Spoiling One Piece #2- Alvida's Island Arc

(Intended for people who don’t want to or cannot read One Piece.)

One Piece Arc No.2: Alvida’s Island Arc

Characters Introduced: Alvida, Coby, Alvida Pirates

Recurring Characters (Appears Again In the Series): Alvida, Coby

Summary: Luffy floats up to an island in his barrel. Once there, he finds a little boy called Coby who, even though he wants to be a Marine, is being held captive as a pirate by the female pirate Alvida. Luffy defeats her, and taking Coby with him, escapes the island. Coby tells him of a mysterious swordsman called Roronoa Zoro, and they’re off.

Full Plot: http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Romance_Dawn_Arc (This is technically part of the Romance Dawn Arc, but I’m separating them.)

Basic Spoilers:

  • · Luffy is sucked into a whirlpool at sea, but not before climbing into his trusty barrel.
  • · Luffy washes ashore at a small island, where he is picked up by a boy named Coby.
  • · Coby is a part of the fearsome Alvida Pirates Crew, who currently inhabits the island.
  • · Coby’s true dream is to become a Marine, but he is being held against his will by Alvida, the captain.
  • · Alvida turns out to be a fat and ugly person. She carries around a mace which she attacks with.
  • · Luffy wants to free Coby from Alvida by defeating her.
  • · When it is time for the battle, Coby instinctually calls Alvida “an ugly hag”. This throws Alvida into such a rage that she tries to kill Coby.
  • · Before she can do so, she is punched off the island and into the sea by a “Gomu Gomu No Pistol”. Due to her great size, she produces a large shockwave upon hitting the ocean.

Plot Importance:

  • · Coby is introduced. He becomes very important later on.
  • · Alvida is introduced. She hunts down the Straw Hats through East Blue, though with a small change…….
  • · The fearsome power of the sea is shown.
  • · The “Gomu Gomu No Mi” is explored more, and extra powers revealed, like the fact that the fruit makes him immune to blunt damage.

And thus concludes our second chapter of “Spoiling One Piece”, for the people who don’t want to read the manga or can’t. Hope you liked it, more to come.