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Military Records: Francesco Mateo Scaletta

Service Branch: United States Army; United States Navy; Military Police Corps.

Years of Service: 15 successful years.

  1. Six years with the U.S. Rangers;
  2. Three years with the Delta Force;
  3. Two years with U.S. Navy SEALs;
  4. Three years within the Military Police Corps;
  5. Year in the U.S. Ranger reserves.

Rank: Major (U.S. Army); Sergeant (U.S. Marines).

Unit(s): Classified.

Role: Special Operations; LRRP/Demolitions Specialization.


Decorations: The Bronze Star, Medal of Good Conduct (1x U.S. Army; 1x U.S. Navy); The Defense Superior Service Medal, The Legion of Merit, Soldier's Medal (2x), The Silver Star, The Purple Heart. All of the other medal citations involve official secrets and are therefore redacted.

Other Achievements: The only non-Marine to win the US Marine Corps 1000 Yard Invitational rifle competition. Won the US Army Pistol Championship.

Psych Evaluation: Increased agression that fuels his bouts of valor in the field of battle. Able to remain analytical under stress and enemy fire. Possesses a good eye for detail and a healthy code of conduct.

Deployment History: