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X-Men Comic Parody

I realized that I've posted a few of my drawings on my AnimeVice Blog. I hadn't posted any on my blog here. This is a 4koma style comic I made a few months back. This is a parody of events that were in the issue of X-Men #202 from the Blinded by the Light storyline. For those of you who might not know. This scene pretty much directly parodies a scene where Cyclops, Emma, who has been paralyzed by a neurotoxic from Malice who had just overtaken Omega Sentinel, Wolverine, and Beast are trapped under the rubble of what was Rogue's childhood home.

X-Men 4koma - XMen 202
X-Men 4koma - XMen 202
I forgot how difficult it could be to draw Cyclops. It's challenging, because his eyes are covered all the times. In their place I tried to do some subtle things with his visor. I also wanted to be mindful not to draw him too buff. That's a criticism I've had of most artists who draw him. Emma was easy, because I only had to draw her once for this. She still came out looking pretty good.
I liked the joke in this one, because it showed a differnce in Scott's relationship with Emma as compared with Jean. If Jean had caught Scott feeling her up in the prone state she'd be pissed. Emma just cared he stopped once he was caught. She's perverted the boyscout and she likes it.

This was the first time I was really using Corel Painter 11 when I was coloring this image. That explains why the thought bubbles of Emma are so sloppy. If I can ever catch up with my commissions I'd like to try and do more of these. I have so many ideas for these.
I hope you enjoy the comic. and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!