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Why 'Logan' is definitive proof that X-Men should never go back to Marvel

When Days of Future Past was released in 2014, it was good evidence that X-Men didn't need to go back to Marvel in order for an X-Men film to be good. Days of Future Past was quite arguably, the best comic-book film of 2014 (even better than Winter Soldier and GOTG).

Despite the rockiness with X-Men Apocalypse, I think 2017's Logan cemented the idea even further. While Days of Future Past was a good movie, Logan is arguably a great one. Not only is it one of the best reviewed films of 2017, but there was much discussion that it is perhaps the only comic-book movie to really come close to The Dark Knight.

Had X-Men went back to Marvel, we wouldn't have gotten a film like Logan. The MCU would never dare to make such a film, in one form or another, it would have been dumbed down.

When the MCU hits high, we get good superhero films like Winter Soldier, but when Fox hits high, we get great superhero films like Logan.