Moon Knight video game...

i've thought about this for a while now, i would love to see a Moon Knight video game. yes, it would probably be similar to the Arkham Asylum series, but it still would be totally all Moon Knight. you would get to use all his vehicles, such as flying the MoonCopter and AngelWing. since Moon Knight is a similar character to Batman, i could see the combat being almost the same as the Arkham games. there could even be a special "moon-enhanced powers" mode where Moonie's strength and senses are greatly heightened and controls almost in a "turbo" mode.

actually, i would also enjoy a 16-bit-esque Moon Knight game, like his own version of Batman Returns or Final Fight. it would just be so much fun to kick butt as Moon Knight for once. i know he's had a supporting role in a few games, but come on...Moon Knight needs to headline his own game. he may not have the famous rogue gallery like Batman or other heroes, but i'm sure something could be created that would show how awesome MK really is.