Spoiling One Piece #1: Romance Dawn Arc

(For people who cant or don't want to read the manga.)

One Piece Arc No.1: Romance Dawn

Characters Introduced: Luffy, Shanks, Ben Beckman, Lucky Roo, Mountain Bandit, Miscellaneous Red Hair Pirates.

Recurring Characters(Appears Again In The Series): Luffy, Shanks, Lucky Roo, Ben Beckman.

Summary: A little boy named Luffy wants to be a pirate, and with the help of his pirate captain friend, Shanks, and a little purple fruit that allows him to stretch his body, he finally achieves it, taking Shanks’ straw hat as a gift of gratitude.

Full Plot:

Basic Spoilers:

  • · Luffy tries to impress Shanks into letting him into his pirate crew by stabbing himself under the eye. Fails and establishes his iconic eye scar.
  • · Luffy, while sitting in a bar, eats the Gomu Gomu No Mi, which allows him to stretch body parts.
  • · A mountain bandit comes into the shop and wrecks it. Shanks stops himself from doing anything, because he knows he is too strong. Luffy gets angry at Shanks for holding himself.
  • · Luffy is kidnapped by the mountain bandit, and a group of other mountain bandits attack the village. They are immediately killed by the Shanks crew.
  • · Luffy is thrown into the water by the bandit and begins drowning. When the bandit tries to escape, he is eaten by a sea serpent.
  • · Shanks jumps into the water to save Luffy, and drives the Serpent away using Haki, but loses an arm in the process.
  • · Luffy cries and Shanks gives him his iconic Straw Hat.
  • · At the end, Luffy becomes a full-fledged pirate and knocks out the Sea Serpent with one hit using the “Gomu Gomu no Pistol”.

Plot Importance:

  • · Introduces main character Luffy.
  • · Introduces recurring character Shanks and his crew.
  • · Introduces Gol.D Roger and the Pirate World.
  • · Introduces Gomu Gomu No Mi.
  • · Origin of his iconic eye scar and Straw Hat.
  • · Introduces Devil Fruits and the fact that Devil Fruit Users can’t swim.
  • · Introduces Haki.
  • · Origin of Shanks’ lost arm
  • · Luffy’s road to becoming a pirate and the “Gomu Gomu No Pistol”, the first of many moves of the Gomu Gomu No Mi.

And of course, we can’t forget:

  • · Kicks off One Piece!

So yeah, that’s it. For people who can’t read the manga or don’t want to, I’ll be providing the basic things that happen in each arc. Yeah, it’s pretty long, and it’s only gonna get longer. But I did it because I thought it would be cool. So yeah.