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Frozen's greatest Batman stories

The greatest fictional character of all time deserves a list.

List items

  • Grim, futuristic but fresh. I don't particularly like The Dark Knight Strikes Again or All Star Batman, but Miller wrote Batman to the edge in this comic without going to the edge. This is one of the most compelling and easily most interesting Batman stories I have read.

  • Perhaps more of a 'Joker story' - nevertheless, this is chilling. It provided somewhat of a template for The Dark Knight too.

  • Opposed to 'The Death of Superman' - this story actually had a premise and presented Batman as vulnerable as we have never seen him before (perhaps the death of the Golden Age Batman succeeds that). But nonetheless, Bane is certainly a villain to be remembered.

  • Quite a rare book - but still worth the read. One of the best League of Shadows stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

  • I love this story. Alebit the art work is a bit dodgy, the story and emotional impact makes up for it.

  • The grittiest Batman tale to date. The artwork is gorgeous too.

  • A somewhat lighter tale (somewhat), it's still a heap of fun.

  • One of Grant Morrison's best stories. Damian is given interesting dynamic.

  • Definitely an interesting concept, alebit some poor execution in parts.

  • The only pre-crisis story to make the list. Batman canon would benefit if this was made canon.