Predictions for X-Men Second Coming

This is my first blog, I hope it’s a good one!   I have a theory on how the Second Coming crossover will end.   Please tell me what your think!    

We all know Hope Summers is very much Jean Grey-like; the similarities are blatantly obvious.   Personally I do not believe she is the reincarnation of Jean, at least not anymore. Hope was born by the will of the Phoenix for some reason.   During the Second Coming, Hope will manifest the Phoenix force and somehow become corrupted, turning into the Dark Phoenix.   There will be a monster battle and I think a major character will die, probably Cable or maybe Bishop. If we’re lucky Emma Frost will bite it! (sorry I abhor Emma like no other).   During the battle when it looks like Hope is going to nuke all existence, Jean will return as the White Phoenix to save Hope, everyone, the universe, etc.   An epic Phoenix vs. Phoenix battle follows- aka Hope vs. Jean.   In the finale, Jean will sacrifice herself and her Phoenix-ness (sp?) to save everyone—Hope, X-Men, universe…etc.   By doing so Jean will be 100% gone for good BUT her essence will be absorbed/merged/bonded with Hope.   Thus, Jean will be, in a sense, reborn into Hope but still gone at the same time.   Hope will go off with the X-Men as the new Jean-Grey-like character.   By doing this, Marvel has not truly resurrected Jean, but here essence will live on in Hope who will be the new Phoenix.        

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