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XSE (X-Treme Sanctions Executive) (2033)

The XSE in the future is once again active, working with other heroes of the world to safeguard the world and to also protect mutants from harm. Due to this, the X-Men have greatly decreased humanity's fear of mutants though their are still a great majority who fear mutants due to lasting impressions from bad experiences with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Children of the Vault, etc.

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  • Now leader of the X-Men, Dani leads this squad as the front-line defense against the enemies of the X-Men and mutants in general. In a new stance, Moonstar and Sam's team occasionally works alongside other heroes in the world.

  • Second leader of the X-Men alongside Dani, Sam has co-leads this team. Though now leader of the X-Men, Sam still serves as an Avengers but is now a reserve member only called when all members are required. Even then Sam usually comes leading a team of X-Men for assistance.

  • Amara joined the team at the request of both Cannonball and Moonstar as one of the teams powerhouses. Having now gained even more control over her earth manipulation, Magma is undoubtedly one of the X-Men's most powerful members.

  • Now part of what he calls "the big leagues" Julian was pulled onto the team by both Sam and Dani. Unbeknownst to him, Sam and Dani pulled him onto the team in hopes of one day making him leader of the X-Men and as such the two are now grooming him. Though now more mature than when he was younger, Julian is still a rebel at heart and has found a friend in fellow rebel and teammate Oliver Raven.

  • Long past the days of self-loathe, Idie has grown into one of the X-Men's most trusted members and advisors. Now part of the XSE, Idie is able to put her immensely powerful skills and abilities to good use. Idie is also on good terms with members of the Avengers having teamed up with the current members when they were still part of the Young Avengers team. Idie is also a part-time teacher at the institute, teaching Mutant Philosophy when spare time is available

  • Son of Gambit and Rogue, Oliver is a new recruit to the team and to the X-Men family itself having grown up outside of the mansion and schools walls. Once he was older, Oliver accompanied his father around the world on various 'father-son' vacations yet unbeknownst to Rogue, the two were actually stealing several rare items. Though new to the team, Oliver quickly bonded with his fellow younger team members, especially Hellion and Idie.

  • Daughter of Storm and T'Challa, Kymera is also new to the X-Men family having grown up in Wakanda with her aunt Shuri. Kymera has come to the X-Men for help from her mother and faculty member Storm in controlling her newly emerging weather powers. Her expert tracking skills that rival those of fellow hunter Moonstar, coupled with the panther she rescued as a cub, and weather powers make her powerful asset to the team.

  • Pixie is no longer the newbie, no having enough field experience to call herself "a veteran". Still using her mass teleportation spell, Pixie is no longer just a simple quick getaway. Having been trained by some of the best spellcasters in the world and even the current Sorcerer Supreme, Pixie has added a wide variety of combat and defensive spells to her bag. Pixie has

  • Having now acquired the Phoenix Force, Quentin is even cockier than ever having become the team's self-appointed "major powerhouse of ass-kicking". Though still a handful to deal with, Quentin has toned down the snark and wit due in part to Dani's strict rulings and at the behest of Idie, his fiancee. Quentin will however defend his team since he's realized he's stuck with the X-Men.

  • One of the few veteran X-Men still active, Kurt joins the team to get back into the swing of things after having retired temporarily to become a teacher at the institute. Kurt has developed an almost father-daughter bond with Idie, looking after her at the request of Logan before he left.