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"Time echoes dimly"

The Beast of Blackpool
The Beast of Blackpool

Real Name: Fraga

Aliases: Warden of Saamas, Beast of Blackpool, Seven Eyed Beast, Blackpool Baron, Black Prince, Son of Strix, Black Dragon, Pale Prince

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 214 lbs

Age: Unknown

Hair Color: Ashy White

Eye Color: Varies

Species: Unknown

Gender: Male

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Blackpool, Black Hallows

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Ezra Strix (Father), Hezora (Sister), Marzanna Strix (Aunt), Ishmael Strix (Half-Brother), Absalom Strix (Half-Brother), Nikoleta Strix (Half-Sister)

Occupation: Warden of Saamas, Arcane Scholar

Affiliation: City of Blackpool

The Son of Strix - Origin/Background

A son born to an impersonal monster in a city of twisted spires below the gloomy skies of the Black Hallows, Fraga was raised to be little more than a tool for his father's ambitions. As an infant, the folds of his flesh and soul were torn open, and his body made a prison for a winged beast of corruption. The beast's name? Saamas, a dragon with scales black and jagged like volcanic rock. And it's warden? Fraga, the newborn of Strix. And how the child suffered, his brutal screams floating to the ears of a father all too pleased to smile and make him a living stronghold of forces tainted and wrong. Only by the unseen hand of his sister, Hezora the Grimweaver, did the Son of Strix know freedom. She unshackled his limbs and unbound his spirit. And he fled, a beautiful beast with skin and hair as white as snow, as though his flesh and hair were too pure to react to light.

He roamed the known corners of the Black Hallows, finding tomes of arcane knowledge in the Dire Halls, and lending his hand to the humans of the Keld. Yet as his and Saamas' soul became one, his heart began to thrum for the void from whence the dragon and it's kin came. For those places in the Black Hallows shrouded in mystery, in the unknown. And they called to him in song. But no tune rang louder in his mind than the song of revenge.

For the suffering Fraga'd endured, Ezra Strix would pay. He swore it.

The Black Prince - Psychological Profile/Personality

At the surface, Fraga appears calm, enigmatic, and with little desire for social relationships. He speaks less, and observes often. Though beneath the veil lies a mind riddled with complexities. Regarded by the City of Blackpool with fear for his role as the Warden of Saamas, and once treated by his father as a tool to be used in pursuit of ambition, the Son of Strix spent many a year in misery. His childhood knew no warmth, and his tortured upbringing under his father made clear his apparent inferiority. That he was an "it", not a "he", a tool, not a son nor a person. And it is to this that Fraga owes the neurosis that now rules his life. He relates to a neurotic need for personal achievement and strength by attempting to excel in his endeavors. To become as great a swordsman or sorcerer as he possibly can, to be the first warden of the void's beasts to resist it's call to the unknown. And he does so with the simple aim of proving that he is worthy.

It is coping technique, one chosen to satisfy this excessive need to measure his worth. The Pale Prince has always been an outsider. His father is the Madweaver, his aunt the Deathweaver, his sister the Grimweaver, and he? A weaver of nothing. He is a Strix but regarded as impure, and considered lesser than. But it is not their mold Fraga wishes to fit, only his own, whatever it be. For years he'd been stripped of his self-worth, and now? He fears weakness and defeat more than he desires victory. And it lends to his anger, and even his envy. Fraga enjoys no friendships, no relationships. He has no one, for he is no one. And to glimpse at the relationships of others, their closeness, it haunts him, and paints his heart with envy. All he has is the self-worth he defines through achievement. So his fear, that no matter what he attains, it is never enough, is always present. And thus, Fraga's is a siege mentality. Behind the mask of mystique and suave poise, is a soul convinced that fate plots his downfall and his only way out is to be great.

His mentality, therefore, is desperate. It drills into his mind that achievement is everything, and losing is the end. There is a horror of defeat driving him. And the appearance of weakness reminds him of his resentment towards those he believes have long lived above such concerns; his father. And no achievement would rank greater, would fill his life with substance, than realizing the end of Ezra Strix. Fueling his neurotic need for achievement is also a sense of pride, in himself, and as a result, he rarely relies on his boons as the Warden of Saamas during battle.

