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Let's see MARVEL.

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Force Works International: (Marvel version of JLI)

Back when I did my Amalgam of JLI and Alpha Flight, I got a lot of response on it to the tune of: I LOVE THAT VERSION OF THE JLI. Me too. I didn’t catch on to it until they relaunched it with the “Super 7”. I had a collectibles store in town that sold old comics for 25 cents a piece. I have complete runs of JL JLI and JLE. One thing a watcher suggested to me was: Have you ever thought what Marvel’s version of the JLI might be. To be honest, nope…..but I have now.

My story starts with Kyle Richmond who has been legally banned from superheroic activity. At an auction he buys the name and the old Force Works base. Then he begins recruiting heroes to help him in his crusade.

To this end, I looked for good analogs for their JLI counterparts. I didn’t want to use anyone currently “in the game”, so I made my way to the more obscure, to which end but Captain Ultra. I had finally found a use for him!

Then I thought, you know who would be Marvel’s Booster Gold? SuperPro! And I had done a revamp for SuperPro. When I looked at it, there a watcher made the off hand comment….Now if you could redo Marvel’s Nightcat that would be impressive. Challenge accepted. I originally cast Hellcat in the role of Black Canary, but switched it out with Night Cat. Due to legal reasons, though, I changed Night Cat from a Hispanic pop singer to a Korean K-Pop singer.

Among other substitutions, I originally wanted Damon Hellstrom for Dr. Fate’s position, but chose Clea instead so as to have another woman on the group. American Eagle was in Guy Gardner’s spot until I decided to touch all of the corners of the Marvel universe and replace Machine Man with Spitfire (Rocket Red’s position) and replace Eagle with Machine Man.

And here we are. My Marvel version of the JLI.

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Nighthawk (Batman)

Joaquinn Pennyworth

Joaquin Pennysworth is a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who has some unfortunate history with Kyle Richmond, the original Nighthawk (Joaquin's father, J.C. Pennysworth, was a former employee of Richmond's who tried to embezzle funds from him and was the leader of the terrorist group called the Sons of the Serpent).

Despite this, Joaquin agreed to succeed Richmond as Nighthawk when Richmond was forced to give up the role. After their group of Defenders were disbanded, Joaquinn stuck around as Richmond’s bodyguard and became his first recruit into Force Works International.

Powers and Abilities:

Nighthawk is a superb athlete who, courtesy of an alchemical potion, possesses mild super-strength and increased agility and durability from dusk till dawn. He has also used several costume aids, such as a jet-powered artificial wing system, artificial claw tips, lasers and projectile weapons.

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Sleepwalker (Martian Manhunter)

Rick Sheridan

The Mindscape is a dimension that borders on the minds of all intelligent beings and living things, inhabited by many strange creatures. Some of them are very dangerous, seeking to invade the sleeping minds of humans. The Sleepwalkers act as guardians to defend these minds and the Mindscape, almost as a sort of "dream police", apprehending such evil creatures. One such Sleepwalker was tricked by his archenemy Cobweb (who like Sleepwalker had a real name that is unpronounceable by humans) into entering the mind of a New York college student named Rick Sheridan and became trapped.

Rick himself is an ordinary human being, majoring in Film Studies as a college student. He lived in a Brooklyn apartment with his dog Rambo, where he worked as a building superintendent, doing maintenance work in exchange for living rent-free. He also earns a living as a part-time job teaching English to immigrants. Rick had an on-again off-again romance with a girl named Alyssa Conover.

Sleepwalker first emerged from Rick's mind to battle a gang of thieves. He battled dream-images of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, X-Factor, and the X-Men. After a few confrontations in Rick's dreams, Rick reacts by tearing off Sleepwalker's Imaginator (a badge like device worn by Sleepwalkers used to teleport around the Mindscape, and to banish and imprison monsters they captured). This causes the two to become bonded. When Rick sleeps, Sleepwalker could materialize in reality or he could stay in Rick's mind and converse with him via his dreams. It was through a conversation in dreams that Sleepwalker is able to dispel Rick's initial fears that he was a malicious entity and work out agreeable terms to cohabitation.

Rick and Sleepwalker eventually worked out an understanding, allowing the alien to fight crime and various injustices. This was not easy, as Sleepwalker's appearance caused fear among regular people.

The Sleepwalker had recently left SHIELD when he encountered Richmond. He and his human host, Rick, agreed to come to work for Force Works International.


Superhuman Strength: Sleepwalker is powerful enough to lift and throws cars. His strength allows him to juggle cars with occupants with one arm. Like with his other abilities, it increases when he absorbs mental energies.

Superhuman Durability: Sleepwalker is highly resistant to physical injury. He is capable of withstanding crushing force from a fallen building, grenade blasts, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury. His resistance is such that he can take a punch from Hercules that sends him through the wall of a building and get up afterwards.

Superhuman Reflexes: Sleepwalker's reflexes are such that he can catch a knife in his fingers and individually warp multiple bullets from an Uzi.

Superhuman Stamina: Sleepwalker's body produces no fatigue toxins, granting him almost untiring physical stamina in all activities; his stamina is limited only by how much mental energy he contains. He doesn't need sleep and is immune to attacks that would render him, or takes effect when, unconscious. This proofs his race to the powers of even beings like Nightmare. In places that are filled with mental energy like the Mindscape, he has essentially unlimited stamina.

Superhuman Vision: Sleepwalker possesses eyes that could see greater than human limits, spotting one unusual vehicle in the city from high in the atmosphere. He can see and track something as small and fast as supersonic bullets; can see and recognize various energies and can track them, including the energies from his own Warp Gaze; can even see otherwise invisible beings like astral projections and spirits. As he can analyze the structure of snow and manipulate air molecules, Sleepwalker may also be able see at the microscopic level.

Warp Gaze: His only offensive power, with this vision-based power, Sleepwalker could alter the shape of physical objects and twist them to his purposes. Sleepwalker initially demonstrated this power by using it to distort a sidewalk to capture a criminal.

His control is to the level where he can fashion an entire Spider-Man costume from raw fabric while having no knowledge of sewing. He has stated that in the Mindscape, his control is even finer and as sharp as a scalpel.

With the exception of those that nullify his powers, the composition of the materials that he warps makes no difference in the ease that he can warp, freely manipulating both air and reinforced steel equally. He also used this ability once on air molecules to create a wind tunnel for faster aerial travel.

While Sleepwalker can use the Warp Gaze directly on a living being, he has sworn an oath to avoid doing so because of the mental trauma it induces. Exceptions can be made in certain situations such as lethal threats, possession, and on extra-dimensional beings.

When using the Warp Gaze on a possessed person, it acts to force out the possessing entity. It also reveals the true nature and banishes extra-dimensional beings like demons.

Flight: Sleepwalker has a flotation-like flight that can let him travel fast enough to chase down a car. He can increase this speed by forming a wind tunnel with his warp gaze.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Sleepwalker can heal from practically any injury by absorbing mental energy. He can absorb mental energy whenever he returns to his host or to the Mindscape. This allows him to recover from otherwise fatal injuries such as getting crushed by a wrecking ball and having his throat slashed open.

Mental Power Amplifier: As a denizen of the Mindscape Sleepwalker can enhance mental powers from psionics and magic alike by his mere presence. During the Infinity War, Professor X, Jean Grey, Psylocke, and Moondragon were able to use him as a transmitter to affect the entire population of Earth and resist Magus' control. Doctor Strange's mental magic is similarly enhanced simply by having Sleepwalker nearby.

Mental Energy Absorption: By absorbing the energy from mental attacks, he can increase his energy level. He may also absorb it from others' minds and with the use of a Mindrake.


Expert Combatant: Sleepwalker has encountered a multitude of enemies with varying abilities both in Mindscape and Earth. This allows him to react immediately in a dangerous situation and is rarely surprised when encountering unusual enemies. When Rick suffers a temporary lapse in consciousness that made him fall out of a plane, Sleepwalker was able to assess the situation in a split-second and within mere moments, slowed Rick's descent and warped a windsock to catch him as he recovers consciousness. He has used power lines and electric appliances against his enemies. He is also very creative in the use of his Warp Gaze: creating disguises, forming aerial messages, repairing structures, and a tool for psychological warfare.

