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The reincarnated team of Wolverine's Uncanny X-Force, this squad of X-Men are the one's willing and capable of doing the sometimes necessary dirty work of X-Men. This sometimes extends beyond just the best interests for mutantkind but also for humanity leading them to sometimes clash or team up with the other well known teams like the Thunderbolts.

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  • Leader of X-Force, Magik finally has something to direct all that anger towards. Though she has started to rebuild the bridges she burned with some of her fellow X-Men in the past, Magik is still considered somewhat as unapproachable. In contrast to her status before as being an average magician while on Earth, Magik has increased her potency with magic in Limbo and on Earth to the point of being one of the top 3 magicians on the planet, included in this is the current Sorcerer Supreme. Though with few friends, Illyana has found a kindred spirit in both Warpath and Warbird

  • Though she may have found a family with the X-Men, Warbird is still a Shi'ar warrior at heart and relishes in battle. Point her in the direction of the enemy and she'll gladly take them out

  • One of the other older X-Men still active, Warpath once again joins the X-Force team this time to hopefully get revenge on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants after they murdered his girlfriend/soon to be fiancee. Warpath is Magik's second-in-command leading the team in her absence.

  • Magik enlisted Sunfire onto her team due to his ruthless way of dealing with situations and to provide the team with a little extra fire power. Sinister and Apocalypse's tampering with his body in the past have kept his body though aged in relatively good shape.

  • Mimic joined the team after X-Force rescued him and several other mutants and heroes from an multiverse hopping Sinister. Mimic requests to join the team as he knows that although they don't get much recognition, they're all the kind of heroes he always wanted to be.