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Militant Atheism

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” --- Hitchens

The above quote; summarizes justification for criticism of religion, flawlessly. We live in a culture in which people are encouraged not to criticize religion; because it ''intrudes upon people's beliefs'' yet the same people force their beliefs into Science classes. Terms such as Islamophobia, while true to an extent, are rigorously cited whenever someone criticizes religious doctrine (and justifiably so).

For instance, Creationism is sometimes presented as an alternative to Evolution (mostly in the USA). But..why is this if Evolution has already been proven to be fact? (hence, in the scientific community the term 'theory' is not a regular theory, and Evolution is not up to debate).

Thus, I encourage Militant Atheism. Rigorously criticizing religion when necessary (when people try to force it into particular areas) will bring about good. Keeping non-Science out of the Science classroom. The UK is already seeing results - I hope the same for the USA.