Frozen's top Superman stories

A rundown on what I believe to be the greatest Superman stories of all time.

List items

  • This book is relevant even today. It represented what the (most) of the comic book industry had become in the 1990's, and instead countered the industry by presenting a story which is compelling and stays true to the routes of Superman's character. Unlike Jeph Loeb, Waid can actually use many different characters instead of placing them in a story to be nothing more than fodder.

  • One of the greatest re-envisionings of the character to date. The artwork is lacking, but the story makes up for it. The plot twist is perhaps the most original twist in a comic I have seen thus far.

  • Unfortunately, DC wiped this story out of continuity. However, it remains to date as one of the freshest takes on the origins of Superman without recycling the Superman cliche.

  • Technically, this story was 'imaginary' (but aren't they all?).

  • Instant classic.