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Comics I love but am liable to forget before next month

I haz cheeseburger? Okay, okay. I've seen some of the lists floating around here. @misteranderson's are kind of funny, in a "there's nothing else on" kind of way, and @judasnixon's are interesting and @inferiorego's are spiffy. I really can't compare to these established CV users, so I'm going to make a list for my own frame of reference, rest of you be damned. ;) [I learned from a post yesterday that you have to put a winky smiley face on things you don't want people to take seriously, because they suck at reading for context. I made this mistake after failing to thoroughly read a post, though. My bad. lol]

List items

  • I have been in love with Eric Powell's art since I saw some roller derby bout posters he did for Fracture Magazine. My comic store doesn't have this right now, but I need to ask 'em to order it for me.

  • I need to add this to my monthly pull list, but I have to keep it on the d.l. b/c I don't want my older brother whacking off to them in my bathroom.

  • I hear good things about this book, and the art I've seen is appealing. Didn't the writer do an X-book?

  • First appearance of the Enforcer, the first Scourge of the Underworld victim. My brother got me into Ghost Rider long before Nicholas Cage crapped up the role on the big screen.

  • lol The story title is hilarious! Does steel wind happen after eating food from the Iron Chef? Another hole in my original Ghost Rider collection.

  • I had like, # 1 and # 3, so I need to just get the trade.

  • I need to hunt down some of her recent appearances so I know why she looks like Tank Girl and acts like Harley Quinn now.

  • I love love LOVE Tim Bradstreet's art! Anyone know if this has Punisher art or V:tM artwork he did? That would be awesome.

  • My twitter pal @ya_hersey and I are just like Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, but I'm not half-Japanese and she has both of her arms. Also, neither of us know any martial arts. And aren't detectives. But! We look good in tight clothes and kick ass in our own way.

  • 178 ends with Kitty falling to her death while trying to get help from the FF after the Brotherhood messes up Colossus. I reeeeally want to know how she survived.

  • I like Callisto, even when she was drawn to look like a one-eyed Patti Smith. I know how this fight ends, but I never read this issue.

  • The manga based on the movie.

  • Battle Royale with teenage superheroes! ~clap clap clap~ YAY! I hate f'n Darkhawk. LAME. I hope he bites it.

  • I think this was a serial in Heavy Metal. Looks cool, regardless.

  • Is this the one where she kisses Poison Ivy? Kinda hot. I like Ian Churchill art, too. Cable's fault.