Extra-Dimensional Knowledge: While he is ignorant to many regular Earth matters, he has shown extensive knowledge of the Mindscape and whatever traverses it. He knows information about beings like the demon Mr. Jyn, Nightmare, and even the mutant Portal who occasionally travels through the Mindscape.

Mindscape Weapons Knowledge: Despite not carrying it, he has deep knowledge of weapons such as the Mindrake, intentionally using it on Rick Sheridan and knowing that it doesn't kill immediately.

Language Assimilation: learned to speak English because that's the language his human host speaks. If Sleepwalker had been trapped in the mind of someone who spoke another language, like French or German, he would have begun using that language when he first appeared in the human world.

Superhuman Strength: Sleepwalker can lift up to 25 tons. When in the Mindscape or when absorbing mental energies, he can lift far in excess of that.


Imaginator: This device allows the Sleepwalker to enter and exit from the Mindscape. It also allows him to transport people or things to the Mindscape.

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Prime (Captain Marvel)

Kevin Green

Russell Green was working in a top secret military research department under Colonel Samuels. He and his wife, Ruth, experienced problems conceiving their first child. They had all but abandoned the idea of having a child of their own when Russel sought out Dr. Vincent Gross. Gross was a leading scientist within the American government’s classified Super-Soldier program. Gross' experiments were designed to grow ultra-powered soldiers in the bodies of ordinary women by implanting fast-mutating genes--using their babies as a catalyst.

Gross agreed to use his experimental techniques to help the Greens in conceiving a baby. Russell happily signed all wavers. Ruth went through a number of treatments, and many samples were taken from Russell, but finally they conceived a son; Gross was excited about the special baby, a prime specimen.

Kevin Green was born, a seemingly normal baby boy. Gross told them to come back for frequent check-ups, and he also instructed Russell that he must never let another doctor examine Kevin, because some of the techniques he had used were not legal. After a Senator threatened an investigation on Gross, he was forced to destroy many of his records, and he lost touch with those he had mutated.

Kevin was a great kid and was genuinely happy. He never got sick no doctor ever gave him more than a preschool check-up, and he did well in school. Everything was perfect … until Kevin hit his 13th year.

Kevin began to experience intense stomach aches, and have some issues with the children in his school. One night burning with fever, Kevin was put to bed by his mother, while he was asleep, the pain grew in intensity to the point where he felt he might burst.

With a sudden explosion of pain, Kevin transformed into a giant Adonis-like form for the first time while half asleep. Suddenly he returned to normal inside the giant body, which had decayed into a liquid that was drowning him. Forcing himself to go back to sleep, he thought he had dreamed it all until he found the empty skin on his bedroom floor. Panicked, he tore free from the body then disposed of its remains.

At the time that the “Ultraverse” was dying, dane Whitman made a last ditch attempt to bring his friends over to the 616 Universe. It failed and only Dane and Kevin survived. Dane has since adopted Kevin. When Dane was approached to join FWI, Richmond got a 2 for 1 deal.


As Prime, Kevin possesses tremendous strength with unknown limits and once lifted an entire outdoor gym with relative ease. His resistance to physical injury is also exceptionally high, having survived a close proximity explosion of several nuclear warheads. Prime can also fly at Mach-level of velocity. Although all of Prime's powers are modelled after traditional superhero powers, these limitations are defined mostly by Kevin's subconscious aspirations.

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Clea (Dr. Fate)

Clea was born of an affair between Prince Orini leader of the Mhuruuks and legitimate heir to the rule of the Dark Dimension, and Umar a Faltine and sister to the then-current ruler Dormammu. Umar was disgusted by her relationship with Orini, and abandoned Clea to be raised by him. Prince Orini kept any and all knowledge of Clea's true origins secret.

Dormammu had long sought to conquer Earth and, as a result, often confronted Earth’s defender, Doctor Strange. When Strange journeyed into the Dark Dimension to continue his battle against Dormammu, Clea initially sought to dissuade Strange from facing him before deciding to help Strange. Dormammu imprisoned her for betrayal. During the duel between Strange and Dormammu, the latter's powers were drawn away in an attempt to keep the Mindless Ones in check. Strange aided Dormammu in driving the creatures back, and in return was honor-bound by Strange to release Clea and not invade the Earth-dimension.

Clea aided him again in a confrontation with Dormammu, and the two fell in love soon after. On subsequent battles, Clea continued to help Doctor Strange, and their infatuation grew. Umar first gained control of the Dark Dimension when Dormammu was trapped in a pocket dimension after a battle with Doctor Strange and Eternity itself. Seeking revenge against Strange, Umar held Clea hostage. Doctor Strange rescued her, but his mentor the Ancient One convinced him that Clea would only be safe if she were sent to another pocket dimension. The couple agreed, even though they believed they might never see each other again. However, the dimension proved to be the same one that Dormammu was exiled to. Dormammu set plans in motion for his escape, but Strange thwarted his plans and rescued Clea in the process.

Doctor Strange returned to Earth with Clea, and she lived with him in his Sanctum Sanctorum, becoming his lover and disciple. Over the years, she grew into his near equal in mystical aptitude. She joined him on many of his adventures, even as a member of his team, the Defenders, and helped them on many occasions, such when they freed Valkyrie from prison (after which Clea designed a new costume for her), when they freed Trish Starr from Shazana's control, and when they defeated Dormammu from invading Earth on several occasions.

Eventually, Clea left Earth to return to the Dark Dimension, in part because she believed that Doctor Strange’s heart belonged to Morgana Blessing. Umar had once again seized the throne from Dormammu, who was believed dead when his essence was scattered across several dimensions. Clea was determined to help the forces of rebellion in their attempt to overthrow her. Clea and Doctor Strange sought out Prince Orini, the true heir to the original ruler, Olnar, and Strange learned the truth of Clea’s birthright. Clea and Umar battled one-on-one, with Clea emerging triumphant and claiming rulership of the Dark Dimension. Umar and Orini, who remained loyal to her, were exiled to a pocket dimension. A short time into her reign, she and Doctor Strange were married in the Dark Dimension.

When Dormammu reappeared, he won control over the Dark Dimension, forcing Clea to return to Earth once more. Back on Earth, Clea grew uncomfortable in her relationship with Doctor Strange. Stronger and more capable, she no longer needed Strange as a mentor, and their relationship suffered. Clea returned to the Dark Dimension and her role as leader of the resistance against Dormammu and Umar.

Clea took a brief respite from the rebellion to come to Doctor Strange’s rescue. He and the original Defenders had become cursed to continually band together and, as a result, found themselves distancing themselves from humanity. They struck upon the idea that in order to have peace, they would need to enforce it by ruling the world. Hellcat and the support Defenders asked Clea and others to form a team to defeat the so-called Order, after which Doctor Strange and the Defenders were freed from their curse and Clea returned to the Dark Dimension.

Once again Umar and Dormammu forced her from her position as the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Clea came to Earth looking for help to wrest control her throne. Finding that Dr. Strange was no where to be found, Clea sought out the Defenders; starting with Kyle Richmond.

Kyle explained that he no longer with the Defenders, but did have a new group that was up to the task (which was a lie since no one had joined yet.). Clea thanked him and turned to be on her way, but she could not get back to the Dark Dimension. She was blocked. Kyle offered her a place until such a time where the whole team could go with her and help her in her quest. She agreed and joined FWI.

POWERS: Clea is the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, possessing vast powers involving the manipulation of the forces of magic for a variety of effects. She has exhibited such abilities as transmutation, forming and throwing magical bolts of concussive energy, magically constructed animate beings, conjuring objects and energies, teleporting, telekinesis, levitation, mesmerism, thought-casting, controlling others' minds, casting illusions, and the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in dimensions tangential to Earth's through the recitation of spells. Presumably, she is capable of replicating any spell performed by her former mentor, Doctor Strange. As she is descended from the Faltine race of beings, it is suggested that she can generate her own mystical energy, like Umar and Dormammu, and draw upon it to fuel her magic. She also possesses greater strength and body density than that of a normal Earth human. Her age is indeterminate and the rate at which she ages is unknown, having lived for centuries but having the form and demeanor of a twenty-year-old woman. Clea has defeated the Enchantress in single magical combat, and armed with the Flames of Regency, at the peak of her magical abilities, even rivalled her mother Umar in raw power, thus exceeding that of Doctor Strange himself.

