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Delve into the mind of a killer for justice that's surrounded by a bevy of busty heroines. 0

Triage X Vol. 2 ReviewTriage X Vol. 2 US (Feb 2013)Publisher: Yen PressAuthor: Shoji SatoArtist: Shoji SatoRating: MatureGenre: Action / AdventureMSRP: $13.99 (USD)Contents: 5 Chapters, 1 Omake / 160 pg.The Black Label team is on the move to finally end the last operation with surgical precision, and a new foe appears who seems to be on the same mission with a fiery twist. The GoodCan't wait to learn more about herVolume two picks up right where the previous installment left off, and the action ...

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The Black Label team is now on call in the U.S.!! 0

Triage X Vol. 1 ReviewTriage X Vol. 1 (Oct 2012)Publisher: Yen PressAuthor: Shoji SatoArtist: Shoji SatoRating: MatureGenre: Action / AdventureMSRP: $13.99 (USD)Contents: 5 Chapters / 160 pg.Already being a fan of Shoji Sato's art in HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD. I was intrigued to hear that he had taken on duel duties of both story and art for his own series titled TRIAGE X. It was surprising to see a series that has one of the more "comic book" feels in a Japanese manga that I've ever come across. Y...

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A thrilling, fun ride that twists the zombie genre on its head. 0

One Piece Volume 46 ReviewOne Piece Vol. 46 US (May 2010)Publisher: VIZ MediaAuthor: Eiichiro OdaRating: TeenGenre: Adventure / Comedy / FantasyMSRP: $9.99 (USD)Contents: 9 Chapters / 200pg.Fresh off the Straw Hats' greatest victory against the Marines and the World Government's CP-9, Luffy and his friends are thrown into another adventure on their way to Fish-Man Island. First, they have to cross one of most mysterious sea in the Grand Line, the Florian Triangle, where ships have been disappear...

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Survival and Loss Hits Team Takashi 0

Highschool of the Dead Volume 6 ReviewHighschool of the Dead Vol. 6 US (Apr 2012)Publisher: Yen PressAuthor: Daisuke SatoArtist: Shouji SatoRating: MatureGenre: Action / AdventureMSRP: $13.99 (USD)Contents: 3 Chapters & 1 Omake / 160pg.Just as the members of Team Takashi are making plans to make their move and finally leave the Taiei Shopping Town. All hell has broken loose and a horde of Them has broken in thanks to the actions of one of the refugees who's finally lost his mind. They can no...

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Romance Dawn Part Deux 0

One Piece Volume 61 ReviewOne Piece Vol. 61 US (Mar 2012)Publisher: VIZ MediaAuthor: Eiichiro OdaRating: TeenGenre: Action / Adventure / FantasyMSRP: $9.99 (USD)Contents: 9 Chapters / 200pg.This volume in the ever growing ONE PIECE series closes out both the Dawn Island Arc and the Grand Line Saga, but begins the Fish-Man Island Arc and the New World Saga. Very much a landmark issue. The Straw Hats have taken a two year break from their journey to finally train and prepare for the threats ahead....

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Enter the Shinobi Slueth, Sherlock Holmes!! 1

Just for the sake of disclosure. I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, and the artist Fred Perry. So, when I heard that Fred Perry, creator of Gold Digger, was making a Sherlock Holmes comic titled " Sherlock Ninja". It was very much a "You got chocolate in my peanut butter" moment. Two of my favorite worlds collide here. In this book Sherlock has had a lady, Madam Selice, come to his home to request protection from a mysterious Eastern Phantom ...

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Prelude to the Next Adventure 0

Gina's adventures in the "Halls of the Extremely Dead" have come to an end with a key to the world of the Djinni. Britanny returns from her fishing trip unsuccessful in catching her prey. This is a good issue that has some really funny moments, but more is setting the stage for the next big adventure, and a few hints for further in the future. Julia leaves her husband to find her daughters home. She shares the story of how she lost her title of Arms Master, and how she plans to reclaim it.  The ...

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Death traps can be funny too 0

This issue of Gold Digger is the second part that was started back in issue eight Gina, Stryyp and Penny are inside the Uhm di Turrok, the Halls of the Extremely Dead. While outside Seance faces off against the evil Fauntleroy. You might be missing some fine details if you haven't read issue eight, but this is a great read.  Right from the start the righting is fantastic. There is a wild misunderstanding that really leads into a funny event. Two of Fauntleroy's wives are waiting i...

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My First Gold Digger 0

Back in 2000 I ran into this comic series in my local coming book store. Normally I had always gone with the major publishing companies; Marvel, DC. I believe it was te cover to this issue that caught my attention. Not just because of the tight ass on the female lead Gina Diggers. The series is called Gold Digger and was created by US artist/veteran Fred Perry.  The basic premise follows the adventures of two adventuring sisters. All through different worlds, realms, and universes. Wome...

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