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Alternate Dimension Fun 0

Great art and character redesign. The world building was light and accessible, never leading the reader in the dark. The twist at the end was enjoyable and not too far fetch. Looking forward to a big action sequence and really wish this storyline was going to go for twelve issues....

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Getting Better 0

This is one of the better issues of the series in that it does a number of things well. The pacing is good, characterization of the main character and the supporting characters gets its proper time, and the action panels are great. The big reveal at the end was good but not great though....

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Now we're talking 0

Easily the best issue of the series, what has been a series of blunders and getting-to-know chats Ironheart feels like a lead of a comic book. The snappy banter between Riri and AI-Tony is still in place, so is the advise and wisdom dumping from her elders. This issue is different in that is demonstrates Riri's defiant tendencies as being productive. It also helps she finally won a fight with a D list villain on her own this time. Best yet there is a cliffhanger that gives the reader a clea...

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How You Approach A Matter 0

The issue is surprisingly funny and gripping. It moves at a quick pace with each panel advancing the plot along significantly. The crux of the issue was the conflicting approaches of Ms. Marvel and Quake as to how to lead a super team and get results. The writers did a good job of making the conflict impactful without making the issue feel heavy. The heroes on the run theme is provided by the back drop of the Secret Empire event and I am curious what the pace of the series will be like once the ...

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Better Together 0

One of my all time favorite single Avenger issues, if not Marvel issues. Quite possibly Black Panther's greatest single "scene" in the long history of the character. It had a wonderful domino effect sequence that was team comic book writing at its best. Oliver Copiel's art was just perfect and a delight to see. If you want to see what makes Marvel teams unique and amazing this is the issue to read....

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