Clea possesses vast knowledge of magical lore through extensive studies of sorcery under Doctor Strange, who also trained her in hand-to-hand combat.

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Spitfire (Rocket Red)

Professor Jenny Swensen

Professor Jenny Swensen was an M.I.T. instructor until that fateful day when her father was killed, murdered by a minion of Fritz Krotze, who thought the Doctor was holding back on his development of M.A.X. technology. A pacifist at heart, Doctor Swensen soon realized that his ultimate tool was being developed by Krotze as a deadly weapon.

As such, he did indeed hold back the prototype of his greatest work, an act that got him killed. Once this occurred, Jenny came to collect her things from the family home (which was situated on Krotze International property), when she discovered things that made her suspicious about the conditions surrounding her father's demise.

Soon after, Jenny broke into the place with the help of five M.I.T. students, the so-called Troubleshooters, found the Mark 2 M.A.X. suit, and discovered that her father had indeed been killed by Krotze's flunky. She then decided to steal the M.A.X. suit and the mobile lab it was built in (it was three mack trucks) and made for the sticks.

Richmond had funded most of Dr. Swensen’s research. He tracked the team to Nevada where he made them an offer to join FWI. They all happily agreed.

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Night Cat (Black Canary)

Jocelyn Catherine “JC” Kinme

Jocelyn Kinme was a young Korean woman wanted to become a singer, in the fashion of K-Pop. Her mother was a former popstar but drank herself to death following a number of failed albums, her police officer father Matsuda Kinme, forbade her from following in her mother's footsteps. So she decided to take a nod from superheroes, JC invented a secret identity, Nyt C@, that she could perform under.

Nyt C@ became a huge success, but she soon found herself caught up in the perils and pitfalls of being a pop star. Her manager, Sho Toho, was heavily involved in the designer drug business. When he crossed his bosses, JC was kidnapped and was injected with a mysterious drug. The drugs gave her the powers of a cat, including razor sharp claws and night vision. JC broke free and took down her captors. Her father, who was working the case of the kidnapped pop star found out about her secret identity, but kept it hidden.

He wasn’t the only one who found out. As JC made noise about splitting with her manager, the manager’s other “bosses” put a hit out on Sho. While JC, Matsuda, and Sho were having dinner discussing her release, gang members initiated a drive-by, killing Matsuda and Sho.

JC as Nyt C@ hunted down her father’s murderers and brought them to justice. Being alone and independently wealthy, she v

With Hellstrom as a part of his team, there was NO way Kyle was going to be able to get Hellcat to join. On an overseas trip, he saw the story of the Nyt C@ and decided to do some investigation. This led to a meeting and an offer, and the rest they say, is history.


Due to the designer drug she was injected with, Night Cat possesses many powers similar to a feline. She has "night vision," allowing her to see in the dark. Her fingernails can extend and are razor-sharp. She also has superhuman agility and leaping abilities.

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Espirita (Dr. Light)

Bonita Juarez

Bonita Juarez was raised as a devout catholic in Buena Vista in New Mexico. From college she went into the career of social work, determined to make a difference as a social worker. Involved in many religious and youth orientated projects, Bonita helped fund, create and maintain many that helped out the communities she was working in. After a disagreement with members of her church concerning cutting some of the churches social programming, Bonita wished to clear her head by getting away from everything, and embracing the isolation of the desert. Bonita Juarez then gained superpowers when she was hit by a ball of cold fire that came out of the sky. The fireball contained extraterrestrial radiation that gave Bonita energy-wielding powers. Initially fearful that this was the devils work, Juarez eventually believed that the fireball was from the Firebird, a creature of Native American lore. After stopping some common criminals robbing a convenience store, she stopped them with her new found abilities, because of this Juarez decided to become a superhero and call herself Firebird. One day, Firebird received a call that was actually meant for the Avengers. Firebird got to the source of the call and, along with five other superheroes, fought the Corruptor. Together, the heroes defeated the corruptor and decided to band together as the Southern States local hero-team, the Rangers. Firebird was next seen when she fought Master Pandemonium alongside the West Coast Avengers. After the successful battle, Mockingbird was impressed by Firebird's abilities and wanted her to join the West Coast Avengers. The rest of the West Coast Avengers agreed so they went to look for her in the Southwest. Firebird later returned to the Avengers West Coast's mansion under a new alias: La Espirita, “the spirit" in Spanish.


Like her name suggest Firebirds main power is the ability of pyrokinesis. Her powers derive from a unique type of radiation from an alien experiment. She can mold her flame into an aura resembling a mystical firebird adding to her namesake. She can use her powers to achieve flight and fly a great speeds but does not do so as her body is not adapted to traveling at such speeds. She may even be immortal as she has for unknown reasons survived different circumstances that would have killed anyone if at least not highly resistant to harm and toxins. Bonita has incredible versatility with her powers, with offense, and defense, emitting, projecting and generating heat and flames, and flame projectiles and also being able to absorb, and redirect heat and flames. Her offense also includes the ability to construct flame structures, heat waves, and generate powerful winds capable of creating updrafts that can lift weights up to tons. Firebird can travel in excess of 400 miles per hour when she is flying.

The intensity of Firebird's flames can melt foot thick steel, melt bullets in flight, and turn rock molten. Her fire may even harm some types of demons. Bonita is trained in martial arts and an adequate hand to hand fighter. Firebird's natural empathy made her an extremely good social worker.

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Captain Ultra (Mr. Miracle)

Griffin Golgol

Captain Ultra first appeared when he attempted to join the Frightful Four. After losing the job because he passed out when the Wizard lit a cigarette in celebration, Captain Ultra disappeared, getting counseling from Doc Samson to conquer his fear of fire. He remained a super-hero for a while, but then quit and became a successful comedian.

When the Super-Human Registration Act went into effect, Captain Ultra registered. Captain Ultra was made the leader of the Nebraska Initiative team. During his time as leader one of his members, Cooper Roth, also known as Paragon killed his teammate, Gadget. As a result, Iron Man wanted to disband this team. Captain Ultra fought Iron Man in order to protect his team.

Dejected, Griffin happened to be in the area when he saw that FWI was being rebuilt. He happily applied, and was put to work on the construction team despite being a former Defender. When Piledriver of the Wrecking Crew attacked the construction site, Griffin jumped in to action and defeated him. Richmond hired him on the spot (mostly so he would stop damaging construction equipment).


Captain Ultra's powers were released through hypnosis by an alien, giving him the power of flight, ultra-strength and endurance, durability, and reflexes. He also gained the psionic ability to become intangible at will, see through substances, and the ability to project his breath forward with great concussive force among others. He can apparently tap his 'ultra-potential', enabling him to manifest a wide variety of mental and physical 'ultra-feats'.He also has the "ability" to tell ultra-jokes.

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MarvelMan (Captain Atom)

Michael Moran

In 1963, Michael Moran is working as a freelance reporter when he gets caught up in a terrorist raid on a newly built atomic power plant. Seeing the word "atomic" backwards ("cimota") when being carried past a door with the word written on glass, he remembers the word "Kimota"; Marvelman is reborn and saves the day. As Marvelman, Moran remembers his early life as a superhero, and explains to his wife Liz that he lost his memories when all of the Marvelman Family were caught in an atomic explosion.

Liz, unable to cope with being the wife of a superhero, leaves him. This causes Michael to go into self imposed exile. For 50 + years he has orbited the earth in an asteroid satellite of his own creation. While in a hibernation state,his asteroid was damaged causing it to fall to earth, crashing just miles away from FWI base.


Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, flight, invulnerability, energy manipulation, telepathy, superhuman intelligence.

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SuperPro (Booster Gold)

Cody Bradshaw

“I don’t know ya know. I mean for me, they work. I am better, faster and stronger. The injuries, they don’t take so long to heal. And side effects? I ain’t seen none. So, until they says we can’t use ‘em, I’m gonna use ‘em. They give you that edge, and out here… are always looking for that edge….”

