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East meets West 0

One of my first Avengers comics. West Coast Avengers just started up. It was a good time to be an Avengers fan. A double-sized issue at $1.00, it cost as much as an annual back then. Haven't seen a giant-size or double-sized issue in awhile. I just noticed Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnot signed their names to the cover. Looks like they did for a few issues, but didn't stick.Vision and Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau, the one I grew up with) seem to be the stars of this one. With Captain Marvel's lights...

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Surtur's demons in the streets of NYC 0

This was my first Avengers comic as a kid. Right in the middle of the Absolute Vision storyline and the Surtur Ragnarok story spilling over from the pages of Thor. I picked up both so I was introduced to cross-overs right away. In fact it also brings in the Fantastic Four and mentions the West Coast Avengers, both of which I ended up buying, too. This one issue is probably responsible for putting me firmly in the Marvel camp from the beginning, even though I dabbled in DC.The battle with the dem...

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3D in the 70s in the 50s... 0

Well this is the end of a three part origin story for 3D Man. So that makes it hard to judge on its own. This was part of a pile of comics I got as a kid. I think even then I wasn't into it. Not sure I even read it back then.The story was written in the 1970s and takes place in the 1950s. And here I am in 2013 reading it. It had the feel of an old Marvel style collaboration with captions added in after the art was drawn. Also it seems to be trying to make fun of itself, but the serious bits kind...

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DD teams up with Kingpin 0

This is the second Daredevil issue I picked up as a kid. My introduction to the character. I jumped in midstream to the story like all the others I picked up at the time. And definitely not a friendly "jumping on" point. I only got two issues, so maybe there is something to that. Though I think mostly that the story was probably a little over my head at the time, beyond the action.Not a lot happened as far as the main plot in this issue. I guess this was as several parter. You do get more of a s...

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Silence and the Blind 0

It's hard to judge the story since it jumps in midstream, but this was one of the first comics I ever bought and this is where I jumped on. The story wasn't familiar to me as I read it again recently. The cover stuck with me and apparently I liked it enough at the time to buy #212. I think it may have been just too heady for a little kid :) But then I guess that's a testament to it working on different levels, appealing to different ages.The villains, the Kingorge tribe (just got that..."kin gor...

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