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Was an avid comic collector from mid-90s until the turn of the decade. Now, I'm just returning and attempting to play catch-up with all I've missed. I'm amazed how much comics have changed since I stopped collecting. The first thing I've noticed is the increase in price and the quality of art.

Now that I'm back I'm going back to read Civil War, Secret Invasion, WWH. What did I miss in DCU? Luckily I made it in time for Blackest Night and Siege. Admittedly, while I mostly collect Marvel and DC titles, I am delving into some more "indy" comics and have liked what I've seen so far (e.g. Ghost Projekt from Oni Press)

Favorite Character(s): Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Spider-Man

Favorite Story: Y-The Last Man

Favorite Creators: Olivier Coipel, JMS, Gabe Hardman