“Welcome back to Sports Center, I’m John Anderson. And that was Oakland Raider’s great, Lyle Constantino speaking on PEH Performance Enhancing Hormone. Costantino, unfortunately, lost his one year battle with brain cancer this morning…he was 45. So what is PEH? PEH was developed by scientists and trainers for the NFL. It is a hormone that has shown to increase the physical attributes of the person taking it. In the years since it’s inception, many have speculated a connection to cancer, but nothing has been proven. When we come back, we’ll take a look at the press conference NFL Commissioner Phil Greyfield had about the decision to allow the use of PEH in the NFL. And last night, the NFL draft…we have the winners and losers up next.”

“There have never been any proven conclusions that PEH and cancer are connected. “ said Commissioner Greyfield.” Until such time as theory can be proven fact, the NFL will allow the use of PEH. Thank You.” “That was Commissioner Greyfield’s statement, and we are waiting on the Player’s Union’s response.” said Anderson. “Speaking of the player’s union, it just grew after last nights draft. A profile of first pick, Cody Bradshaw, after this…..”

Greyfield closed the door behind him as he entered his office. Sitting in the darkness , a man in a yellow lab coat and helmet turned on the light. “Curious Mr. Greyfield, how close are you going to let them get?”

“It is not my intention to let them ……”

“It was not our intention to have our years of work spoiled by your inability to keep our secret. Did we not grant you your position in this NFL?”


“And did we not provide you with enough recompense for our endeavors?”


“Then is our expectation too…….difficult?”

“No, sir…….”

“Then the project will continue…..Parker Starling has proven a more than adequate subject, but we have another that we believe will surpass Mr. Starling, and his name is….. ”

“CODY BRADSHAW was the first pick in the NFL draft or as some have come to call it, Cleveland’s Neverending Quest for a Quarterback. Cody comes from Notre Dame as solid a football school as one can get. Cody is a twin, his brother Corbin was born with MS. While Cody excelled at athletics, Corbin excelled at academia. Corbin designed a lot of the gear used at Notre Dame. They are a power duo, and it seems The Browns have hired him as a special consultant. We’ll see how far they take……”

“THE CLEVELAND BROWNS HAVE WON THE SUPER BOWL! I can barely believe it! Chis Collinsworth here with Jack Magniconte calling the action, and I never dreamed I would see this day. There are 34 seconds left in the game, all Cody Bradshaw has to do is take a knee and the Cleveland Browns will be Superbowl Champions! Parker Starling lines up for the Detroit Lions on the defense. Cody is down for the snap….Starling leaps early….the refs don’t call it! He levels Bradshaw. Bradshaw crumbles! And the clock has run out for….”

“Cody Bradshaw will never walk again….I’m sorry.” “Those were the words of Commissioner Greyfield months after the Superbowl at a press conference with the young star. A sad story indeed.”

Greyfield walked from the podium an answered his phone…”Yes?.....I understand, but when he found out that he was being injected with that stuff, you knew he wouldn’t stand for it…I don’t think he cared about becoming the next Captain America, he just wanted to play football….Yes we can prepare Mr. Starling for the final level.”

“Parker Starling has been voted MVP for the Superbowl! Three consecutive appearances and back to back wins for the defensive star and the Detroit Lions! Our interview with him at the top of the hour. In other news, former Browns quarterback Cody Bradshaw is walking again. With the aid of a spinal brace designed by his brother. The brace locks into the bio-electric energy produced by the body and stimulates the paralyzed nerve endings. It’s good to see him back around. Good luck Cody!”

But the continued use of the brace and it’s electrical stimulation over the last two years had activated the remaining PEH in his body, transforming it’s chemical make-up. The mix of the two had healed his injuries and magnified all of his physical attributes.

Cody had kept the revelation out of the news. He had devised a plan to go back in the NFL and find out what was up with the Commissioner and PEH, and he was going to take them down. His brother designed him an armored suit that included the brace and concealed his identity. He was going after the bad guys as SuperPro!

The media savvy Richmond knew it would do his brand well to have someone with the public cache as SuperPro. Nighthawk tracked him down and offered him a chance to join, he accepted.


SuperPro is a superb athlete. After being experimented on, Cody gained superhuman strength, durability, agility, reflexes, and speed. He can run up to 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) for as long as 10 minutes before beginning to tire, and he is bulletproof. Cody can also lift up to 15 tons and wears a bulletproof uniform and helmet.

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Black Knight = Blue Beetle

Dane Whitman

After a long and illustrious career as a costumed adventurer and forays in interdimensional travel, Dane settled down and opened an R&D firm with the money he had made at H4H. Dane was approached by Kyle Richmond to join FWI. He agreed only because his son Kevin wanted to join and he didn’t want him going off unsupervised.

Dane Whitman is the Black Knight who has been a longtime member of the Avengers as well as a member of the Defenders, Ultraforce, Heroes for Hire, and MI: 13.

Black Knight has no exceptional superhuman abilities; he possesses the normal physical attributes of an athletic man of his age. He possessed enhanced physical skills when mentally bonded to Sersi, and as Pendragon possesses the ability to see through magical illusions.

He is a fighter of exceptional skill, particularly when it comes to swordsmanship. He is skilled with horses. He is notably intelligent, particularly in areas of science and especially in physics. He also possesses good tactical and strategic skills. He wields the Ebony Blade, a powerful sword, as well as a photonic sword, the Sword of Light, and Shield of Night.

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Machine Man (Guy Gardner)

Aaron Stack (X-51)

X-51 was originally designed to be a killer as part of a US Army project to build robot soldiers. He had solar powered batteries built into his exoskeleton. All of the other robots in the series went insane after gaining sentience, while X-51, who has been called "the Robot with a soul", survived. He was raised as the human son of his creator, Dr. Abel Stack, who later died in an attempt to protect his "son" from a bomb intended for him.

Stack was in Richmond’s files from his days with the Defenders. When Kyle approached him, he was a bit taken aback. He had no interest in being on a team. It wasn’t until Richmond agreed and said Jocasta would probably be a better fit at any rate. This infuriated Aaron. He delved into a diatribe on how he was infinitely more capable than Hank Pym’s sloppy seconds. He later joined under protest.


Machine Man's powers include super-human strength, speed, durability and endurance. His body is made of titanium, and he has a cybernetic brain that gives him superhuman analytical ability. He has telescopic and detachable limbs which can be controlled when separated from the body.

Along with the built-in abilities for defense, X-51 has a multitude of devices, including anti-gravity generators that allow him to fly, built into his body. He also has sensors with zoom and magnifying capabilities, various radars, a chromatograph, seismometer, audiometer, transceiver and gravity wave detector. His fingertips contain lasers. He is virtually immortal as long as his programming/consciousness is kept secure. Any damage done to his body can simply be repaired.

Kyle Richmond (Maxwell Lord)

Kyle Richmond was a rich, spoiled, irresponsible brat with no talent for his studies or anything productive. During his early 20s, however, a series of events shook him hard enough to straighten him up.

He had a car accident that almost killed his girlfriend but left him unscathed. He discovered he had a heart murmur during the draft. He lost his father to a plane crash, remaining sole proprietor of Richmond Enterprises.

He wisely turned the responsibility of management to the chairman of the board, and started looking for a way to cure his heart.

He happened upon a strengthening alchemical formula that gave him his power, and shortly after that was contacted by the Grandmaster to become part of the Squadron Sinister – counterparts of the Squadron Supreme from an alternate earth.

Richmond was the counterpart of his alternate analogue, Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk, and thus became known as Nighthawk II. Richmond continued to act not-so-intelligently, and even tried to fight Daredevil to acquire a rep.

He finally came to his sense and betrayed the Squadron Sinister when they launched, along with Nebulon, a planet-destroying plot. He sided with the Defenders despite the odds. The Defenders paid him back by resurrecting him after he was nearly killed in the fight, and accepting him into their ranks.

Richmond suddenly had a place and a purpose, and threw himself in the Defenders. He even became the de facto leader when Doctor Strange started to fade away from the team.

Recently he has been forced to retire by the Federal Government, he passed the Nighthawk mantle to Joaquin Pennysworth.

