The Champion Project

I remember when I was a little kid, I had the flu. My grandpa brought me some comics, among which were Marvel's Champions issues 16 & 17. For some reason, I really took to the series. I was a huge (new) Defenders and X-Men fan at the time, so I dug the Angel and Iceman. I little exposure to Hercules and Black Widow. I liked Ghost Rider. As I was moving this last September, I found my collections of the Champions and reread them. I then decided to make a project of updating the idea of the Champions for today.

I know it can't be published due to the Hero Publishing lawsuit and the name can't be used by Marvel, but this is a fantasy project.

I had about 10 people I wanted to use, but had to cut it down to six or seven. The roll call and creative process follows.

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Mockingbird: An apt replacement for the Black Widow, plus she has character expansion potential. Her in: She is a SHIELD agent sent to LA to investigate a terrorist cell known as Factor 3.

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Goliath: Tony Isabella originally was building the Champions around Bill Foster, the Black Goliath. So to honor that memory, I put Tom Foster (Bill's nephew who assumed the identity of Goliath after Bill's death) on the team. His in: He is in custody after the Revenger's attack on the Avengers. SHIELD cuts a deal where he will serve his sentence as a powered agent and back-up to Mockingbird. He would also get to move back home to LA.

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Blazing Skull: I like the Ghost Rider, but I love this guy. I first got wind of this character in the New Invaders mini. He is like an immortal Deadpool with a flaming skull. His in: Relocating to LA after the dissolution of the Initiate's team of Defenders, the Skull now works for a popular horror movie studio. He loses a friend to a Factor 3 terrorist attack and helps Mockingbird and Goliath, joining their team.

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Yellowjacket: Rita DeMara recently escaped Hell during the Chaos War. She lands on her feet in LA, living with her mom. Her in: Rita is contacted by Factor 3 after the first incident. They blackmail her into being a double agent for them. She seeks the team out to help.

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Sleepwalker: A replacement for the "odd factor" of the Ghost Rider for the original team, Sleepwalker is a powderkeg of potential. Sleepwalker is a great character to use in a team environment. His in: Rick Sheridan, the host of the Sleepwalker, is found amongst the survivors of the Factor Three terrorist attack. He is comatose allowing the Sleepwalker to roam free, but what happens when it is discovered Rick was in the coma BEFORE the attack.

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The Sentry: SPOILERS, now this isn't Robert Reynolds. This is the amnesiac son of Count Nefaria (formerly known as Nefarious). His in: He awakens during the F3 attack and helps Mockingbird and her team quell the uprising.

Lastly.....well, that is kinda why I wrote this. I had a plethora of other characters I wanted to use (Moon Knight, Daredevil, Red Ronin....yes Red Ronin), but I think the best thing would be to ask for help. Who would you make the 7th member, and why, and what is their in? Not really a contest, just a thought...if you ant to participate. Thanks in advance!


Avengers: There can be only one.

I don't like there being three teams of Avengers running around the Marvel Universe. I don't begrudge Marvel at all for doing it. From a sales perspective, It is genius marketing. When the Avengers movie hits, parents will buy anything with that label on it. They'll go into comic shops and ask for Avengers comics, see 3 different kinds and buy all three. Smart cookies. So this blog is aimed more at comic fans.  
I'd like to see the three teams split into different factions and renamed. Of course the A-list gets the name Avengers (Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man). They are the big guns of the three teams and the standard bearer for the teams in the Marvel universe.

The New Avengers should become the Defenders. I am a huge Defenders fan. The non-team concept of happenstance heroes fits the bill for Cage, Iron fist, Power Lady, Spiderman, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Mockingbird, Ms Marvel, & the Thing. They aren't the greatest or most strategically balanced group of heroes, but they have personality dynamics that make for great interaction and a wider breadth of adventure than just the next big threat. 
The Secret Avengers, led by Steve Rogers, should become the Invaders. It better explains what he is doing with his own personal strikeforce, plus the Invaders were his first team. It's a nod to his past.

The Young Avengers can stay the Young Avengers. 

Avenger Academy should become the New Warriors. The whole premise behind the group is taking the most potent individuals before they have the ability to commit a great mistake and train them. This was the folly of the New Warriors. Plus you have Justice and Speedball teaching them. 
Thats my take on it. I'd love to hear what you think, just no comments to the effect of the Defenders can only be so and so. As comic fans, we all know nothing is forever in comics....not after Bucky came back. 


Steve Rogers should NOT become Captain America

What is the next step for Steve Rogers? He used to be Captain America, the epitome of the superhero archtype.Now he steps up to be the World's Top Cop as the director of SHIELD. The next obvious step is the universe, right? 

