X-Men: Regenesis, a few ideas

This is just a random collection of things that I think should (and hope will) come about as a result of Schism and Regenesis in the X-men books.

Character development.

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Too many characters in the X- mythos have been stuck in characterisation hell for too long. Hopefully, with the teams a bit more spread out, we'll be able to see some of the characters developed further without them stepping on other people's toe. It already looks like we're going to see character development in Iceman, who seems to be exploring his powers a bit more in Wolverine and the X-men. Likewise, in Generation Hope, the Stepford Cuckoos (specifically Phoebe) seem to be going through the beginning of some interesting character changes, gaining more individuality now that they're free of the Phoenix Force. Hopefully we'll get to see a bit more of minor (but awesome) chraracters in other books.

New Relationships

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Regenesis would also be a great time to see some new character combinations. Personally, I think the relationships between Storm and Black Panther and Emma Frost and Cyclops are holding the female characters back. While I have nothing against Storm's marriage, it doesn't seem to add anything to the stories other than as a reason why she's not always present. As for Emma.... well, I just don't really see why she's with Scott, or vice versa. Previews from Exalted and Uncanny X-men are hinting that we could soon see a mix-up, with Storm and Emma kissing Cyclops and Namor, respectively. I'm also quite exited for the love triangle (who doesn't love a love triangle?) between Hope, Velocidad, and Pixie, and the blossoming romance between Zero and No-Girl. With characters like Shadowcat and Collosus, and Psylocke and Angel (apparently) breaking up, seeing them in new relationships could be interesting, too.

New Outfits

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Some of the characters have been wearing the same outfits for years, and ti feels like its time for a change. The students at the new Jean Grey Institute are wearing school uniforms, but none of them really had a distinctive look to start out with. I'm thinking more in turms of long-time characters. Psylocke has been wearing the same swimming costume for ages, and it could really use with being traded for something more practicial. Likewise Storm. I mean, she's meant to be a queen, for goodness sake! Could you imagine the outcry if Kate Middleton went around in an outfit like Ororo's? It just feels like Storm's costume could do with being a bit more dignified, is all I'm saying. Likewise Magneto; the red and purple is iconic, true, but maybe a slightly new look (with a few added 'x's' maybe?) would help tie him in with the rest of his team-mates.

New Characters

Kid Omega, Kid Gladiator... Kid Apocalypse?
Kid Omega, Kid Gladiator... Kid Apocalypse?

Wolverine already has some new recruits in the form of Broo and Kid Gladiator, but a mutant school filled with aliens seems like a contradiction to me. We still don't know how the recruitment process is going to work for new mutants. With Scarlet Witch's return in Young Avengers (?), will we see a new mutant baby-boom? Since Decimation, several mutants have regained their powers (Magneto, Chamber), while a handful of new mutants (Five Lights, Omega) have emerged. Is it time that we saw an end to 'No More Mutants'? And how will Wolverine and Cyclops decide who goes where? The most sensible thing to do would be to send mutants under a certain age (say, 16) to the School, while those older are given the choice of going to Utopia. But how would Hope react to that, as it would have a major effect on her mission to find and help newly emerging mutants? For that matter, what's going to happen to the clone of Apocalypse that's been appearing in Uncanny X-Force? Could En Sabba Nur have a place in Wolverine's school?

New Villains

For years, the majority of the X-Men's enemies were other mutants. However, since Decimation, there simply haven;t been enough mutants left for them to ristk extinction by fighting themselves. Many former villains are now either depowered (Blob, Quicksilver) or dead (Sabertooth). Even more have, for one reason or another, joined the X-men (Magneto, Avelanche). We've already seen new enemies in the form of the under-aged Hellfire Club, but will there be more? The previews have hinted (less than subtly, in some cases) at the return of the Phoenix Force and Skrulls, but what else to we have to expect? Perhpas some new, evil mutants are on the horizon.

So many questions, so few answers. Well, I guess that's what Regenisis is all about, right?