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Hunter-Killer #0 0

Marc Silvestri has done it again with some fantastic pencil work. After the great series of Cyberforce, this takes a life of its own with a team of very visionary characters. I love the theme of the story and it once again shows the super genius of Top Cow and they wonderful stories that they give us readers. I give a two thumbs up and five stars are not enough....

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Cyberforce #2 (Tin Men of War) 0

Cyberforce confronts Cyberdata once again for Velocity. Even though Cyberdata doesn't have really any team work and I think they protray Killjoy as a wildcat of the team. I really enjoy the Cyberdata team and again, would like to see some future series named Cyberdata. I think showing the bad guys in more depth would enhance the story more than ever. I still really enjoyed the story and think it is another great work of Marc....

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Cyberforce #0 (orgin special) 0

Going back and retelling the story of how Cyberforce broke through the ranks of of Cyberdata. I find that it did fill some stories which I was questioning about their existence. I really would of liked to see more of the escapades of Cyberdata and how Stryker and Cyblade played a role with them. Also, delving more into the backgrounds of Misery and Killjoy. I find it a well put together comic and story but really would of liked a series just based on Cyberdata....

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Cyberforce #1 0

This is one of the best first image starter comics. Marc Silvestri out did himself with a beautifully illustrated comic with great pencils. Ripclaw more like Wolverine, has been a wonderful character to follow through the Image Universe. I have really enjoyed reading the Cyberforce through the years and Marc hasn't let me down with a wonderful story....

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Spawn #1 0

Very well drawn comic with a plot that will catch your attention. A must read for any comic book reader. This was the 2nd comic which I bought in the image universe and it turned me into a fan that will continue on for years. Todd McFarlane delivers with eye popping clarity why he is on of the best artists out there....

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