A lot of people did not like the transfer of Cap to Steve Rogers. I did. I am a Wally West fan, I am a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern kinda guy, and in a wierd way, I even liked Ben Riley. I accept these changes as opportunity for the hero's identity to grow. Bucky becoming Cap made sense in a way that John Walker or the Grand Director or any of the other substitutes couldn't. The same with Wally becoming Flash. I just liked the Kyle revamp of the Green Lantern character.

Sometimes a character needs to be redone. They have either run their course, or are entrenched in continuity Hell. Hal Jordan is the perfect example. At the time of his demise, the most significant change Hal had undergone was that he had gray temples. Oooh! Take that Reed Richards! Nothing like watching your grandpa fight Sinestro. Turning him to the villain was the natural next step. Had Cap reached this point? I say yes.

Cap had just surrendered to authorities after the biggest hero on hero battle. He was going to go to jail and/or be decommissioned from the station of Captain America (for the 1 billionth time). So they do him like Kennedy. He is replaced, and then comes roaring back, but here is the twist....he doesn't take back the mantle. This goes against the formula, but plays out better. There is a new Cap, accepted as a replacement. And now we have arguably the most recognized Marvel character without a title, a code name.


Wait.....he's Super Soldier. Yeah, boring. Steve deserves something classic, enduring, and currently not being used. In my opinion, Steve Rogers should become....Captain Marvel. The name Captain Marvel has been a toxic asset for Marvel. Everytime they try to use it, they are like Charlie Brown going after the football.....oh so close but never hitting the mark. Marvel wants someone to fill the position but they suit a person up and then get gun-shy about backing their decision. Let's take a look.

Mar-Vell: The first, the original, the one who ruined the name. I only say that because Mar-Vell died so perfectly. He was a true hero, and died vailantly. He made the name great and untouchable. 

Monica Rambeau: I don't think she really was given a fair shake. She admirably filled the roll and even became leader of the Avengers. I like her character and always thought she would become Ms. Marvel if they brought the good Captain back. Which they did.....unfortunately.... 

Genis-Vell: I wanted to like him....SO much. Then came the mullet/ponytail/leather jacket combo. He was a sad insult to a great hero's legacy. That is until Avengers Forever. I liked him in that, and was thrilled that he was given a shot at a solo series. There just seemed no momentum from the limited series.


The Skrull Impostor: Argh! Hopes dashed and stupidity ensues.....I'm glad he died.


Noh-Var: Alright, now here we go! He is Kree yeah! Hes got Nega bands woo hoo! and a crappy costume? What's the deal? Black and white, no star, whabuthey?!? No! No! No! Who the Hell is the Protector?!? That's the guy who subbed for Robin on the Titans when they went busting up Speedy's old gang! 

So, MARVEL comics has no CAPTAIN MARVEL. Take that in real slow. The universe needs a protector. Yeah so we have Nova, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel needs someone to take the Captain Marvel name and make it marquee again. Steve Rogers can do that, but how? 

Theory 1:

He does it by visiting the space faring grave of his former Avenger pal Quasar. Upon touching the grave, the power of the Starbrand is transferred. Steve takes the new power and becomes the new Captain Marvel.

Theory 2: 

The power of Captain Universe finally settles on a permanent home, Steve Rogers. STeve then takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel.


Theory 3:

Steve Rogers receives the Nega Bands from Rick Jones, who can't keep them secure in his current condition. Steve slips them on, and trips a security mechanism programmed into them by the original Captain Marvel. He vows to carry on the tradition of Captain Marvel.

MARVEL needs a Captain Marvel. The only man for the job is Steve Rogers. This would also give Marvel the marquee hero to go toe to toe with Superman. Not in power necessarily, but in iconic value. Mar-Vell was the cream of the crop in the Kree army, so was Rogers. Only the Captain can revive Captain Marvel.  






The Secret Origin of The Sentry

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Okay so I was watching Superman IV The Quest for Peace the other day (I'm unemployed and bored okay) and something didn't sit quite right for me. What happened to the Nuclear Man at the end? He supposedly blew up in the very source of his power, the sun (more on that later). Then I finally figured out why we haven't seen the Nuclear Man in DC comics ever....or anywhere else in the DC universe.

The Nuclear Man is Marvel's The Sentry.

Let me edify my argument:

1.) NM got his power from what? An exploding sun, and the Sentry has the power of what? exploding suns.

2.) Their costumes. eerily similar in design and form. Black and orange can easily transform to yellow and blue. Plus both have askeiwed lettering as their symbol. Both have long blonde hair.

3.) The Sentry believes that he was/is a villan.

4.) NM was made from the DNA of Superman, after his cross dimension bounce he comes to our world, reimagines his costume with the "S" because he was obsessed with that symbol. Also this explains why Sentry claims he is a hero and no one in the Marvel universe recognizes him.

5.) Lex manipulated the DNA to make NM subserviant. This explains why he is so obsiquess to Norman Osborn.

The proof is undeniable. The science is sound. And another of comicdom's great mysteries is solved.