Kyle never lost hope though. He continued to look for ways to be involved in the superhuman community. He tried to copyright the name “Defenders”, but was told it belonged to the Federal Government under the 50 States Initiative Act. When The Stark Foundation was liquidating their assets, he saw a golden opportunity. Richmond bought an old research and development building out west called the FW building. He also bought the rights to another of Stark’s intellectual properties: Force Works. He rebranded the name to Force Works International and began recruiting.

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Congratulations to Dragonspine for the win! It is now your turn to choose the next contest!

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Here are your choices. If you are voting for Dragonspine, please indicate which pick. Thank you! Voting will run through Monday Sept 11th. @ 11:59 pm.

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Sorry guys. I thought I put the 8th down. Voting will be up when I get home.

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Ya know what? Have a field day. As long as it is mixed with Batman go for it!

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The Alpha League International

Alpha Flight + Justice League International

Superstar = Booster Gold + Vindicator Scotland

Carter “Booster” MacDonald was an inventor for Kord industries who, got lucky enough to marry the boss’s daughter. This allowed him more creative freedom that led to the creation of the Goldstar Legion Protective suit. It was a micro mesh bionic interface suit that served as body armor, created force fields, and had an A.I. heads up interface affectionately known as Skeets. He retooled his prototype for greater output by adding a ring of pure Prometheum as a power source. This allows for the suit’s flight capabilities.

Ladybug = Guardian + Blue Beetle England

Heather Kord-MacDonald is the heir to Kord Industries and the wife of Carter MacDonald. She is his rock. Without her, Carter would probably be another soulless cog in the machine. With her, he has invented wonderous machines. She found out that Carter was moonlighting as the super hero known as Superstar. Carter feared that not only his escapades as a costumed adventurer were over, but so was his marriage. To his surprise, and eventual delight, Heather was excited for him and wished she could join him. Taking inspiration from her love of ladybugs, he crafted his wife an armored suit. Heather became Superstar’s partner: The Ladybug. The suit is not only protective body armor, but also has wings for flight, antennae com systems, sonic disruptors, and flash bang capabilities.

Pan = Puck + Oberon

Pan is the diminutive partner to Mr. Karma. They were both prisoners aboard the Cluster. Pan possesses an innate knowledge of computers and their operations. He has been indispensable as Lord’s right hand man since the League formed. He coordinates the comings and goings of the League. During the battle with the Cluster, he even showed worthy battle prowess, driving back the forces that invaded the embassy.

The Yeti = Sasquatch + Ice Canada

Walter Olafsdotter is the Canadian born son of Norwegian immigrants. His brilliance was on display as a young child, earning him advanced doctorate degrees in biology, nuclear physics, and mutation gene biology. All of these he parlayed into an experiment which eventually granted him superpowers. Following the research of Bruce IVO, Walter imbued his body with several forms of radiation. The energy activated a latent mutation which erupted in the Ice controlling man-bear known as the Yeti!

Captain Dynamo = Northstar + Captain Atom France

Nathanial Beurbier was a Captain in the Armee De L’air in Desert Storm. After test piloting an experimental quantum aircraft, he was teleported 10 years into the future. The aircraft’s power source merged with him during the pan decade trip, protecting him and bestowing strange and unusual powers including: Flight, strength and stamina, atomic energy generation and projection, and quantum time jumping. A man out of time, he was in France trying to reclaim his identity when he was approached by Jaxon Lord to join the Alpha League international.

Blaze = Aurora + Fire Brazil

The epitome of the Hannah Montana scenario, Aurora Da Costa was an introvert by nature. Meek and shy, Aurora did not really come into her own until her powers activated during puberty. She went from 5’2’’ to a 6’ statuesque model. Taking on the name Hunter Blaze as a pseudonym, Aurora kept her modeling/ real life in two separate worlds. So imagine her surprise when Aurora is visited by Mr. Jaxon Lord and asked to join the Alpha League International. He explained he knew about her ability to generate and project fire light and heat. She showed him she could also fly. Lord suggested that she drop the “Hunter” and Blaze was born.

Mar’nna = Marinna + Martian Manhunter Atlantis

From the depths of the ocean comes Mar’nna. She is a member of an alien race (The Martian born Atlat’Eons) that landed on Earth thousands of years ago. At first, they got along with the human race until people decried them as demons. They submerged their city and are often the fodder for such legends as the lost city of Atlantis. Due to recent volatile activity in the ocean’s ecosphere, Mar’nna was sent as an ambassador to the land world. She has been here for years serving as an envoy and peacekeeper. Mar’nna has several special abilities such as: superhuman strength, aquatic polymorph, under water adaptation, and water control. With her polymorphic abilities, she can assume a regular human shape, but when she is in the water she prefers the tail of a mermaid.

Thunderbird = Shaman + Captain Marvel 1st Nat

William is the oldest male of his 1st nation tribe. He is their shaman. He also is a doctor of modern medicine. He met Walter Olafsdotter when Walter was recovering from the experiment that turned him into the Yeti. William and Walter became quick friends and upon Walter’s release, they opened a practice together. One day Walter triggered his transformation by accident. He panicked and ran through the town only to be stopped by his friend William. William had actually physically stopped the imposing Walter. Walter asked how? Later, they both talked and revealed the origins of their powers. William told Walter that once a generation a man is chosen from his tribe to carry the burden of the six thunders of the Thunderbird…..He was that man. Each of the thunders brings a gift be it strength, power, speed, wisdom, courage, or stamina, Later the two joined Omega Knight in his crusade.

Day Swan = Snowbird + Dr. Light Japan

Dr Narya Hoshi is an expert avian biologist. Her interest stems from a story from her childhood, where, an old mysterious lady had visited her house on her 1st birthday. The lady told Narya’s parents that she was the living embodiment of an Itsumade, a spirit bird made of fire! The parents disregarded the old lady’s prognostication as the rantings and ravishes of time. One night, the y came into Narya's room and her crib was engulfed in flames. After extinguishing the flames, they braced themselves for horror only to find the baby unscathed.

Narya was isolated as a child, preferring the wonders of nature to friends or companions. As a young adult, her powers manifest while she at University. She does little in the way of having adventures, choosing to complete her studies and carry on in her chosen field while the world of superheroes exploded around her.

In the course of human lives, especially those led by powered individuals, nothing is easy. On a routine walk home, Narya is attacked and dragged into an alley. Her powers burst forth as a response to one's fight or flight instinct. The attacker was permanently blinded. Narya had to deal with survivor's guilt and an ever encroaching feeling of helplessness and despair.

After explaining this to her therapist, she recommended that Narya explore the avenue of becoming a hero. She could see what avenues open up for her, find a way to control her powers, and get some closure. Narya heeded her doctor's orders and soon became the adventurer known as Day Swan.

Old Glory = Major Mapleleaf + Guy Gardner USA

Guy Sadler was the latest in a legacy of heroes known as Old Glory. A meteor crash landed in Springfield Missouri in 1925. From that rock came a small star shaped jewel known as the Starheart. The Starheart was found to have several unique properties. For the first time in World War I, the Starheart was harnessed as a weapon. It was then that the Star Spangled Soldier Program went into effect. The program consisted of a seasoned veteran harnessing the power of the Starheart while mentoring a young soldier. Their code names were Old Glory and Young Glory. After his tenure as Young Glory, Guy became Old Glory, he was assigned a young soldier by the name of Hank G. Neeshmacher. He took Hank under his wing and Hank became like a son to him. The program was discontinued and Guy and Morty continued as adventurers with the Army’s blessing. During the battle with Infernus, Guy was injured so Morty took the Starheart and was able to hold off Infernus until the “legends” were able to save the day. Unfortunately, Hank died in Guy’s arms. Guy swore he was finished with superheroics. The Starheart is powered by willpower. Each bearer wears a ring that hosts the Starheart and grants them a variety of possibilities. The full extent of the Starheart's ability has never been identified, but it allows the bearer flight, mental constructs and ray blasts.

