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My Psylocke Redseign Colored

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I'm currently between commissions, so I went through with an idea of coloring my Psylocke redesigns I drew a few years back. It's just been sitting on a USB stick for a while, and I thought I'd give it a go. Maybe try out a few new techniques. My line work was a bit sloppy, but this was when I was really getting a handle on using a tablet to ink a picture.

I'm not opposed to drawing women looking sexy or risque, but I also want to draw women looking cool and bad ass. Psylocke is a trained martial artists. She shouldn't look like a bikini model but have a lean muscle physique.

My idea with the redesign was to make something that's a lot more practical than the strapped bikini costume. As fond as I was of it as a pubescent teen, it's just silly. She's suppose to be a ninja, so I gave her a more ninja-style outfit. In this version she has a more stylish sport bra top that has an Asian look. I can't speak for women, but I bet there are ladies out there who'd actually wear a top that looked similar to this for exercising.