Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Villains

I read a lot of comics so I thought I would make a list of my top 10 favorite villains. (This list goes from 1 to 10, I think)

List items

  • One of my favorite Flash villains, Professor Zoom wields the Negative-Speed Force, a kind of Speed Force, but not really. He is a Flash rogue, the strongest of them, and a worthy foe for the Flashes.

  • Doomsday is a big, grey, fighting machine. He was created as such in a manner that if he dies, he comes back impervious to the method of killing him before he died, and also has the ability adapt to find weaknesses in other characters and adapt to their abilities. He is most famous for quote on quote "killing" The Man of Steel in The Death of Superman.

  • Magneto is the most well known enemy of the X-Men., and has the power to do anything to any metal ever, but I'm not sure about Thor's hammer's Uru Metal. He was a holocaust survivor that created a team of mutants to fight the human community, who exile mutants away from their cities. He takes his anger out by constantly trying to destroy the humans and overpower the X-Men, a team of also mutants who are defending the human race.

  • Yeah, Yeah, I know, 2 mutants in the same list, Yadiyadiyada, whatever. Ok, so Apocalypse is a very powerful mutant that was born 5000 years ago. He is a constant enemy of the X-Men and one of their most powerful. He is however, not the oldest mutant.

  • Norman Osborn, otherwise known as Green Goblin, is the ultimate villain of Spiderman. Before Harry took his place, Norman was the OG. His arsenal of pumpkin bombs and other things have proven him to be an effective foe to Spiderman, and earned him a place on this list

  • Bane, otherwise known as the man who broke Batman, is a genius muscleman luchadore. Even though his look is deceiving, he is a genius, with Eidetic Memory. he even figured out Batman's identity in only one year. He uses the drug Venom to vastly increase his strength.

  • Thanos is the purple skinned tight blue and gold spandex wearing badass. He is the biggest threat to the Avengers, and just a badass overall.

  • Mr.Mxy is the troll imp, and destroyer of multiverses, that he's gonna recreate anyway. He recently died at the hands of the Man of Steel, even though we all know he never would. He go ripped in half because The Phantom Ray was fired at him as he was going back to the 5th dimension, and the pull of the two ripped him apart.

  • The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, is one of the most badass villains ever. Powerful than even Odin, and owner of the power cosmic, which is basically the force that can do everything.

  • Do I even need to explain this man and his insanity? No, I don't, all you need to know is that he is a Batman villain and my favorite villain ever.