The Warden of Saamas - Knowledge & Skills

|| Rare Intellect & Knowledge ||

An inquisitive and sharp thinker with an eye for analysis and pattern recognition, Fraga is as intelligent as he is well read. The body of knowledge in his possession ranges from history, psychology and philosophy to sorcery and the esoteric. When combined with his raw intelligence, it renders him a sharp tactician and strategist. And like any proper strategist, Fraga often commits to regular intelligence gathering efforts on people and places of interest so that he may be better prepared for any variables that may force him to make crucial adjustments during battle. When observing a place for example, Fraga studies the terrain, the time, the climate, and every possible physical condition that might impact the conflict.

In battle, his intention is and has always been to maximize his chance of victory while minimizing risk, a reality which causes him to develop several backup and contingency plans. Additionally, Fraga is a master at cold reading, reading not only facial expressions but body language as well.

|| Armed Fighting System: Swordsmanship ||

While Fraga is a skilled unarmed fighter, his greatest skill is with a blade, and he uses three distinct approaches depending on the type of enemy encountered. Against the unarmed, Fraga never waits for the opponent to commit mistakes as he understands that they're at an inherent disadvantage from being unarmed. He seizes the initiative so that the opponent does not have time to fall back into a defensive rhythm. He comes forward, using pressuring but calculating footwork to seize angles and control the battle space. And because an unarmed foe wields no weapon, be they defensive or offensive, Fraga will use his sword to attack their extremities which they cannot defend such as the arms and legs. With no shield or weapon (of equal or longer reach), the opponent can neither block nor parry a strike aimed at their legs, for example. Against an armed opponent, Fraga's style of engagement changes completely.

Master of Blades
Master of Blades

Against long-range attacks, Fraga resorts to the sorcery of his blade. Against spears, he may at times resort to spells but remains confident in his swordsmanship despite the inherent advantages a spear has over a sword. When facing a spearman, the Son of Strix will force them into a confined space or at the very least, try to limit the amount of space a spearman can use. However, because closing the distance on a spear without getting skewered is difficult, Fraga takes great care in closing the distance. He often targets the lead hand/arm of the spearman, which is usually exposed. As a result, one of Fraga's approaches is closing the distance after a parried or missed strike from the spear. Once past the spear tip, Fraga's attention turns to grabbing the shaft with one hand and using his sword-hand to eviscerate the opponent. Against a highly skilled spearman however, the Pale Prince will take no chances and summon his shield to block the long straight angles from which spears attack.

When faced with an axe or war hammer, Fraga's confidence flares as he simply counter-cuts due to the inherent advantages a sword enjoys over an axe or hammer. As axes and war hammers usually have shorter reaches, those who use them are forced to overextend, and coupled with the lack of hand guards in axes and hammers, it renders their hands, wrists and fingers extremely vulnerable to counter-cuts. The Pale Prince then, simply backsteps to move both his body and head out of distance whilst bringing his sword up for it's sharp edge to meet the exposed hand of an opponent swinging an axe or hammer. Furthermore, when blocking or parrying, Fraga uses the base of the sword against the end of a war hammer or axe because the base is a hammer or axe's highest point of resistance while the end (where a hammer or axe-head are) is the weakest point of resistance due to weight imbalance, enabling Fraga to push a hammer or axe off to the side, exposing the opponent to a quick parry-cut sequence.

In general, his control of range and distance management is what guides him to victory. With a body and mind trained and fine-tuned to be combat ready at all times, he can stay just out of an opponent's reach, keeping himself as close to the opponent as possible while staying a crucial inch beyond their reach. He parries and dodges the opponent's attacks by that crucial inch, keeping his body and blade that much more ready to counter his foe. With a body primed for combat, he is a bane of even other master swordsmen. His movement is sharper, beyond having superhuman muscles and nerves fine-tuned for quick movement. He can be absolutely still in a manner that others cannot. Unlike most people, when the Son of Strix is at rest, he is primed to move at a moment's notice even when completely still, a mastered by few. And a skill crucial to a master swordsman. And Fraga is a master of reading when his opponent is not ready to move.

He reads the body. Notices when his opponent's planes (footing) are weak, when they commit mistakes like crossing their legs when walking, when their attention has wandered, their balance etc. is off even by just a tiny fraction, and he attacks in that small window of opportunity. Furthermore, Fraga makes use of every conceivable tool in his arsenal. He uses his grappling e.g. wrist-grips, to create openings for his sword, and his sword to create openings for his grappling or dagger. He attempts to disarm, uses the pommel of his sword to strike his opponent, blinds them with sand or poisonous mist, kicks them in the groin, and anything to maximize his chances of success in combat, including impaling his own hand on his opponent's sword to fatally stab them.

The Black Dragon - Powers & Abilities

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The Blackpool Baron - Paraphernalia

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