The Omega Society

Red Strike #7 = Box + Rocket Red Russia

The Redstrike Program is a division of the Soviet Super-Powered Armored Division. Pilots are tested rigorously to determine if they are able to use the suit properly. Only 1% of the top 1% of pilots qualify. Ivan Bochs was supposedly over-the-hill when he was discharged from the Soviet airforce. The former Mig pilot tried out for the program wand was a massive success. He was eventually assigned to work as an emissary to the Alpha League International. There he would pilot the Redstrike 07 suit with its vast arrays of weapons and defenses (missle defense systems, force fields, state-of-the-art on board computer systems, Quantum energy fluctuation cannons, a sickle and a hammer) all while representing Russia.

Omega Knight = Weapon Omega + Batman Austrailia

The man who would become Weapon Omega (Kyle Wayne) was abandoned by his well-to do grandparents because they didn’t to raise their dead daughter’s child. A devoted comic book fan, Kyle grew up lonely with little in the way of friends, never knowing the love of adoption. At the age of 18, as he was released from the orphanage’s care, one of the ladies who was there when he was dropped off told him who his grandparents were. Kyle sought out reconciliation at first, but they denied he was their grandchild. In the ensuing court case, Thomas suffered a fatal heart attack. His wife Helen committed suicide two days later. The results came back and Kyle was indeed their Grandson. As they had no formal will, the Gibney fortune went to Kyle as the only apparent heir. Kyle did what every normal person who came into loads of money would do….he bacme a superhero. Kyle trained and perfected fighting techniques and bought all sorts of equipment and gear. He became the Omega Knight! He wound up taking a partner and even joining the Alpha League a couple of times before they disbanded after the battle with Infernus. He even had his own side group for awhile called the Outcasts.

Dr. Abraxas = Talisman + Dr Fate Egypt

Very little is known about Dr Abraxas. He wears a talisman that grants him all sorts of magical abilities; not the least which include flight strength, enhanced senses, energy blasts, force shields and so forth). He seems to go where danger calls and disappears just as quickly.

Mr. Rival = Nemesis + Mr. Miracle

Mr. Rival is a former star in Master Eshu Khan’s travelling show. A daredevil, acrobat, escape artist, contortionist and master swordsman, Rival parlayed these skills and a healthy dose of help from his partner Mr. Pan to escape the cluster.

Jaxon Lord/ Lord Mayhem = Jerome Jaxon + Maxwell Lord

The Alpha League had seen better days. They had been the premiere super team for years, but many of the founding members had left. This latest incarnation (called The Alpha League of Happy Harbor affectionately because of their descent frow the Starwalker Satellite to the Stronghold of Champions, to the Department H complex, to finally a cave in Happy Harbor Michigan) didn’t match up to the “legends” of yesterday. Only one founding member stayed, the Atlantean Mar’nna. She led Orbit, Wildsong, Vagabond, Young Glory, Virago, and the Waxwork Man into what would be their last battle against Infernus the Living Volcano. In that fight, Young Glory and Orbit died, and Infernus was only turned away by a gathering of the “legends” of yesterday.

In a dream, Dr. Abraxas came to Mr. Jaxon Lord. He foretold of an earth-ending Armageddon. He told him to gather the heroes together again to oppose the coming doom. When Jaxon awoke, he knew what he must do…

After the disbanding of The Alpha League, a UFO crash-landed in Canada. Jaxon Lord, well-known billionaire and philanthropist, was first on the scene. From the ship stepped two individuals: A man by the name of Mr. Rival and his assistant Pan. They explained that Earth had a looming new threat: The Cluster was en route to Earth leaning a trail of destruction in its wake. Mr. Karma went on to explain that The Cluster was a sentient ship controlled by Master Eshu Khan. Master Eshu’s plan was to enslave Earth, take is resources and leave it a dead husk.

Jaxon saw an opportunity. He could parlay people’s fear into a new enterprise and save the world at the same time. Jaxon remembered seeing the reports of the gathering of heroes that were dismantling of the Happy Harbor Base. He went to make his pitch.

He first encountered Mar’nna. Initially, she was interested in a new group, but felt her failure as leader the last time would only allow her to be a participant this time. The next person he approached was Omega Knight. In the battles with Infernus, Omega Knight lost his sidekick, the Last Lad, and had become more isolated and dark. He was absolutely against the idea. He berated Jaxon for his involvement and derided him as an opportunist. Lord calmly explained that the world still needed heroes. Knight was seemingly taken aback by Lord’s words and begrudgingly agreed.

The Centennial Man, Captain Wonder, and the Flare all declined but said they would be there if they needed him

Jaxon looked to add a bit of international flavor to the team. He sought out his old business partner Carter “Booster” MacDonald and his new wife Heather Kord-MacDonald who had recently become new adventurers in Great Britain (Superstar & Ladybug respectively). He brokered a deal with the Russian government to loan them one of their Redstrike Brigade, and Ivan Bochs (Redstrike 1) also joined. He then contacted noted Avian biologist physicist, Narya Hoshi (Starling) and French Air Force Captain Jean-Paul Adam Beaubier (Captain Dynamo) and they joined as well.

On the home front, The Omega Knight was busy recruiting as well. He negotiated for the services of former Olympic gymnast turned cover model Aurora Da Costa (Blaze). His scouting reports also led him to a private practice and research firm in Canada owned by Walter Olafsdotter (the Yeti) and his partner William Twoyoungmen (Thunderbird). Knight invited Walter and Michael invited himself. Knight tried to persuade William to leave, but Walter would not go if William was not invited. Knight relented.

The last to be approached was Guy Sadler (Old Glory), the mentor of Young Glory. Mar’nna went to him, not to see the proud hero of yesterday, but a broken man who had lost his son. He fought with Mar’nna, blaming her for his son’s death. In the end, Mar’nn submitted to Sadler and agreed to leave the team if he would join them. Sadler relented, realizing that Mar’nna was not at fault for his son’s death, but his son chose to die a hero.

Mr. Karma also joined the team and Pan became Jaxon’s assistant to help out. Now that the team was assembled, where do they base their operations? Jaxon had bought an old villain’s lair on the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey. He had it refurbished with teleporting devices and state of the art equipment. And thus was born….The Alpha League International.

As the Cluster approached, the team cemented itself in a host of adventures. They took on several different adversaires such as the otherworldly Dreamslayer Queen, the destructive Wrecking Cadre, the mind-controlling menace of The Violet Man, and even battling fellow heroes the X-tremists over the rights to former member Dinah Logan, the Black Badger. Yes, the Alpha League International was indeed on its way.

Then the Cluster came into orbit. An invading horde was met by the full might of the league. Omega Knight, Redstrike 1, Dr. Abraxas, and Mr. Rival were all kidnapped. Jaxon the invaders withdrew, if but only momentarily. Jaxon immediately started calling in former members of the League. Mar’nna asked him what he was doing. She explained they needed to rescue the league members taken away. Lord said they were as good as dead and only the mightiest heroes of earth could save them now.

The rest of the league left in disgust. They were adamant about saving their teammates. Using a combination of ingenuity, guts, and a little help from their powers, the group flew a partially destroyed alien ship back to the Cluster. They broke in and sought out their teammates.They found them, lounging in the lap of luxury. They weren’t prisoners….they were traitors. Ladybug eavesdropped and found out that the so-called heroes had been in service to Master Khan this whole time. The plan was to gather the heroes of Earth in one place and to drop their “Ultimate Weapon” on them which would consume the heroes. How was Khan going to do this?

“Easily” said Khan as he entered the room. “ By creating a group of heroes that would be martyred in the first wave of the invasion. That way, public sentiment would cry out to avenge them.”

“…and are we those martyrs, Khan….” Said Omega Knight. “Or should I say……Jaxon Lord!!!?!?!”

Ladybug gasped and the group turned. She raced from the scene with them in pursuit. Ladybug reached the others just in time to warn them…..then all Hell broke loose. The two factions began fighting. As the tide turned against the now dubbed “Omega Society”, they retreated from the Cluster while launching the Ultimate Weapon and setting the self destruct.

Superstar was able to override the controls of the Cluster by cannibalizing his suit, he was going to pilot the Cluster away from Earth. He could only do so while he was on the station. Against Ladybug’s wishes, they left the Cluster and headed towards Earth to stop the Ultimate Weapon. On their way home, they saw the escape craft of the Omega Society. Old Glory blasted it and left it stranded in orbit.

