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Conflicted 0

There are two sides to this issue, and perhaps series: there's the interplay between the main characters (Angela and Sera) and the way in which they relate to the wider Marvel universe. The first is nicely executed. It may not be my favourite type of writing, but for what it is it works well.The second point is more problematic. To prove Angela is the most amazing character ever, the writer has her take on some of the most established and long-standing powerhouses in the Marvel universe. The eas...

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'You Batguys want me to hold on to the past' 0

It's been a while since the discussion about Barbara Gordon returning as Batgirl in The New 52 took centre stage among fans of the Batman series, but reading this comic brought all that back for me.The premise is simple: Dinah (Black Canary) calls Barbara (Oracle) but instead ends up talking to Dick Grayson (Nightwing). She eventually asks the man: 'Are you and "Babs" friends? Or more than friends?'This prompts a story in which Grayson recounts the events of the day he took Barbara to his circus...

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