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Aliens vs. Dinosaurs vs. Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. Robots vs. Tricksters vs. Wizards vs. Zombies

Here's brief descriptions on the contestants. They're objective is to conquer world.


Aliens have NO SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES. They just have really good technology and are really smart. Scenarios where they destroy planets are BANNED.


Dinosaurs are REALLY FREAKING STRONG! But they're really stupid too.


Ninjas are all about stealth and strategy and can easily kill weaker enemies.


Pirates can use there boats to get from one place to the other quickly and can blow crap up with there cannons


Robots are all about strength in numbers. They're guys are pretty weak but they vastly outnumber all the other armies.


Tricksters (in case you don't know) are a type of Irish fairy that are really aggressive and love pulling pranks on humans. They use there wit in battle.


Wizards mostly use spells instead of manpower. Insta-kill spells or spells that do large amount of destruction are BANNED.


These zombies are undead zombies, meaning they eat people, they don't infect people and they also can't die other then fire and disintegration. However, they can easily be contained and are not intelligent

Who would conquer the world, why, and how?


New Year, New List 2013 nomitations

My current list of top 100 heroes I want 150 so their has to be 50 nominations. 2 nominations per user

  1. Spider-Man
  2. Batman
  3. Conan
  4. Spawn (Simmons)
  5. Optimus Prime
  6. Iron Man
  7. Superman
  8. Luke Skywalker
  9. Savage Dragon
  10. Rapheal
  11. Deadpool
  12. Green Arrow
  13. Darth Vader
  14. Twitch Williams
  15. Donatello
  16. Doctor Octopus
  17. Dick Grayson
  18. R2-D2
  19. Sam Burke
  20. Leonardo
  21. Wolverine
  22. Catwoman
  23. Princess Leia
  24. SuperPatriot
  25. Michelangelo
  26. Hulk
  27. Wonder Woman
  28. C-3PO
  29. Mighty Man
  30. Spock
  31. Captain America
  32. Barry Allen
  33. Chewbacca
  34. Han Solo
  35. Badrock
  36. James T. Kirk
  37. Thor
  38. Tim Drake
  39. Nathan Never
  40. Supreme
  41. Snake-Eyes
  42. Thunderbolt Ross
  43. Damian Wayne
  44. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  45. Madman
  46. Bumblebee
  47. Miles Morales
  48. Jason Todd
  49. Usagi Yojimbo
  50. Shaft
  51. Scarlett
  52. Cyclops
  53. Hal Jordan
  54. Droopy
  55. Shadowhawk
  56. Hawk
  57. Hope Summers
  58. Starfire
  59. Angel (Dark Horse)
  60. Angel Murphy
  61. Leonard McCoy
  62. One-Above-All
  63. Superboy
  64. Kull
  65. Alex Wilde
  66. Ratchet
  67. Jean Grey
  68. Cassandra Cain
  69. Hellboy
  70. Diehard
  71. Ratchet
  72. Emma Frost
  73. Deathstroke
  74. Buffy
  75. Wanda Fitzgerald

  76. Duke
  77. Eddie Brock
  78. Martian Manhunter
  79. Groo
  80. Rapture
  81. Montogomery Scott

  82. Flash Thompson

  83. Aquaman

  84. Yoda

  85. Atom Eve

  86. Flint

  87. Loki

  88. Black Canary

  89. Magnus

  90. Glory
  91. Storm Shadow
  92. Scarlet Witch
  93. Raven
  94. Lando Calrissian
  95. Cassie Hack
  96. Magneto
  97. Wally West
  98. James Bond
  99. Vanguard
  100. Nyota Uhura

Someone you want missing? NOMINATE THEM!!!!!!!!!


My First Marvel NOW comic

I just, at my local comic shop, got All-New X-Men #1. And the only reason I got it was haydenclaireheroes reviews. Thanks alot, do you have any other suggestions for Marvel NOW Comics :)


DC: Universe Zero Part 1

1. Ted Kord

  • Wouldn't die during Infinite Crisis
  • Would be the first Blue Beetle
  • Dan Garret would kill him and be the second Blue Beetle

2. Dan Garret

  • Dan Garret would be part of Ted Kord's rogue gallery
  • Would kill him and become the second Blue Beetle
  • He would realize the error in his ways and become a hero

3. Deathstroke

  • Debut would be the same
  • In love with Pandora
  • Invincible

4.Booster Gold

  • Be part of the military in the future
  • Becomes Leader of Gotham City Police Department
  • Alcoholic
  • Founding member of JLA

5. Timber Wolf

  • Timber Wolf would fiirst appear in Bizzaro's series
  • Has a dark secretive past
  • Is not a team player (He's still part of the Legion of Superheroes)

6. Bizarro

  • Went rogue when Lex Luthor created him
  • Is a hero
  • Debuted in his own series
  • Founding member if JLA

7. General Glory (Jones)

  • Would fight Nazis in his first adventures
  • Wouldn't die
  • Founding member of the JLA

8. Superman

  • His home planet wasn't destroyed
  • Founding member of JLA
  • King of Krypton

9. Darkseid

  • Reality control power
  • Fought Booster Gold in debut
  • In love with Pandora

10. Doomsday

  • A normal human that hated Superman
  • Made a deal with Lex Luthor to become Doomsday
  • Realizes the error in his ways and joins JLA too try and become a hero
  • Fights Bizzaro in his debut as Doomsday
  • As a human he is a commander in the military

11. Blue Beetle

  • Jaime Reyes became Blue Beetle when Dan Garret was killed by Joker
  • He is a black superhero
  • The Blue Beetle suit doesn't look different on him

12. Joker

  • Nemesis of Ted Kord
  • Takes over Gotham City Police Department
  • Debuted fighting Ted Kord

13. Superboy

  • Member of Legion of Superheroes
  • Not nearly as powerful as Superman
  • Not a clone

14. Starfire

  • Member if Legion of Superheroes
  • The most powerful hero on earth
  • Can use any heroes powers

15. Ra's al Ghul

  • Timber Wolf's son
  • Has the same Feral as Timber Wolf
  • Debuted capturing Power Girl

16. The Presence

  • Helps Ted Kord
  • Is the God of the DC Universe Zero
  • IDK
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