As the team landed they could see the swath of destruction cut by the Ultimate Weapon, and as they loomed closer, they could hear him say his name: “DE-SPAR-AGO”. The heroes engaged and were individually rebuffed. Ladybug rallied the team and attacked.

Blaze and Captain Dynamo melted the ground at his feet causing a quicksand/concrete effect. Day Swan blinded him. Thunder bird called down lightning. Old Glory let loose the power of the Starheart, and the the Yeti held him. Mar’nna transformed into a giant squid, and using her mental powers shut down Desparago’s mind.

Crowds began forming and cheered them. The fallout was bittersweet. Pan, who after being fully vetted and not part of the plan to destroy Earth’s heroes, gave Ladybug a recording Carter made just before the destruction of the Cluster. The Omega Knight (one of his former protégé’s taking up the mantle) rejoined the League. Russia also offered Redstrike 01 as a replacement for their former comrade. Pan also convinced his daughter, Beta-Ray-Barda to join the team after an adventure left her stranded on Earth. Less than a month after the ordeal, they received their official U.N. Charter.

If you need the best in a pinch, If you need heroes….call the Alpha League International: (292) 442-4242. (Not a real phone #)

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Here is the basic synopsis for the DC: METAL event: Batman is investigating several different metals that seem to have significant ties to the DCU's Earth. This leads to the discovery of a "Dark Multiverse". Not just an opposite universe ala the Crime Syndicate but twisted versions of heroes who were designed by creators listening to Rammstein and then went and bought their outfits at the Simon Bisely costume shop. This results in the amalgamation of several "dark heroes" with the Batman personae.

Here is the challenge:

Create a "Dark Multiverse" version of a DC character with twisted powers and merge that with Batman. Here are some of the ones DC came up with:

Contest ends Sept. 5th. Good Luck.

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Thank you everyone. I'll have a new one up by this afternoon.

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Queen Beaux Q:

Ocea B. Ferguson

EVERY King has their Queen. While it is not contested that the very personal and private life of Wilson Fisk is guarded by Vanessa, the Kingpin’s world is ruled Queen Beaux Q. Life was rough for Ocea, the daughter of a prostitute, she learned early that nothing was given, only taken. She followed her mother into the violent world of the “oldest profession”, but decided to not remain in her victimized state. She rose through the ranks and became a madame. Then after some nefarious machinations she became the Kingpin’s Head Madame.

She began to coalesce various arms of the Kingpin’s operations, making inroads in affairs not usually suited for women. In time, she came to the purview of Fisk. Fisk promoted her to the highest position a women had held in his organization. She then bore witness to the bloody split of Hammerhead and Fisk. She learned what not to do when someone wishes to assassinate Caesar. She also took note of Fisk’s predilection with superheroes.

Thus began her campaign to topple the Kingpin. Her first strategy was to create a “superhero” that could disrupt the Kingpin at every turn to cause him to be distracted and away from his business. Thus, the hero known as Firefight was born. Firefight was actually the former hero known as Annex, but so as to keep his identity a secret, the Queen changed his name and look. Firefight would be provided with information and resources as to the Kingpin’s dealings. He would then act to stop the criminal wrong doings. As Fisk invested time and resources into finding and stopping Firefight, the Quee began assembling her army.


Queen is not physically gifted nor is she power enabled. However, she does possess a keen mind and instincts that are second to none.

No Caption Provided

Black Mantis:

Immaculada de la Cruz

De La Cruz grew up the daughter of a Cartel lord in South America. She was trained by the original Tarantula to become an assassin. She worked for her father until his death, and then struck out on her own. Having an already sizeable amount of wealth, she started to take on jobs that were more challenging than rewarding. She reconnected with the Tarantula later in life and became his oft-times partner, sometimes lover. The Tarantula ended up suffering a horrible fate when, during a battle with Spiderman, he was transformed into a giant tarantula. Mantis left him… never to see him again.

Ultimately, she made her way to New York. Her reputation had preceded her and she was immediately contacted by Queen Beaux Q. The Queen originally wanted her to be her “superhero”, but she convinced the Queen that she would be much more useful behind the scenes. Mantis became one of her most trusted partners. She was also the one that eventually dispatched Firefight.


Black Mantis is a master Martial Artist. She is a master of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, Vale Tudo, and Huka-huka. She also possesses mastery over many hand type weapons. Her favorite being twin Manriki-Gusari that she has had equipped with tasers, and various poisons.

No Caption Provided

The Unicorn:

Mila Masaryk

Mila Masaryk was a Czech-born operative for Russian intelligence. She was assigned to protect the scientist Ivan Vanko. Vanko was like the Tony Stark of Russia. He was creating super-powered beings for the Soviet Super Soldier Initiative.

After an assassination attempt, Vanko and Masaryk secretly agreed that she should have more power to deal with the escalating threat of super-powered assassins. Fortunately, Vanko finished the suit’s production in time for a fight with the Black Mantis. Mantis ultimately killed Vanko. Realising she had little in the way of prospects ( The Soviets would have her executed for failing at her job) and having impressed Mantis, she was offered a position in the Sisterhood.


Ivan developed, for her, a harness, helmet, and horn that allowed the wearer to project a force field. The force field could also be projected through the horn at opponents. The force field could also render the wearer invisible, and gave them limited flight. The leg apparatus granter supe speed. As a specialist, she was also trained in hand to hand combat including Sambo and Systema. Before becoming the Unicorn, she was awarded the marksman award from the SSSI.

No Caption Provided


Anduriss Xiliam;

Hailing from the planet Hymenopterra, Anduriss is a princess traversing the galaxy looking for her mate. Once she finds a mate, she takes them back to her planet and uses them as a living incubator for her offspring. After the children hatch, they then consume the host.

Upon arriving on our planet, Anduriss made contact with Spiderman and agents of S.W.O.R.D. Anduriss was immediately taken with Spiderman and resolved that he would be her consort. She began courting both Spiderman and Peter Parker (being able to deduce his secret identity through pheromone detection). She offered Peter the chance of a lifetime, to traverse the planets and see new galaxies. Although uncharacteristic for the usually skeptical Parker, he not only entertained the idea, but eventually agreed to go (This was due to Spider-Wasp’s ability to emit and manipulate pheromones).

Only the timely intervention of Venom stopped Spiderman from leaving. Venom, the alien symbiote, had a long and violent history with the Hymenopians. Anduriss was captured and turned over to S.W.O.R.D. While in custody, she came to the attention of Queen Beaux Q. The Queen was in the early stages of a coup against the Kingpin. She was looking for super-powered soldiers to aid her in her war. Queen orchestrated a prison break making it seem like Anduriss was killed in a decompressive explosion. In reality, Anduriss agreed to become part of Queen’s Sisterhood.


Spider-Wasp had an advanced alien carapace which gave her substantial protection from physical attacks, allows flight, and grants the use of prehensile tertiary limbs. . She also has Pheromone emission, manipulation, and detection. Finally, she is able to generate strong bio-electric shocks.

No Caption Provided


Tara Knowles;

Tara K. was a moderately successful teen pop princess. She had a couple of minor hits, but her off the record lifestyle gained her more infamy than any of her records. Amidst the Twitter feuds, physical altercations with bodyguards, affairs with married Hollywood stars and what seemed like her own segment on TMZ, Tara K. was known for having a hot temper and attitude to match. As the spotlight faded, Tara K. was presented with the opportunity for a celeb wrestling match. She joined up and trained and ended up pinning Demi Lovato.

She enjoyed wrestling, the competition, the crowds, the rush. When she heard that the UCWF was re-opening its doors, she quickly signed up. The producers were keen on building the promotion around her: Pop Star turned Pugilist Princess! She was sent, with other ladies, to the Power Brokers for “enhancement”. While undergoing treatment, she was sabotaged by another prospective female wrestler who wanted the spotlight. This wrestler switch some of the medical additives with other available tubes. Unfortunately one of these tubes was a sample from a bull testing for testosterone replacement. The experiment had morphed Tara into a half woman, half bull. She was devastated by the outcome and killed her rival….all in front of TMZ’s cameras. She fled, but not before a certain Black Mantis had seen the extent of her destruction. Tara K. was approached with a better option than a lifelong prison sentence. One she gladly took.


