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You know, with as many awesome covers J. Scott Campbell has done for Marvel comic series. You never see him do interior art work.
It always annoyed me growing up when interior art didn't match cool cover art.

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I have a rather wild and crazy theory about Emma's current involvement with the Cabal and Dark X-Men. I'm not going on a lot here and it's mostly based upon character reactions and comic previews that have been released.

First there is the Confession book. Supposedly, it's a double size issue. I despise it when they use the term "and life will never be the same". Every time I read that I could ring someone's neck. Is this going to be good or bad for Emma?
If it's positive I will be all happy. If it's a negative turn I will more be thinking, "wont someone not rid me of this meddlesome writer?" (Not serious, and bonus points to anyone who gets that reference.). I can only stomach this Black Queen affair for so long.
It's even more irritating when I feel that Cyclops has just as much to apologize for. There is some serious irony in how Beast, before capture, talked to both Scott and Emma that he will be talking to them both about their clandestine actions. This seems fair to me about how Hank knows that both of them are in the wrong, no matter their intentions; and need to sit down and talk this out. Though if he thought it was that imperative and urgent, why did he put it off? It's interesting how it seems that before this conversation happened that Beast is captured.
I am wondering if this is true though. What if the conversation did happen? Could the Confession book be a post dated story. As with the Dark X-Men: Beginning. That may seem unlikely when you look at the over the top cover image. Emma is in her Black Queen(pains me to even type that) costume. Though that could just be misdirection.
I'm just finding Scott's reactions to Emma's to be a trifle underwhelmed, at least in front of his X-Men teams still with him. Even telling the shocked Colossus that he has an idea of what she's doing.

I mention this, because I was looking at the dates of the releases and rethinking some of the issue summaries Marvel has released.
I noticed that the Confession book is released the week after this still classified Uncanny X-Men # 515. Even part of the Confession description is still listed as Classified. As if there is more that aren't saying just yet. The current statement they use is plenty.
Then there's the matter of the issue summary for the the first Exodus book, that is released the week before the Uncanny X-Men # 515.

The Story: The climactic conclusion to the crossover event of 2009 is here! This is it, the final battle for the Dark Avengers and the X-Men that will change the status quo for the Marvel Universe. Emma Frost’s betrayal comes home to roost. Cyclops’ plan clicks into place, but is it too late? What can the X-Men do against the Sentry and Ares?

The line about "Emma Frost's betrayal comes home to roost.". I used to think about this as her 'betrayal' of the X-Men. When I looked at the cover image for this book and the Dark Avengers #7. I started to look at this from the other side. What is there to say that this 'betrayal' isn't to the Cabal, Dark X-Men, and Namor? Emma did trick Namor into thinking Shaw was dead, and he is seen on the cover of this book on the side of the Dark Avengers. He just kind of stood out to me on that cover since he wasn't a member of the Dark Avengers, and that is the group that is moving on the X-Men from the left of the page, no Dark X-Men in mix from either side. I do remember Fraction stating that Namor would find out about Emma playing him the fool when it came to Shaw.

It's a bit unclear about the time line when Beast was with the X-Club and Utopia's mutant riot. Beast is shown at the start of Utopia, facing off with Trask's hate group march. He's later seen in Dark Avengers #7, being tortured as a test subject for Dark Beast's mutant power removing device. Hank is talking about how his claws are falling off and you see blue hair all over the place. It appears this machine can even remove physiological mutations like Beast's body mutations.
The X-Club events could of happened between Sisterhood and Utopia.

I used to think that Beast was a complete fool for facing off with Trask. It seemed to play into Trask's hands. He wanted a confrontation like that.
Going on the extremely long shot that my wild theory is correct, Confession, such as Beginning, is a post dated story, and Scott and Emma are already on the same page. What if Hank met Trask out as part of a plot to lure Osborn out? Get him there and then strike.
When playing chess the best kind of move is to get your opponent right where you want them, and make them think it was their idea.

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I have noticed that the series has of yet officially named Emma as Ruby's mom. I don't believe the topic of Ruby's mother has even come up, but it's not like it's necessary for the current story. Who outside of old world stories announces them self followed by their lineage, ala Lord of the Rings.
I look at it like this. What are the odds that Scott was to have a child with some other woman, and this offspring would inherit his optic blast powers and the ability to have a jeweled body form?
Ruby's personality is also very similar to Emma. She's often mocking and playful. The way she teases Layla and asking if she slept with Madrox. Just because Ruby has blond hair doesn't mean a lot. Remember that Emma isn't a natural blond. Though this fact came out after the creation of the Stepford Cuckoo clones were created for the comics. Not to say that a brunette can't have blond children. X-Men: The End and GeNEXT have both shown Emma having blond children.

I find it interesting about how Ruby seems to know Madrox pretty well. Though from Madrox's point of view he has only known her from a few days. I believe in her introduction with him. She stated that it was only their first meeting from his perspective. This seems to imply that Ruby met Madrox before. He described it as if she knew him from the "old days", describing his time line.
I guessed that some time after Madrox and Layla return to the standard time line. A younger Ruby will come to the past and have her first meeting with Madrox. Possibly even joining X-Factor. We know Ruby has been in her Ruby form for over seventy years. Perhaps the Ruby we meet later will be the younger version that can go in and out of her jewel form.
I really want Ruby to get to meet Emma. That would make such a cool cover image. Both Ruby and Emma in their bejeweled forms. I just want to see the look on Emma's face when she meets her daughter from the future. I believe it was in Uncanny X-Men #501 that she talked to Scott about how he's starting to convince her with the idea of 'spawning'.

Seeing how Ruby has been in ruby for over seventy years, and her father is only alive thanks to cybernetics to the point where he only needs batteries to live. Odds are that in this time line Emma passed on years ago. If it was implied about Emma. It's most likely because she died or was killed. Ruby did seem rather ticked when Madrox mocked her father.
Emma just doesn't strike me as the type of woman who would abandon her own child. Every version of her, no matter the universe, has shown her ultra protective of her own children. She has even tried her best with the Cuckoos. Though they seem to denounce her, blaming Emma for the death of their sisters. Still Emma loves the girls.