Frozen's greatest DC Graphic Novels

Strictly DC.

List items

  • In only 4 issues, Waid manages to create a sweeping yet intimate epic which examines the future of DC in contrast to the state of comics at the time. Alex Ross's art-work brings the story to life and the sheer detail in his art-work is glorious.

  • The definitive Batman story - while the art-work isn't great, the story defined and set the groundwork for a new generation of Batman.

  • The most influential graphic novel of all time.

  • Gritty and grounded; this story is not only about Batman but also Jim Gordon, the way their relationship forms and the aid of the awesome art-work make Batman's origin story fresh and exciting (most origin stories get tiring).

  • This story is simply amazing. It's relatively unknown to general readers but this is Jason Aaron's masterpiece, it is 60 issues long, so perhaps it's tricky whether it should be on the list - but the storytelling and narrative is do good that I believe it deserves a place.

  • Very refreshing, Kirby brilliantly creates fascinating mythology. The concept of the 'New Gods' is so strange yet so unique at the same time, Kirby is one of the few writers who really nailed the New Gods and he definitely made it his own.

  • The ultimate Post-Crisis DC Cosmic adventure.

  • An imaginary story...but aren't they all? Technically the continuity with Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis is messy, this story gives a fitting end to the character of the Silver Age of Superman.

  • Heavily inspired Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The definitive/ultimate Joker story.

  • It's unfair to not mention this story.