Minotara went through the Power Broker process which gave her superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed. She can lift/press 50 tons but can increase that to 80 if she gets mad. She has also grown two giant horns on her head which mimic the strength of steel.

No Caption Provided


Dr. Ursula Octavius;

Ursula was a marine biologist working in the Arctic Circle. She was also Dr. Otto Octavius’s biggest fan. So much so, that she had her name legally changed from Orinn to Octavius. While in college completing her doctorate, Ursula was involved in a life-changing accident. She was heading home after a night of studying when her car was struck by a drunk driver. She was okay with the exception of her legs. They were damaged beyond repair and had to be amputated. This is when the love affair with Doc Ock started. She began by studying his work on mentally controlled cybernetics. Eventually, she graduated and impressed Tony Stark with her brilliance. She was given a grant by the Maria Stark foundation to develop her theories regarding cellular regeneration and adaptive cybernetics based on the starfish.

She then learned that Octavius was being paroled and went to meet her hero. As we all know “Never meet your heroes”. She was summarily dismissed. Ursula entered a deep depression. While her research was going well, she had been rebuffed by her idol and constantly passed over for fellowships simply because they were deemed too dangerous for one with her disabilities.

Depression turned to jealousy, jealousy turned to anger. In time, Ursula had created a suit and a therapy. Based on her study of sea cucumbers and starfish (animals with the ability to regenerate) Ursula was going to regenerate the nerves for her missing legs. She was then going to house them in 8 tentacle shaped cybernetic limbs. The operation was a success, but was panned by many scientific communities as “horrific” and “Frankensteinish” or even as Dr. Octavius put it “Second rate amateur hour.” Ursula lost her job because of the negative feedback.

As she arrived home in New York, she devised a way to strike back at those who had wronged her. She would become a hero and capture Doc Ock! In her first encounter with Octavius, she was defeated and left broken for dead. Fortunately, Black Mantis had been tracking Octavius and reported what she had seen to Queen Beaux Q. The Queen had Ursula gathered and brought to her. There, she offered Usula the ability to get revenge on Octavius. Ursula agreed and after refashioning her suit, became: The Leviathan.


Ursula has 8 tentacles on the lower half of her body that respond to her mental command. They are telescoping titanium coils that can max press/lift 5 tons each. She also has a tentacle housed in the forearm of her suit that can be used as a weapon and grappling hook. Lastly, her suit can emit a cloud of ink-black smoke used to get away undetected.

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Lana Gardner;

Lana Gardner is the niece of David Cannon, aka The Whirlwind. After he was sent to jail, Lana was tasked with going and cleaning out his storage locker. As she was doing so, she came upon a prototype for a new Whirlwind suit. She took it to her engineer fiancée, Cam Sykes, who was able to adapt it to fit her. Lana decided she wanted to become a costumed adventurer. She even teamed up with Spiderman to take down the Speed Demon. But then tragedy struck…….

Her fiancée had more than his share of secrets. One of those being that he was a gambling addict. After a day of adventures, Vortex came home to find Queen Beaux Q and the Black Mantis “discussing” his particular problem. Queen had come to him about his current debt and was about to offer him a deal, a trade for his services to erase his debt, but when Vortex walked through the door, all bets….as they say…..were off. Queen offered a new deal: Help her wit her problem, and she will erase his debt. Vortex agreed, but how long can she stand the pressure of acting against her own nature, and how will she ever get out?


Vortex’s powers are in her suit. She can generate a whirlwind that allows her to travel at just below the speed of sound. Her suit is atmospherically pressurized. It also has a blade for offense and a concussive wind cannon.

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Allison Sandross;

Allison Sandross was a public defender and mother of two. Time and again she parlayed legal brilliance only for her clients to continue committing crimes. She quickly became disillusioned and tried to open a private practice. Unfortunately, no one was willing to give her a loan, so she turned to less reputable means. She opened her practice and started building a respectable client base. In a freak accident, her home/office became a battleground for Spiderman and the Rhino. In the ensuing battle, her business was destroyed and she and her kids were homeless. The children’s father, a mid-level criminal in the Kingpin’s hire then filed for and gained custody of their kids. When it rains, it definitely pours because her renter’s insurance declared bankruptcy and could not file her claim. She also still owed Queen for her “loan”. The Queen set her back up in exchange for providing free legal counsel on all her activities. Allison agreed, but felt trapped because she was helpless to do little more than watch her life transpire.

One of her clients, a man named Honcho, was head of the Vulturians gang. During the course of interviews and prepping for trial, Honcho let slip the whereabouts of his safehouse. Allison reached into her purse, drew her gun and shot him dead. She claimed self-defense when the police came and they were not about to look further than the created crime scene.

Allison stopped by the safehouse to see if she could find money or something to pay back the Queen and get her kids back. She found no money, but she did find a spare Vulturion outfit. She took it and the instruction manual home. In her free time, she trained with it and became proficient in its use. She then confronted the Queen and offered her services in a one-time deal, to make them even. The Queen agreed. Her mission? Kill her ex-husband (who had worked his way up to personal security for Mr. Fisk by that time). The Raptor went about and began her attack. She was about to kill her ex when her boys stepped in front of him. She saw the tears streaming down their faces as they begged for his life. Ashamed, she flew off and back to the Queen. Having failed at this task, the Queen calmly explained that the Raptor worked for her now….

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The Scolopendra:

Hijikata Mineko

The Scolopendra is a failed creation of North Korea. In an attempt to create a hero the likes of Spiderman, Although instead of fate and circumstance, they relied upon cruel practice and machinations. To this end, they kidnapped Hijikata, a Japanese student visiting from Japan, and forced her to ingest radiated centipedes. After two years of captivity, Hiji’s body formed a solid shell around it. As they were preparing for her disposal, the body sprouted small legs. The body shell cracked in certain places, segmenting allowing Hiji to move. She escaped and terrorized the countryside.

In her dealings with the Triad, Queen Beaux Q heard of the “Centipede Girl” and her monstrous origins. She sent Black Mantis and Spider-Wasp to find her. After an initial confrontation, it was determined that Spider-Wasp could communicate with the now mute Hijikata. More insect than human, she agreed to join their growing army in return for the death of her tormentors.


Scolopendra has an armored carapace that protects her from physical attacks. She has multiple tendrils that react to mental commands. She can lift/press about 10 tons. She has mandibles that can cause crushing damage. She can travel at above normal speed.

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One Eyed Jack:

Prisaine Carmichael

Prisaine was a spoiled little rich girl with every advantage at her disposal. Money was not an issue. Fame came easily. Trouble followed her like a lost puppy. A hedonistic lifestyle enabled by others and embraced wholeheartedly, Prisaine was left with one problem: Boredom. Nothing was ever enough. There were no more thrills or rushes or bad boys she could convert to full-fledged disasters. It began innocently enough, simple vandalism, shoplifting, pranks all in the name of appeasing her desire for adventure. Prisaine saw costumed heroes and villains and wanted to soar the skies like one of them. That is where she longed to be…

Halloween…Pris and friends were walking to a costume party in Beverly Hills dressed as pirates. An ex-boyfriend of her friend and some of his fellow idiots began harassing them. It culminated in the ex-boyfriend getting tased by Pris. The adulation! The praise! The spotlight was all on her.

Since that moment, Pris decided she was going to become one of the brightly colored heroes she had so long admired. She contacted an old boyfriend named Cam Sykes. She provided Cam with schematics she had stolen (from Cross Technologies, a subsidiary of her father’s company) to create a motorcycle that could fly and hydroplane. She also tasked him with creating a sabre that could emit bolts of varying degrees of electricity. Sykes reported all of this back to Queen Beaux Q. Who went and laid it all out for Pris. They had her dead to rights. Everything she stole everything she planned to do and if she didn’t join their gang, they were going to blackmail her. When faced with the decision of whether to become a villain or not, Pris surprised the Queen a full-throated YES! Queen would add that Pris was not quite right in the head.


Jack’s costume doubles as body armor. She also has a taserfied sabre and her “Stolen Steed”. She has other gadgets such as a laser in her eyepatch which also doubles as her navigator. “Cannonball” smokebombs, exploding skull & crossbones, and a grappling hook….hook.