agent gets their beekeeper outfit they go through the school, etc. Keep the cost down by not really showing costumes and more classroom antics. A group like A.I.M., with those getups, has a built in laugh factor. Play to that strength.

  • See above.

  • This would do better as a TV show than a movie. You could get more life out of the series with a younger cast. Look at the Harry Potter movies as an example. Those “kids” have been shaving since the third movie. The cost would low on this as well, since the only character with obvious powers is Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, but even that’s only when she’s flying.

  • This is my favorite idea so far. The Warriors died horribly and kick started the Marvel Civil War with their reality COPS style show. What if, unlike the comic, the show didn’t end during the first episode in a fiery explosion that engulfed an entire town? I would love to see a reality show based on superheroes taking down villains. Throw in some comedy moments, I’m there. I mean, it’s basically Jersey Shore, but with smarter and likable people. And they have powers. Okay, that’s nothing like Jersey Shore except the fighting. But still, this show would rock.

  • Daniel Way's DP series has been great. An animated version on HBO, Adult Swim, or Comedy Central mimicking that success would be great. Animation would allow the crazy visuals that a live action movie or show couldn't afford. Besides, a cartoon fits the character better.

  • This would be awesome on HBO, FX, or the like. I would be there every week glued to the screen.

  • Big monster fights. Aliens. Indestructible foul mouthed old soldier. Robot sidekick. What's not to like?

  • Three words: Jim Henson Workshop.

  • Its like LOST but better, and with kids.