'A Change of Clothes' - Heroes and Villains in Other Costumes

Wearing the same costume for decades can get boring. This is a small but growing list of issues in which the heroes or villains don the costumes of their adversaries or friends.

List items

  • Charcoal, Songbird, Jolt, Hawkeye and Atlas infiltrate the Masters of Evil by stealing the costumes of Man-Ape, Lodestone, Joystick, Constrictor, and Shatterfist respectively.

  • Disappointed that the criminals of Gotham do not fear the Huntress as they do Batman, Helena Bertinelli dons the costume of Batgirl.

  • Throughout this mini-series Helena Wayne of Earth 2 adopts Helena Bertinelli's identity as she travels to Italy to stop a crime ring that is also active in Gotham City.

    Since both Wayne and Bertinelli have taken up the mantle of Huntress, and share the same first name, it was initially not known that this Huntress was actually Helena Wayne.

  • Diamondback escapes the Red Skull by stealing Mother Night's costume.

  • In order to blend in, Paladin and Captain America don the costumes of Asp and Black Mamba, much to the latter's amusement.

  • Misfit makes her appearance in a Batgirl costume of her own creation; the 15-year old believes Gotham needs a new Batgirl. This goes on through issues #96, #97, #98, and #99 before Barbara Gordon convinces her to stop the Batgirl routine. Misfit agrees, but vows she will not stop being a hero.

  • Scarlett helps Snake-Eyes escape by stealing the Baroness' outfit and posing as her Cobra adversary.

  • Whiteout, Iron Maiden and Ice Princess get their costumes stolen by Paladin, Diamondback and Asp respectively.

  • With the villains in question in custody, Captain America and Diamondback disguise themselves in the costumes of Crossbones and Mother Night in order to infiltrate a military trade show.

  • Following the previous issue, Captain America and Diamondback struggle to maintain their disguises as Crossbones and Mother Night.

  • Michelle Carter (Goldstar) steals Batgirl's costume - and fights Barbara Gordon in the process.

  • Lady Blackhawk wears a new costume: she is now Queen Killer Shark. The new look was first shown on the last page of the preceding issue, but is otherwise used only in this issue.

  • Lois Lane makes an appearance in Batgirl's costume.

  • Doctor Strange magically gives Moonstone a costume identical to that of Captain Marvel, prompting Moonstone to ask: 'What is this weird fetish where men have me dress up as this woman?'.

  • Harley Quinn steals an old Batgirl costume and chaos ensues. This story continues into #11.

  • Poison Ivy wears a Batgirl costume to rescue her friend Harley Quinn. Once they're away from the cops she quickly discards the costume, calling it 'annoyingly constrictive'.

  • Wonder Woman is unconscious and Ragdoll steals and wears her boots and tiara. He wonders out loud if he could try her bustier, but nothing comes of it. He is then told to return the clothes. Later on Wonder Woman is again seen wearing her complete outfit.

  • Emma Frost has a telepathic conversation with Cyclops in which she styles herself after Jean Grey's Phoenix outfit. In the following issue, Jean confronts Emma and Cyclops, which prompts Emma to say "you have to agree I Look rather good in these old rags of yours, dear". She then instantly changes her outfit into her own.

  • The villainesses Mindblast and Bloodlust have been involuntarily transformed to look like Maria Hill in her black SHIELD uniform by the entity Kobik.