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Good fun 3

That's how I'd sum up Iron Man 3. Just good fun really, it was definitely not what I expected, and to be honest I was disappointed by it. While it doesn't reach the level of the first Iron Man, it certainly blows Iron Man 2 out of the water.This film definitely feels like a continuation from The Avengers. We see how things have progressed and how Tony Stark has been affected by the events of The Avengers. Much like The Dark Knight Rises, he's thrown himself into Iron Man. It's become an addictio...

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Great way to reboot the franchise! 6

I'll start by saying that I've had the privilege of watching this movie early. I went in with high expectations and came out very pleased with the overall result. I'll start by saying that the film is completely different from the 1995 version, which is a good thing. If you actually liked the 1995 version (I've never came across anyone who liked it), then this isn't the movie for you. But if you're a fan of the comics or just want some good fun, this is the movie for you. I also won't reveal any...

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